The New Champions…..

January 8, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen –

On this day, as we celebrate Elvis’s Birthday……

It’s time to pay homage to the end of the 2013 College Football Season, say good-bye to the Bowl Championship Series and usher in the “new” Champions of College Football

Although I can’t believe any of us are actually working on Elvis’s Birthday….


EDITORS NOTE: It’s a travesty is what it is….

Feeling somewhat more dyslexic than normal let’s address these points in reverse order

EDITORS NOTE: Blame it on the Ice and Snow and subzero temperatures…

Your Favorite College Football Prognosticator will break down the 2013 Championship Game and give you all a long awaited insight into “how” The CFB Wizard made his uncanny prognostication for this particular contest.

You may be wondering “How” I was able to predict the score of the Championship game within just a few points and provide you faithful readers with insight on to just how close the last BCS Championship game would actually become.

I went about prognosticating this Championship game entirely different than any other in the past and also in the way I conducted my analysis for the game…..

Let me briefly explain….

After watching both the Auburn Tigers and the Florida State Seminoles this season…

Reviewing their games and watching them prepare for the Championship…

I designed “unique” characteristics for each team due to their own very unique characteristics and qualities they demonstrated throughout the year.

EDITORS NOTE: I know, “genius” right?

From that vital information, I broke the game down into theses “intangibles”

Both the Auburn Tigers and the Florida State Seminole players had about the equal amount of players with gang affiliations by virtue of their extensive tattoos and confusing flashing of gang signs after key plays.

Advantage: EVEN

Although the ability it “intimidate” a team is more effective through physical prowess, both teams have demonstrated a unique ability throughout the season to combine “trash talking” with a “Dance-Off”. Never in the annals of collegiate sports or since the demise of the “Solid Gold Dancers” have we witnessed the creative combination of interpretive dance mingled with vile language and gang signs. It has been awe inspiring.

Advantage: EVEN

After reviewing the crime reports of both teams it was easily determined that in the category of “petty crimes” which included but was not limited to marijuana possession, shop lifting and theft under the amount of five hundred dollars there was a slight edge to the Auburn Tigers.

Advantage: AUBURN

A cursory review of more serious crimes such as Rape, with the added criteria of the respective Universities ability to “Delay – Deter – Defuse” the issue of any star player’s incriminating behavior clearly gave the advantage to the Seminoles.


Most experts agree that the quarterback position is one of the most important in all of football and that it’s important to have what one would term a “smart” player in that position. That being said, although both teams respective quarterbacks are excellent players neither can conduct an interview without sounding like they have a mouth full of marbles and interrupting the interviewer with “shout-outs” to such people as “Little Dirty Hamster” and “Moe Moe”, which I assume is some acknowledgement of the achievements of the “Three Stooges”

Advantage: EVEN

There is an old saying that says “What Goes Around Comes Around” and I happen to believe in that myself. With that being said I found it curious after the Iron Bowl victory by Auburn and a great win it was, that the Tiger faithful relished in defeating the Crimson Tide through the missed field goals by Alabama and their own kickoff return. This overt and over the top type of crowing always comes back to bite you in the posterior.


A college football team, or any team for that matter, is nothing without a passionate fan base that supports the team through thick and thin, good times and bad times and loves their university. The Auburn Tigers without exception have the most delusional fan base in all of collegiate sports second only to the Kentucky Wildcat football faithful.


That my friends is how it was done….

You’re Welcome

It’s been a long time since the Mighty Florida State Seminoles won a National Championship and I congratulate them on a remarkable season.

But I would have hoped that it hadn’t been so long that the Seminole Faithful forgot how to make a Championship T-Shirt.

But I guess I was wrong….




It’s been a long season for most of us, filled with excitement and some disappointments

The game of football is a lot like life itself

There will be highs and lows, reasons to cheer and more than enough reasons to mourn

It’s how we respond to the disappointments in life that defines who we are

Disappointments will happen – Discouragement is a choice

There are a lot of people I would like to take the time to thank here but I am afraid the list would look like the closing credits of “Gone with the Wind”.

So I will just say thank you to all of those who took the time to contribute….

Your ideas, suggestions, pictures and videos

They were invaluable, thank you all.

More importantly I want to thank you readers

I write this for you, thank you for coming along with me for another season.

I will take a couple of weeks off and will have something special for you when I return.

EDITORS NOTE: “No” I will not bring each of you a Sock Monkey….

But in the meantime please tune in to the website dedicated to my upcoming book…

I will have a few stories on there for you to enjoy and information on the upcoming book

I look forward to reading what you think, so please feel free to send me an email or leave a comment

So in honor of Elvis’s Birthday….

I would like to end this season with a quote of his that defines my feelings for you readers

“Thank you, Thank you very much”



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