Sunday Morning Rewind…

September 14, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen –

I wanted to take a moment in the wake of the national sports media’s “Love Fest” with the Unive$ity of $outhern California Trojan$ to bring some common sense to the College Football Weekend, that was…

Has the National Sports Media gone mad?
Jim Jones and his family drinking the cool-aide made as much sense as anything I have heard over the last 24 hours concerning the “Greatness” of the Southern California Trojans…
But it didn’t stop there either did it?

“The PAC 10 is the “Toughest” Conference in ALL of College Football”

– Craig James and John Saunders “Hosts” of ABC College Football…


Baylor 45
Washington State 17

Maryland 35
California 27

Texas Christian University 31
Stanford 14

Brigham Young 59

Oklahoma 55
Washington 14

New Mexico 36
Arizona 28

Arizona State 20


“Mark Sanchez IS the NUMBER One Heisman Candidate, without question!”

– Kirt Herbstreit, ABC College Football Commentator / Analyst

EDITORS NOTE: Really? After playing only TWO Games?


“Folks the Southern California Trojans WILL be in the National Championship Game, the ONLY question that remains, is Who will be their opponent!”

– Brent Musburger, ABC College Football Commentator / Analyst

EDITORS NOTE: Around my house Brent is “Also” known as the syphilitic liver spotted jackass…..
Just in case anyone was wondering….


You want to know something interesting about all this hype?

Do you know what “Wasn’t Mentioned” about the Southern California Trojan$ from the time college football coverage began Saturday Morning at nine O’clock A.M. Central Standard Time until after eleven O’clock P.M. Central Standard time….

Not a word…….
Not a mention by a single College Football Commentator or Analyst about the NCAA Investigation into Reggie Bush and Southern California.

Not so much as a whisper…….
About an Investigation that COULD result in Reggie Bush losing his Heisman Trophy and the Southern California Trojans forfeiting one National Championship as well over twenty wins from the “Official” NCAA Record books…
After all….
Some Football Programs have been punished far worse with less evidence…..

Soooo something this important wasn’t worth mentioning?


Not a comment from a single commentator…
About the “Illegal” recruitment of Joe McKnight by Coach Pete Carroll and New Orlean Saint Reggie Bush..

Why do I say it was “Illegal”?
Because the NCAA said it was….

After Coach Carroll and Reggie Bush denied they called then High School Senior Joe McKnight, then admitted that they did…Then Reggie Didn’t….Then Coach Carroll..”Might have”….

You get the picture….

The NCAA told the Trojans to “knock it off” but ALLOWED the recruitment of McKnight by Carroll and the Trojans anyway…

The Usual punishment by the NCAA for such an offense?
The NCAA will disallow the recruitment of that particular athlete and possibly a loss of scholarships in the future…
Not so for the University of the Second Coming….

These two “little” examples make you think don’t they?
Especially if you are from….

The University of Kentucky
Auburn University
Mississippi State University
The University of Alabama
Clemson University

Just to name a few…..

So while you are drinking the Trojan Cool-aide this morning…
Just remember…..

If you were in the South…..
You would be on probation by now….
Lost scholarships….
Forfeited wins….
NOT being shown on television…
And don’t even thinking about a Bowl Game…for the next four years.
You would be called Cheaters….and worse.


But after watching the two or three games that have been completed thus far this season, to include the “BIG GAME” on ABC last night… 
I know three things…

1. Ohio State isn’t that bad…
2. Southern California isn’t that good….
3. There is still a lot of football left to be played…

Enjoy Your Sunday…


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3 Responses to Sunday Morning Rewind…

  1. Bulldog Jim on September 15, 2008 at 2:04 am

    BAMA Mike, Do you remember when Brent M. was “Popped” in the mouth by “Jimmy the Greek” the night before a big game? It still makes me smile. (AU 3-MSU 2)???? Your pal, BJ

  2. MEB on September 15, 2008 at 5:25 am

    Bulldog Jim –

    I sure do remember that Incident!

    It’s times like these I really miss that Greek….

    Thanks again Jim!


  3. TheBamaPrincess on September 16, 2008 at 10:56 pm

    Aww w- I missed that one !
    The BamaPrincess

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