2013 College Football Pre-Preseason

July 15, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen –

It’s almost here……….

The 2013 College Football Season

My dear readers I have been remiss in not writing and staying in touch with you all

I’m terribly sorry about that

But as you may have heard, like so many other big name “celebrities”

(Which of course I am one)

I too have had a short stint recently in “rehab”

It’s true

I must confess I really don’t know how it all got so out of hand

Because it started out innocently enough

I received an “offer” from a complete stranger to “try this”….

He even said it was “risk free”

I should have known better, I really should have

But I tried it anyway (I’m sorry to say that I did)

Sure it was kind of fun at the beginning….

Then I was thinking about it, more and more

When could I indulge myself again, and how could I get more?

O’ Sure, I was fooling myself

I was telling myself that I could “handle it”

But then after a weekend long binge of doing nothing but that I knew that I needed help

Because I was “Hooked on Phonics”

I guess the low point was when I went into Walgreen’s Drug store and asked the pharmacist

“Where is that kid’s toy that you spin the arrow and it say’s the cow goes moo?”

The Pharmacist looked at my bloodshot eyes and told me that I needed help

I realized after contemplating robbing him at gun point for the “moo toy” that he was right

So the CFB Wizard is now phonetically clean and back for the 2013 College Football Season….

And might I add, due to being “Hooked on Phonics” I now spell better than ever

In the coming weeks there will be the always anticipated…..

College Football Pre-Season Extravaganza, the College Football Weekly Picks and Prognostications and a few other surprises to include “guest” commentary from Hootie Snitch and others….

So stay tuned….

But as a side note….

Despite what you may have read in the National Enquirer I am not engaged to and or dating Notre Dame’s Manti Te’o’s old girlfriend.

The truth is we haven’t seen each other, in like forever.


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