College Football Picks Week 16

December 12, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen –

It’s hard to believe….

But we have come to the final week of the 2013 College Football Season

Gosh it seems like only yesterday that Ohio State fans were wearing funny hats and declaring themselves National Champions


Ah Good Times……

(How would you like to have to set behind this idiot at a game)

Last week Your Favorite College Football Prognosticator went 11 and 7 (Ouch!) or 61%

Although I did pick the Michigan State upset over the Buckeyes….

(You’re all Welcome By the Way)

But I never (ever) imagined that Coastal Carolina could defeat Montana “IN” Montana this time of the year, amazing.

For the 2013 College Football Season, minus a few games this weekend, The CFB Wizard was 736 and 176 or 81% for one of my best averages ever.

In the coming weeks here…..

You will have the myriad of College Football Bowl Game Picks

The “Big” Bowls and the “not so big” Bowl games

We will have everything from The Rose Bowl….

To the “Armour Potted Meat Bowl” whose motto is….

“It’s not real meat…But its close enough”

We will have the Picks of the Orange, Sugar and Cotton Bowls

As well as the National Championship game

But we will also cover…

The “Rick James Bowl” sponsored by the Rick James Estate and Jheri Curl Weaves

(I hear that bowl game is “super freaky”)

And if that isn’t enough…..

There will be a variety of Christmas stories on here as is our tradition

And as an extra added bonus…

(Sorry I have seen a lot of infomercials lately)

I will have another website up within a week……
With a variety of stories to promote my upcoming book (yes, it’s actually going to happen…)

Bookmark it now and tell your friends

It will give details on the book’s release, book tour etc.

Think of it as a teaser if you will….

(Without the stripper pole and the need for one dollar bills)

I hope to see you all there…

Now let’s talk about some college football

Enjoy your games this week…


FLORIDA STATE: Last week the Attorney General’s Office in Florida had a news conference on the year long “investigation” into rape charges against Seminole quarterback sensation Jameis Winston.

At times they smiled. Other times they laughed.

The man at the podium, the people behind him and the people in front of him

Florida state attorney Willie Meggs and some members of his staff and some reporters were in the room as well.

They were asking and answering questions about a young woman who accused a young man of rape, about the state attorney’s reasonable decision not to bring charges in the case, and how did the people in that room at the Leon County (Fla.) Courthouse react?

At times, they smiled. Other times, they laughed.




Jameis Winston wasn’t charged and won’t stand trial, but his reputation has been clouded by the accusation as well by some of the evidence in the case.

That’s nothing worth smiling about, either.

Winston may not have committed a crime that December night in 2012, but neither did he and a couple of friends and fellow Seminole players distinguish themselves.

You can say boys will be boys.

But Isn’t it better to be a man?

I won’t recount what happened that night here.

Because I don’t write or recount such sordid details

But I want to simply say this….

Although I don’t have a vote for the Heisman Trophy

I wonder how many people really look at their voting ballots…

You know the part in the Heisman Trophy Mission Statement…..

The part that describes “the pursuit of excellence with integrity.”

How do you measure integrity?

How do you know who has it and who doesn’t?

Let’s be honest with each other here

I can tell you has it and who doesn’t and so can you

Jameis Winston doesn’t; period

Although I correctly picked the outcome of the game…

I want to paraphrase a good friend of mine who sent me an email that evening….

“If this is where college football is going, then I will be out fishing next fall: I’m done”

Amen Brother….

TEXAS: I will say this but once….

IF the University of Texas dismisses Coach Mack Brown they will languish for years…

Please see “Nebraska and the Bill Callahan Experiment” as an example…

Enough Said…

OKLAHOMA STATE: Many of you may have missed this play….

When the Sooners scored on the last play of the Bedlam Game…

A Cowboys “cheerleader” attempted to trip one of the Sooner players in the end zone…

Stay Classy Cowboys….

Stay Classy

SOUTH CAROLINA: Last week Gamecock defensive end Jadeveon Clowney was caught driving 110 mph by the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

He got a ticket for speeding…

Not reckless driving

Didn’t have his car towed….

He wasn’t arrested…..

I know this is an embarrassment to Gamecock fans, but look on the bright side…

“IF” this would have happened in Tallahassee it would have taken them over a year to determine “IF” he was speeding after numerous interviews by the State Attorney’s Office with the asphalt, the vehicles speedometer and members of the weather channel.

BOWL GAMES: The sponsorship of the once beloved Bowl games is out of hand…

The “Beef O’Brady Bowl”?

Since when is a Bowl Game sponsored by a male stripper?

What’s Next?

“The Toy’s R Us Bowl” sponsored by the Michael Jackson Estate and Neverland Ranch

(What? Too Soon?)


Q: Dear Sir

Did you see it? Of Course YOU did YOU Picked IT!

Our great victory over Ohio State!

But more importantly, did you see or hear about our gala celebration after the game?

As Student Body President here at Michigan State University, we strive for excellence in all endeavors. So, the Student Body Senators put our heads together to determine whether or not we could come up with a celebratory activity to really cap a big win and a Conference title.

Where did we look?

We had always had our eyes on the magnificent job of our counterparts in Morgantown, West Virginia and the wild time they had after their victories so we asked their Student Body President and representatives to assist us in something that would distance us from mere mortals of collegiate joviality and frivolity.

President Elizabeth Huckabee and her staff traveled here and they gave us the ins and outs of couch burning. Ms Huckabee gave us an instructional lecture which contained several tips for a successful couch burning.

For instance, did you know that it is actually better to select certain couches over others?

We were told that according to “” that we should find and use only upholstered overstuff couches using polyurethane foam for the most combustible, fastest furniture ignition.

Let me tell you, those guys and gals up at West Virginia have made a science out of couch burning!!! Those things burn about as bright and hot as the sun!!! So, with the help of the fine young men and women of WVU, we now have a new tradition that is not yet outlawed or banned here in East Lansing!!!

GO Sparty!!!!
Kyle – East Lansing, Michigan  

A: Nothing says “We Expect to Win”

Quite like burning your campus to the ground after a victory



Saturday December 14

Army and Navy
This game won’t highlight the best college football teams or players..
It’s about the passion and pageantry of college football
It’s about the love of the game
It’s about service and country
It’s about loyalty

Coastal Carolina at North Dakota State
I know, I know….
The Carolina Boys took down the Mighty Grizzly in their own back yard
But these are Bison…..

West Chester at Lenoir-Rhyne
For the last time….
IT’s “Leann Rimes”…
You would think they would have gotten that straight by now
(For a skinny girl, she can sure play some football)
LEANN 41-38

I will have your Bowl Game Picks next week….

A few other Christmas surprises..

So stay tuned..

Enjoy your games…



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