The 2015 Season Wrap-up

Ladies and Gentlemen –

The College Football Season is over and only the memories of a season past remain.

The Mighty Bison of North Dakota State won their fifth, “yes” I said fifth National Championship in a row and the Crimson Tide of Alabama made a very unlikely return to win another Championship against the Clemson Tigers.

But the later win was a bittersweet win for me…..

I have a lot of dear friends from Clemson who are very precious to me.

So although I am happy that Alabama won, I am unhappy that Clemson lost.

I recognize that the above statement is almost as confusing and contradictory as a Hillary Clinton speech, but stay with me here for a minute.

I have never enjoyed “winning” at someone else’s expense.

Case in point my dear Florida Gator friends Family….

The same goes with my Georgia Bulldog Friends and my LSU Tiger Family etc.

Now there are some teams, fans and alumni that you want to win against.

You want to win so desperately against sometimes you want to win so badly that it clouds your vision, common sense and everything in between.

But the Clemson Tigers are not one of those teams.

They are nothing but class

The coaches, fans, students and alumni; class….

Coach Bryant drilled this into all of us…..

“Win without Bragging and Lose without excuse”

So with that being said, I want to say this…

The Clemson Tigers are for real and they will be back, you can believe that.

But before we move on I need to clear up an ugly internet rumor that has been circling around the World Wide Web.

You may have seen this picture (below) on a number of national sports outlets and other news agencies of what has been described inaccurately as…..

“The CFB Wizard celebrating in the streets following the Alabama Championship game”


I want to assure you, my loyal and faithful readers that the picture in question is NOT Your Favorite College Football Prognosticator!

I would NEVER run around the city streets wearing a stupid oversized orange road cone on my head in a celebratory dance, nor have I EVER done such a ridiculous thing.

The fact is I was standing off to the right of this individual in question wearing an oversized mascot elephant head and smoking a cigar.

And In case you were wondering…..

“Yes” I did accidently catch the elephant’s trunk on fire while lighting my cigar, but fortunately the burns I suffered are all but healed.


Hence why elephants in the wild do not smoke cigars

Lessoned learned

Meanwhile in Fargo North Dakota

Count them…

FIVE National Championships in a ROW for the Mighty Bison of North Dakota State


Five championships with different players, coaches, etc.

So while we celebrate “the big boys” game and the second year of their playoff system, it’s important to note and to never lose sight of the unbelievable accomplishment of the North Dakota State Bison.

All five of their Championships were navigated through playoffs.

That’s right, all five Championships.

What the Bison have accomplished may never be seen again in college football, unless they win a “sixth” Championship in a row next year, and who can say they won’t?

If there is a “true” powerhouse and college football dynasty in America, look no further than the little university in Fargo, North Dakota.

The North Dakota State Bison



One More Thing….

It’s been an incredible 2015 college football season….

Like so many other seasons we have all shared moments of dread, worry, elation, and the sweet taste of victory and the bitterness of defeat.

I think that is why we love our college football

It’s a lot like life itself

There are times we aren’t expected to win…..

But we do anyway

We all have times that we are expected to win and we don’t

But the question remains, how do we handle “losing”?

Will we pick ourselves up and get back into the season of life or will we quit?

I’m sorry; I was a bit melancholy there for a moment, because I know….

We have nothing but billiards, bowling and millionaires playing a kids game to look forward too for the next several months.

I know…..

I am depressed about it as you….

O.k. that’s my last diatribe of the season, I promise….

So with that being said

Thank you all for riding along with me for yet another college football season.

I am glad that I got an occasional giggle out of you and gave you something to think about on those rare moments I was struck with a smidgen of brilliance.

Thank you for reading both websites and I hope you enjoyed them both this past year.

I wrote them for you

Be good to one another

Roll Tide


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