Monday Morning Quarterback

September 15, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen –

It appears that I struck a nerve with a large number of Southern California Trojan Fans with my “Sunday Rewind” article yesterday.


The funny thing is that out of the nearly eighty emails I received; nobody wanted to challenge my facts concerning the Southern California Football Program….

Instead the Trojan fans resorted to name calling….
For example…..

“Why don’t you just let the Reggie Bush thing go #^&%$? He ain’t done nothing wrong Bro!”

From – TrojanChamps2008

“You sound like a typical southern raciest…USC rocks and you can’t stand it!”

From – SoCalGal2010

EDITORS NOTE: What is it about being from the South that makes yankees and liberal weenies think they have the right to call us ugly names?

“Dude you so out of line, &*^% you! Leave brother Reggie and them Trojans alone!”

From – Tro-Jamal12


It seems to me that some Southern California Trojan Football Fans want my undivided attention…..

Congratulations…You got it.

This week, along with the usual College Football Picks..
I will have a “Special” Southern California Trojan Addition…….

Be careful what you wish for….

Now on to this weeks “Monday Morning Quarterback”….



“Anybody can have a bad century….”

– Kansas Coach Mark Mangino when asked why the Jayhawks have only recently become a contender in the Big 12 Conference



Slightly off the College Football Subject…..
As you all know from time to time, I like to share deep thoughts of knowledge with my beloved readers….
Pearls of wisdom, if you will…

A man shouldn’t act tough if he has a Richard Simmons Tattoo on his arm….

If you listen to Phil Collins sing “Sussudio” backwards it will encourage you to kill Michael Jackson…

The “K.C” in K.C. and the Sunshine Band Fame doesn’t stand for “Kansas City”….
Who Knew?

It is impossible to MapQuest “Funky Town”….

EDITORS NOTE: I still believe the above to be in Mississippi…



ARIZONA & ARIZONA STATE: I believe you all are all sand and no beach.

EDITORS NOTE: Not quite sure what that is suppose to mean, but it came to me today in a meeting and I thought it sounded profound.


NCAA: Would it be too much to ask as to what the status of the Reggie Bush – Southern California Trojan Investigation is? I mean this thing has been going on for what, three years?


TEMPLE: My God! I finally pick you idiots and you lose….I don’t normally need any help to be made to look stupid…but thanks.

MARYLAND: It was the threat of the Slim Whitman albums wasn’t it?
No need to thank me…..

SOUTH FLORIDA: When the sun goes down in Raymond James Stadium, I believe the Bulls can beat anybody…..

MICHIGAN: Told you so…..

DUKE: You Beat Navy…and Hell didn’t freeze over….
But it did have one heck of a frost….





Q: Mike I enjoyed your Sunday piece on the National Media’s “Love Fest” with the Southern California Trojan Football team. Not to overlook the 350 Million Dollar Contract the PAC 10 has with ESPN to broadcast football games..Which you exposed! But do you think the national media is influenced by television sponsorship(s) and commercials?
“Doc” – Odessa, Texas
A: Thanks Doc…Before I answer your email: “How Bout them Mojo’s?”
I wouldn’t disagree with your point concerning the “entire” ESPN-ABC network package covering PAC 10 Football games and the football flagship university of that Conference: The U$C Trojans…

Lucky for my beloved readers that I am above such influence…
For example….
As I was preparing for a day of College Football last Saturday…
I fired up my WEBER Charcoal Grill…
That ALWAYS provides a nice even heat for grilling and smoking…

And I realized I needed more KINGSFORD Charcoal…
The KING of all Charcoal….

So, I got in my beautiful FORD TAURUS….
That provided a smooth comfortable ride to the grocery store (that I cannot yet name until a deal has been reached for a limited sponsorship….)

Came back home and opened an ice cold Budweiser, which as we all should know by now…
IS the KING of Beers….

The Perfect Combinations for a Football Saturday….

Q: I know this is a crazy question! But do you like The Three Stooges?
Thanks Mike!
Grayson – Beaufort, South Carolina
A: By “The Three Stooges”; do you mean the ABC College Football Commentator Trio of Bob Griese, Brad Nessler and Paul McGuire?
Then “NO”…
But if you are referring to Larry, Moe and Curley…then “YES”

Q: Mike I lost a bet at work, so I have to ask you.
Is there a reason why they always show Brent Musburger from the waist up?
Charlie – Richmond, Virginia
A: Yes there is a good reason Charlie…
College Football is a family program…

So the Network is trying to prevent the audience from noticing that Brent Musburger is in fact…
A Syphilitic Liver spotted Hermaphrodite troll….

Hope that helped…..


Stay Tuned…..More later in the Week.


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2 Responses to Monday Morning Quarterback

  1. Go Bucks Michigan Sucks! on September 15, 2008 at 9:43 pm

    In case anyone cares, I was extremely disappointed by my Buckeyes on Saturday night, but not that surprised. I have been a fan since the mid 1980s, when Spielman was bounding tailbacks and Chris Carter was breaking records. I have gotten used to disappointment (but the Tressel era is nowhere near as bad as the Cooper era. See e.g., Michigan State 1998, the entire Herbstreit era).

    When I was was watching news on Saturday night and Sunday morning in Columbus I was surprised by the number of commentators who blamed this on Tressel and Boeckman. Ask my wife, I am no Boeckman fan (too many shades of the Herbstreit/Bellisari quarterbacking years), but I was surprised by how many laid the blame with Tressel. I think that is fair. I got sick of ABC referring him to “Senator” Tressel, but they do have a point (sorry Mike). Tressel is held up as a god in Columbus, but if you follow the last BCS game and the USC game (not the Florida game; we simply got destroyed) you can see that while OSU held their own in the first quarter or so, after a mistake or two the team collapsed and never recovered (see e.g., the blocked kick in the 2nd qtr of the LSU game, and the two holding penalties and blocked kick that deflated OSU Saturday night). This can only be the fault of the team leadership, most prominently the head coach. Tressel obviously can’t take snaps and play linebacker for us, but he can turn around emotions and self confidence in his team.

    On the bright side, at least it has been 1759 days since Michigan beat OSU on the football field. (As of 2043 On Monday 15 September.

    Thanks for the rant.


  2. MEB on September 16, 2008 at 6:44 am

    GBMS –

    No worries my friend…

    My Soapbox is your Soapbox…


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