College Football Picks Week 15

December 5, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen –

Well my Thanksgiving was a kick in the giblets…

No Pun intended…

I don’t mince my pie or my words so let’s get to it…

I want to congratulate the Mighty Auburn Tigers for not only winning perhaps the most thrilling Iron Bowl in history, but also for having a turnaround season like no one has ever seen in the Southeastern Conference.

I will be pulling for the Tigers to win it all from here on out…..

Not just because I want the Championship Trophy to stay in the Southeastern Conference

But because I want the trophy to stay where it has been the last four years….

In the Great State of Alabama

Congratulations Tigers….


War Damn Eagle

See you next year in T Town

I would be remiss
If I didn’t mention that Your Favorite College Football Prognosticator had his worse week of the season last week
(No Surprise there….)

Finishing the week at a pitiful 40 and 17 or 70%

That leaves the CFB Wizard for the season at 725 and 169 or 81%

We have a lot of Conference Championships to determine this week, so let’s get to it

Enjoy Your Games….


Greetings from the Heart of SEC Country!!!
Game day this last Saturday was something to behold. We had Bees and Bulldogs ready to rumble in the Peach State in some Clean, Old Fashioned Hate . Tigers and Elephants ready to tussle over in the Yellowhammer State (I researched that one) in the Iron Bowl. There were Cocks and Cats over in Columbia’s Palmetto Bowl and Rebs and Canines in Starkville, playing for a Golden Egg. As everyone knows, College Football is king in the Deep South. But when it’s time to play a cross state rival, the gloves come off, civility ends for a day, and it’s time to get serious.
Aaron Murray wasn’t able to make the start up on North Avenue but Hutson Mason filled in and came away with the win. After a shaky start which saw the Slide Rule Jocks jump out to a 20-0 lead, the Canines were able to slow the Bees and eventually eke out a 41-34 double overtime win. Great game by both teams. Over in the Plains of Alabama, lightning struck twice. The Thundering Elephants of Tuscaloosa and Cats of Auburn looked like they were about to play to a surprising tie game after regulation. But then something weird happened. After a TJ Yeldon run to the sidelines  which appeared to end regulation, Alabama got 1 second put back on the clock and attempted a 50 plus yard field goal. What happened next made the “Immaculate Deception” play against Georgia the previous week pale in comparison. The ball went deep, and the rest is history. 100+ yard return of the Field Goal attempt. All I can say is amazing game and thanks to both teams for giving us one of the most memorable and exciting Iron Bowls I’ve ever witnessed.
Up in Lexington, the Butch Jones’ Coon Hunters were looking for a little redemption as they took on Mark Stoops’ Blue Clad Felines. They did get their second SEC win of the year which is exactly  twice as many as they had during the 2012 campaign. Don’t know what’s going on in Knoxville…. Up in the Palmetto state, the Pullets of the Peidmont stepped on the tails of Dabo’s Cats by a 34-17 score and their 5th consecutive win in the series. It was the Tigers who laid an egg after Clemson QB Tajh Boyd was stripped of the ball in the second half. After that, the Chickens smelled blood and took care of business. The Head Ball Coach appears to have Swinney’s number. And out in Starkville, the Pups of Mississippi State won the battle against Hugh Freeze’s Confederates in a 17-10 overtime win to take the coveted Egg Bowl trophy.
What I think: There was much talk going into this rivalry weekend about which game could be classified as the best of all time. There were the Ohio State-Michigan pundits, Alabama-Auburn, Southern Cal – UCLA, and others. The ones yelling the loudest were the Buckeye fans. I only have one thing to say about that. 12 o’clock. When your team plays in a time slot that is not a lead in to the big games of the day, starting at 3:30, then you have a legitimate argument. Until then, you’re not a big deal.
That’s it for now. Hope everyone’s team wins and you have a great week
And remember; make sure you support your local High School Athletics.
These are your future collegians of tomorrow.
Happy Thanksgiving from South Georgia
Until next time,
I’m Harley Hanesworth


I don’t have any college football team news this week as the season is near its end….

But I do have some interesting observations I will share with you here…

Last week I thought I would TiVo one of my all time favorite programs…

So I entered “The Three Stooges”

(Yes, I have loved them my entire life…)

Somehow I wasn’t all that shocked when the Satellite provider pulled up…

CBS Commentators…“Vern Lundquist – Gary Danielson and Tracy Wolfson”

This if for no other reason I am looking forward to the SEC Network next year…

Just so I don’t have to listen to those three self righteous gibbering idiots talk


I don’t understand people that are way more excited about a team that loses a game

Than they are about their own team winning one…..

Frankly it baffles me

And lastly…..

There has been a “pharmaceutical” commercial airing appropriately enough during college football Saturdays for a product that is “supposed” to cure depression.

I won’t bother you with the name of the product here as I am sure that most of you have seen the advertisement by now.

But my favorite part of the thirty second commercial is the twenty five seconds of “potential side effects” from using the “anti-depression” medication.

Some of which are….

“Thoughts of suicide…”

(Isn’t this crap supposed to prevent that?)

“Depression and Mood swings……”

(Please see my above comment…)

“Prolonged periods of feeling lethargic and useless”


“Diarrhea and chronic irritability”

(I thought those two things went together naturally)

I think I will just stick with my Knob Creek….

Thank you


Thursday December 5

Louisville at Cincinnati
This battle on the Ohio River is played for the coveted…
“Keg of Nails”
This year it’s also for the American Conference Championship…
It’s going to be a good one…

Friday December 6

Bowling Green and Northern Illinois
This Championship game is called….
“The Marathon MAC Championship Game”
Why “Marathon” you might ask?
Because this game will take to damn long to be over…

Saturday, December 7

Oklahoma at Oklahoma State
This instate game has been played in Oklahoma since it was a territory
They call this “The Bedlam Game”
Accurately put……

Central Florida at Southern Methodist
My Once Proud Ponies have crushed me this year…..
That’s all I can say…

Memphis at Connecticut
This game doesn’t have a name….
But based on their respective records I would opt for calling it…
“The Biggest Loser Bowl “

Texas at Baylor
In case you didn’t know…..
I am still a believer

Auburn and Missouri
The SEC Championship Game
Atlanta Georgia….
The Tigers have had an amazing turnaround season…..
Shocked the experts and won their division….
Which Tigers am I referring too?

South Florida at Rutgers
I would like to refer to this game as….
The Second Installment of “The Biggest Loser Bowl”

Stanford and Arizona State
This game is…..
(Even writing it in all Caps it doesn’t make it anymore exciting…sorry)

Louisiana Lafayette at South Alabama
The Cajuns are Raging and they won’t stop till they get to a Big Easy Bowl Game

Duke and Florida State
This is the Atlantic Coast Conference Championship Game…..
What a collusion of two (sorry I meant “one”) titanic teams….
This game will be very (very close) until you hear……
“And the Rockets Red Glare….”
Then it will be all over but the shouting

Ohio State and Michigan State
This is the Big (We Count Not So Great) Ten Conference Championship Game
Call me crazy…..
(It’s nothing I haven’t heard from mental health professionals)

Coastal Carolina at Montana
Ask anybody……
I’m a Grizzly Bear man….
(Unless of course it involves a date with Wynonna Judd)

Southern and Jackson State
This game is for the coveted SWAC Championship….
The late Great Walter Payton went to Jackson State…..
That’s good enough for me…

Furman at North Dakota State
This game is another in the playoff series in this division….
Chewbacca won’t stand a chance against a stampede of……

South Dakota State at Eastern Washington
This playoff game will be closer (way closer) than you might think….
Hold on to your seats….
EAGLES 34-31

North Alabama at Lenoir-Rhyne
I am Rolling Upset here……
Believe it…

South West Minnesota State and Pittsburg State
They are calling this game….
(Wait for it….)
“The Excelsior Springs Mineral Water Bowl”
(Yes, I am serious…)

TX A&M-Commerce and Harding
This playoff game is called “The Live United Texarkana Bowl”
(As opposed to the “Dead as a Doornail currently separated Texarkana Bowl”)
That earlier name just never really caught on….
BIG TEX 33-28

Ouachita Baptist at Tarleton State
This is another of the playoff games and it’s a good one….
But to tell you the truth….
I can’t pull for anybody named Tarleton….
Sounds like a smartass rich kid to me…

In the coming weeks…………………………

We will have the Bowl Game predictions and our own end of the season awards

As always there will be a few Christmas stories for you….

(It has come to be our own little Christmas Tradition here…)

And as an extra added bonus I will have two “Original Christmas” songs written and performed by yours truly from the CFB Wizard Christmas CD (On Sale at your local Wal-Mart) on here as well for you to enjoy…

“The Christmas Restraining Order”

“Santa Claus got shot in the Trailer Park”

(In case you were wondering; “Yes” they are country songs)

Enjoy your games….



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