November 19, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen –

I received a very disturbing email this past week….

Accusing me of a variety of things

Least of which saying this college football website wasn’t “educational”

I won’t replicate the contents of the email here or give the authors name

But after considering the accusations I decided that the author was correct

Certainly there are some thought provoking elements of the occasional article

But for the most part I write to “entertain” and to provide a unique insight into college football wit the picks, commentary etc.

With that in mind and with the lady’s email fresh on my mind….

It occurred to me that while most High School students don’t know what year the “War of 1812” was waged in (or where) or have any idea who was involved in the “Spanish American War” I do have an “obligation” as the author of the email stated to provide “something of value” (educational) for my many readers.

That being said….

I have prepared a short video of something “less college football” as the author requested….

And something more “educational” for you many knowledge hungry fans of the website




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One Response to Educational

  1. Lemuel in Ludowici on November 20, 2013 at 12:15 pm

    Dear Sir, I thank you done gone an flipped yore ever lovin lid cause you aint as smart as you thank. I knowed that was you talkin on that movie and you got it all rong!!! That was a movie about baby dang octerpusses not dang cuddle fishes!! Hell, you need to go back ta tryin to pick football games not doing stupid stuff like this that shows how UN-EDJUKATED you are!!!

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