Don’t Believe Everything You Hear….

May 15, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen –

There appears to be an epidemic sweeping our country….

Or maybe it’s been here all along and people have just gotten dumber and more gullible

I don’t know

But what I do know is this…

You shouldn’t believe everything you hear

What do I mean?

You want a few illustrated examples? Ok, here you go….

What you Hear:

The President of the United States of America said last month….

“The War in Afghanistan is winding down…..”

The Truth:

You don’t WIND down a Damn WAR; you either WIN it or you LOSE it….

War isn’t a damn watch or a child’s toy and everybody doesn’t get a “trophy”

It’s a win or lose proposition

EDITIORS NOTE: Check your history and you will see that I am right…

Nobody ever went to a college football game and had this conversation on Monday morning…

MATT: “Hey Jim, how was the game in Death Valley on Saturday Night?”

JIM: “It was ok, my wife and I were there for about four hours and the game just winded down”

MATT: “So how did the Tigers do?”

JIM: “Like I said the game just kind of winded down after a really long time”

MATT: “So did the Tigers win or lose?”

JIM: “Well like I said, the game just winded down and then everybody went home…”

MATT: “You’re a dumbass….”

What you Hear:

“So-in-So has a PhD they must be really smart…..”

The Truth:

Some folks that have a PhD are smart, and some are not.

The fact that you have a degree, advanced or not doesn’t necessary qualify someone as smart

Case in Point….

Recently I had the disagreeable task of meeting a senior government official with just such a “Degree”
This “Woman” (and I use that term loosely, she could easily have been a Hippopotamus with extensions, painted hoofs and badly placed lipstick) bragged about her PhD from THE University of Michigan in American Literature.

The “Conversation” went something like this….

Ms PhD: “I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation; whom was that you were talking about?”

CFB Wizard: “Sgt Alvin C. York”

Ms PhD: “I’ve never heard of him”

CFB Wizard: “He was the highest decorated American Soldier of WW I”

Ms PhD: “I wouldn’t know anything about that MY PhD is American Literature….”

CFB Wizard: “Maybe you have seen the movie about him, from 1941 called “Sgt York” it starred the Great Gary Cooper..”

Ms PhD: “I’ve NEVER heard of him either…”

EDITORS NOTE: I am now sure that I am having a conversation with a being from another planet…

CFB Wizard: “Well as a point of reference Gary Cooper was a close friend of Ernest Hemingway..”

EDITORS NOTE: Wait for it…..

Ms PhD: “Who….?”

CFB Wizard: “You NEVER heard of Ernest Hemingway?”

Ms PhD: “My thesis at THE University of Michigan was on the incredible Moo Chuck’a Mow Mow, perhaps you are familiar with her works?”

CFB Wizard: “You’re a dumbass….”

What you Hear:

Coach Bob Stoops of the University of Oklahoma Sooners said recently…..

“The Dominance of the Southeastern Conference in College Football is a Myth….”

The Truth:

The last time a High School Senior graduating this month saw something other than a Southeastern Conference National Champion of College Football, that young man or woman would have been in the fifth grade.

Yes I said FIFTH Grade…

If you want a little more perspective on this topic, consider this….

The last time a High School Senior graduating this month saw a National Champion of College Football from OUTSIDE the State of ALABMA they were in the eighth grade….

But that National Champion was STILL from the Southeastern Conference…

EDITORS NOTE: Maybe Oklahoma’s Coach Stoops has a different definition of “Myth” than I do…..

What you Hear:

The NCAA Says….

“The number one priority of the NCAA is the education of the student –athlete”

The Truth:

The ONLY thing the NCAA cares about is the MONEY that collegiate athletics generates for the “organization”.

My friends, the NCAA is the definition of a “Self Licking Ice Cream Cone”

A University or College has to join the “Volunteer” Organization known as the NCAA….

Or they can’t compete or participate in ANY events with any other colleges.

And they and their conference have to “share” their revenue with the NCAA….

EDITORS NOTE: Who is running the NCAA, the IRS?

The unvarnished truth is this…

The NCAA makes Billions and Billions and more Billions of Dollars each year off collegiate athletics

They “regulate” who they want, and punish who they want and investigate who they will

They use athletes “images” for video games worth millions and millions without ever sharing a nickel with the athletes themselves and that is just one miniscule example.

The NCAA has no oversight…..

No one and no organization that insures the NCAA themselves stay on the straight and narrow

EDITORS NOTE: Maybe the IRS and the Federal Government are running the NCAA?

If you get in trouble for violating an NCAA rule or regulation the university has to appeal to whom?
The NCAA of course….

I could go on and on but I won’t

So what’s the point of this article?

Don’t believe everything you hear

And as a side note…..

Even if you haven’t been to Key West, you should still know who Ernest Hemingway was…



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  1. Scot "Cajun" chiasson on May 23, 2013 at 12:32 pm

    Uncle Si says that ricochets are a myth and he is always 95% correct.

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