Injury Timeout

July 1, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen –

As some of you may know by following my perspective book website….

I have a “fight date” coming up that will prevent me from posting any new articles for a period of time.

Now before you start screaming and asking…..

“What about The CFB Wizard 2014 Pre-Season College Football Extravaganza?”

You didn’t seriously think I would leave my beloved readers hanging did you?

EDITORS NOTE: Shame on you “IF” you thought that….

I wouldn’t dare…..

Sometime around Mid-August

EDITORS NOTE: The above line was written for dramatic effect….

You will have your CFB Wizard 2014 Pre-Season College Football Extravaganza

And as always….

This 2014 College Football Season will still have your favorite “guest” writers to include Harley with the Southeastern Conference Round-up and other Southern Sports Notes and Opinions and Hootie Snitch with his always enjoyable and delusional Tennessee “Big Orange Report”

And as an extra bonus this season….

Through an extensive on-line contest here at The CFB Wizard…..

The Staff at the CFB Wizard has chosen several select “guest” writers for the upcoming season; they were selected to be representatives of the various conferences, to include a couple of the Independent Schools as well.

After all I am nothing, if I am not fair and balanced, right?

Here is but a brief “sample” of a few of the “guest” writer “Winning submittals

Roy – Roy Davidson Jr. – Norman Oklahoma (BIG 12)

“Hey I am Roy – Roy Davidson Jr. and my friends call me R2D2, Get IT!

That’s FUNNY as Hell! You ought to see people look around when somebody calls me that! It’s “Sooner Awesome”! And by the way I invented that line so don’t think about using it without my permission, got it?

Here is All you need to know about me

I am Oklahoma Born and when I die I will be Oklahoma Dead!

The Sooners are the Best Damn team in the Country and Texas SUCKS!

I know all there is to know about Oklahoma Football and the Big 12, even though I can’t name all them twelve teams.

Pick Me!

Boomer Damn Sooner


Ubutu Tomo Delega – Eugene Oregon (PAC 12)

“Hello! My name Ubutu and I from Kenya and I run the cross country for Ducks of Oregon and the football ducks I love!

NIKE give me everything here, and I ducks football I love!

Please pick me, I know about Pacific Coast Conference but Kenya not on Pacific Coast.

I love the Ducks Football and the Band that Marches and I like the glow in dark green colors – Reminds me of glow sticks in the dark!

Everyone Here at Oregon Ducks good to Ubutu!

Thank you



EDITORS NOTE: In all fairness, Ubutu was chosen because he is the most articulate Ducks fan that the Staff at The CFB Wizard has heard from in several years.

Bill “Bucky Eye” Tool – Dayton, Ohio – (The Big Ten…or Sixteen)

Hey Mister Wizard!



And the Ohio State Buckeyes RULE the BIG TEN!

My Name is Bill Tool but everybody calls me “Bucky Eye” because I am the biggest Ohio State Buckeye Fan in the History of the Buckeyes.

Every single Tool in my family is a Buckeye Fan!

We like to say “You’re Not a Tool if you’re not a Buckeye Fan!”

Last year we hand my son’s name legally changed from Jim Tressel Tool to Urban Buckeye Tool in Honor of the Greatest Coach to EVER Live!

Please pick me! I will give you and your readers all the scoop on the Big Ten to include that dirty rotten team “Up North” that I won’t name.


Bill “Bucky Eye” Tool and Family

Although the IP Address for this individual originates in or around Ann Arbor Michigan, the staff was intrigued with the rather disturbing pictures sent by “Mister Tool” of himself and his family “Painted and Dressed” for Buckeye Game Day.

More on this later….

All in All this 2014 College Football Season is shaping up to be a good one

So Hang On Dear Readers!

And Lastly, Before I go “Into the Fight”

Thank you for your kind emails, encouragement and prayers through this time

I truly appreciate it.

And for those people who have sent me hateful emails etc throughout this trial of mine

I will continue to pray for you

Because you all clearly have more problems than I have.



There is a new story that I hope will get a good laugh out of you on……

Check it out, I hope you enjoy it

More later my Friends

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One Response to Injury Timeout

  1. ant on July 1, 2014 at 3:43 pm

    Injured Reserve, IR as we say… just do what the doc says and you’ll be back on that tractor in no time. There are those of us that appreciate what you do and want you back on your feet ASAP. I’ll get Levi saddled up and head that way. See you soon my friend!

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