A wise man wrote me this week and asked….
“So let me see if I’ve got this straight…….
Dez Bryant of Oklahoma State has been ruled ineligible by the NCAA…
because they said he “lied” about his interaction with “former” NFL player Deion Sanders.
The Southern California Trojans have been lying for years about the Reggie Bush affair…
and they get to play for Championships.
Did I miss something?”

No my friend you did not….

If you want to know what my problem is with the NCAA
then look no further than the question the gentleman proposed.

The national sports media refuses to discuss or mention the U$C investigation or Reggie Bush
because they are prostitutes to the NCAA and the rapidly declining American Dollar.
Well paid prostitutes, but prostitutes none the less.

I can hear the howls from the West Coast now….
“If there was anything to it (They will say…)
then the PAC 10 Conference and the NCAA would have discovered something by now.”

I got news for you…
Those damn fools couldn’t find an elephant if they were tied to its tail
and you want to know why, because “they” don’t want to find anything.
“They” want this to just all go away….


Reggie Bush

The “investigators” at the PAC 10 Conference and the NCAA make Hootie Snitch look like Melvin Purvis.

Beyond the above photographic evidence and Reggie Bush’s momma’s house paid for by Reggie’s then registered sports agent while he was still a student athlete for the Trojans, let me simply say this…

So O.J. Simpson and Snoop Dog and a host of other “former” athletes and convicted felons can “hang out” (according to Pete Carroll) in the Trojan locker room, football practice and on the sidelines of games, but Mr. Bryant of Oklahoma State can’t have any “interaction” with a former athlete like Deon Sanders?

The Los Angeles Times and other publications have reported
that sports agents have been a fixture in the Trojan locker room during the Pete Carroll era.
So that’s O.k.?

So where are we today with the NCAA?

The NCAA continues to fight Florida State University
on the release of their “investigation” into alleged academic fraud by some student athletes at the university.
I say “alleged” because the NCAA is afraid to have their “investigation” released to the public for their review and critique.

Yet the NCAA is silent on the “investigation” on Reggie Bush and the Southern California Trojans.

In Tuscaloosa….
The University of Alabama sent a strongly worded appeal to the NCAA which was met with even stronger verbiage form the NCAA Committee on Infractions that levied textbook sanctions against the Crimson Tide.
The COI called the University of Alabama “a serial repeat violator” with an “abysmal infractions track record” and a “extensive recent history of infraction cases unmatched by any other member institution in the NCAA,” in responding to the textbook appeal, according to documents released by the university on Tuesday.
The University of Alabama fired back to the COI statements by saying..
“At least 27 institutions have experienced the same number or more major infractions cases than the University of Alabama. Characterizing the University of Alabama as “abysmal” therefore maligns half of the PAC 10, half of the Big 12 and three schools in the ACC and four members of the Big 10.”

The COI argued that Alabama could have received harsher penalties.
This of course is the kind of response we have come to expect from the NCAA dictatorship, isn’t it?
To that the University replied, “If the COI has vacated all contests for all student athletes who received impermissible benefits, it would have found itself vacating contests based on benefits as small as 35 cents.”
Yet, we hear nothing from the NCAA on the “investigation” into Reggie Bush and the Southern California Trojans and when did that “investigation” supposedly begin 2006?

So what should be done about the NCAA?
It’s simple….
The members of this “institution” need to revolt
Revolt and hold the NCAA hostage for a change
The member institutions should “Demand……”
If the NCAA doesn’t change their tactics and become more consistent
in all they do they we will secede from this corrupt organization.
If this is too tough for beginners, then how about this for starters..
tell us about the status on the NCAA “investigation” into Reggie Bush and the Southern California Trojans.

You won’t punish them then you ain’t punishing us..
that’s how it should work.

I have had many people tell me…
that secession from the NCAA could never happen..
because colleges and universities are afraid they would be outcasts from the collegiate sports community.

What happened to this country?
We used to be brave and courageous people
There was a time when we didn’t tolerate dictators

Now we are afraid of our own shadows…

We would rather listen to a lie and subject ourselves to abuse rather than revolt and cast off a dictatorship.

My Friends it’s time to be bold, courageous and brave and Secede from the NCAA

“Nex Usquequaque ut Tyrannus”


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