The Champions…..

January 25, 2019

Ladies and Gentlemen –

I want to apologize for my brief and noticeable absence after the National Championship game; I want to assure you all that my absence wasn’t due to a liver replacement surgery, a severe case of Butt Hurt or intense depression from the inevitable outcome.

Nothing could be further from the truth my dear readers

Before we address “Doc” the world famous Black Lab and myself disappearing briefly after the Championship game, I want to congratulate the Clemson Tigers, their wonderful fans, alumni and certainly all the coaches and players for their well deserved Championship.

The Tigers owned the game from the opening kickoff and didn’t take their foot off the gas until the final whistle blew. They had an amazing season, undefeated and strolled through the college football season without ever (not once) losing focus on the prize. r

“IF” in the event you are wondering how I can take the sting of loss in such a manner, let me simply say this; nothing makes you take a good hard look at yourself like a good old fashioned ass kicking and that’s exactly what Alabama got from Clemson on the night of 7 January 2019.

Or in the words of Coach Bryant

“Win without bragging and lose without excuse”

Clemson was the better team that night (By Far) and they deserve to be and are the National Champions of College Football.

And on a personal note I would add…..

The future is exceptionally bright for the Clemson Tigers

As for “Doc” and myself dropping off the website for a couple of weeks, you may not believe it, but I am reviewing a number of scripts…..

EDITORS NOTE: The movie kind not the pharmaceutical type….

Over a manuscript I had sent my publisher concerning my battles in Anbar County Tennessee with the Hillbilly Taliban.

EDITORS NOTES: Don’t worry Hillbilly Taliban, I spelled ALL your names correctly in the manuscript and I have EVERY intention to use your real names in the movie.

So you see “Doc” and I were on the road for a brief adventure and it had nothing (Nothing at all) to do with the Alabama loss to a much better Clemson Tiger team for the National Championship.

One More Thing……

There will be a few articles in the coming weeks on the ongoing coach’s carousel in college football and even some new stories on to keep you entertained throughout the long cold winter without any football to enjoy.

In fact there is a new story on that will hopefully give you a giggle or too as you try to understand how and why the NFL hires legally blind referees for their playoff games.

“Doc” and I have several more scripts to read before a decision is reached so I will leave you all for now, and in case you were wondering, “Doc” has gone far to “Hollywood” in this whole script / movie process and is currently insisting on playing himself in the movie.

Not that I mind it, but the ascot and sunglasses Doc is wearing around the house have got to go.

Congratulations Tigers

(See you next year)



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