Post Rivalry Weekend

November 29, 2009

If you came to this website expecting…….
To read someone brag or boast about their teams record and the defeat of their instate foe…
Then you have come to the wrong place.

As a disciple of Coach Bryant let me put this in his terms……

“Win without bragging and lose without excuse”

Great game Tigers, see you all next year in T-Town.

EDITORS NOTE: Don’t you wish everyone acted that way?

Now on to something vitally important to many of you

Are you depressed and despondent after this past weekend?

Are you upset with the way your team played in their most important rivalry?

Are you confused and angry about the outcome of “your” game or the family visits during Thanksgiving?

Did Aunt Edna clog the toilet again this year?

My friends…….
I have the answer to make it all better…….

When things are bleak…….
If you feel there is no hope left……..
Your emotions are drained…….

All because your team let you down against your most hated rival.

While you were attempting to unclog the toilet after Aunt Edna “downloaded”

Do what I do in such circumstances…..

Find something or someone in this case to laugh at…….

Case in point……

There is a website out in cyber world called….


Your Favorite College Football Prognosticator does a lot of “research” to find the fascinating, strange and unusual for you my beloved readers. Some “research” even involves the occasional midget, so please don’t write me asking if I have a “Death Row Honey”. She’s only doing 5 to 10. Plus, I’m pretty sure she’s innocent.

Yet I digress….
Each Lady on the website has a picture, that will not be posted here…..
Along with a brief description of themselves to entice the reader to write them and become pen-pals or possibly…
Move the “relationship” to another level, say like Cell Block D.


One such unfortunate lady……
Named “Melissa” from Fort Worth used these soul stirring words to describe herself….

“Rescue Me! Southern “Belle” SEEKING MR. RIGHT
I love to laugh……
I love to have Fun, Very adventurous, not much I haven’t done, not too much I won’t try!
I love the Ocean….
I love Peace….
I love music, writing, shopping….
I love making love on the beach and screwing when I am drunk!
I love Jesus, expensive purses and non-judgmental people”

You don’t feel so bad about yourself now, do you?

No need to thank me, it’s how I roll.

It’s a Thug Life

More later in the Week….


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2 Responses to Post Rivalry Weekend

  1. Mathew on November 29, 2009 at 11:36 pm

    You came close on the score between the Gamecocks and Tigers, to bad you had the wrong team picked to win. Guess those Tigers couldn’t handle that “Wild Gamecock” formation!

  2. Ronnie in Round O on November 29, 2009 at 11:37 pm

    Dear Mr Wizard,

    There aint too many avaibul girls down here in Round-O, South Carlina. Thank you for the link. I found me a real perty girl to write to. She’s up in Columbia and gets out next June!! I think she stole my heart and I aint even got a letter back from her yet. YOU ROCK!!!

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