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December 22, 2009

My Friends your 2009 College Football Wizard Awards will be momentarily interrupted
For breaking college football news

The “Breaking News” is from what I like to refer to as the “I told you so” file.

Or more specifically…..I like to think of this little piece of news as

“Christmas Comes Early”

But before we get to this wonderful and not so surprising revelation

Let me say, that I have thoroughly enjoyed the emails over the past few years from many of you,
presumably worshiping at the altar of Coach Pete, telling me to “get over” the NCAA “investigation” into the Southern California Trojans.

Southern California…..
The People that told you…..
Charles Manson was “misunderstood”
O.J. Simpson was “innocent”
O.J. Mayo didn’t take any “money”

The same people that make fun of the way Southerners talk…
But have a Governor that can’t speak English

I know some of my articles on this topic……
are met with rolling eyes and disappointment regarding my “obsession”
with the apparent lack of concern or sense of justice from the NCAA
when it comes to the rather simple infraction case of Reggie Bush and the “mighty” Coach Pete Trojans.

And I have pointed out on numerous occasions….
The National Sports Media….
ABC Sports
CBS Sports
Sports Illustrated
FOX Sports
College Football News

None of these “organizations” care or even mention the NCAA “investigation” into the Trojans, Coach Pete or Reggie Bush.
If you wonder why they don’t report on the progress of the “investigation” I will tell you
It’s because they have no creditability or integrity.

That is why Your Favorite College Football Prognosticator is here.
(Cue the Applause the sign)

It has been reported Southern California Trojan “star” running back Joe McKnight has been driving around in a Range Rover owned by a Southern California businessman.

The businessman who the vehicle is registered to is Scott Schenter.
Not only is Mr. Schenter’s background in marketing but he previously owned a website called

But it get’s better……
(Doesn’t it always)

In the words of the articulate and highly educated Joe McKnight

“That car ain’t mine man; it’s my baby’s mommas”

Ah how sweet….Sounds like true love to me.

It seems that Mr. Schenter purchased the vehicle on behalf of Johanna Beltran McKnight’s girlfriend..
with whom Joe has a young son (hence the enduring and highly respectable term: “Baby’s Momma”)

Mr. Schenter said in his own rambling disjointed explanation with the Los Angeles Times, He purchased the vehicle for Ms Beltran (Joe’s Baby’s Momma)

“Because she is a Schenter family friend who also works for a company…
that may or may not be owned by Schenter’s father and “has a patent to turn nuclear wastes into valuable metals.”
Michelle’s family could not qualify for a car loan, so he bought the car and she takes care of the insurance and the car payments..
which are a little over $500 a month. According to Schenter that is “not a big amount.”

Need I remind you all…..

NCAA bylaw says that a student-athlete shall be ineligible if he, or relatives or friends, accepts transportation or other benefits from agents or marketing representatives.

NCAA bylaw prohibits preferential treatment, benefits or services because of the individual’s athletic reputation or skill or payback potential as a professional athlete.

It seems Coach Pete isn’t too concerned…..
(He wasn’t too concerned about the Reggie Bush affair either remember?)

He stated in regards to Joe McKnight not traveling with the rest of the “mighty” Trojans for Saturday’s game in the prestigious Emerald Nut Bowl in San Francisco

EDITORS NOTE: A “Nut” Bowl in San Francisco …..
How appropriate

“He (Joe McKnight) has some paperwork he needs to do and it’s best for him to stay in L.A. so he can be available to finish it.”

EDITORS NOTE: Presumably there are “instructions” on that very important “paperwork”
because if he (Joe McKnight) has to complete anything other than his name we may be waiting until the fourth of July to see anything “completed’.

But there is more….
Isn’t there always?

This isn’t the first time we heard about an NCAA “investigation” into Joe McKnight
Is it?

There was that “little” recruiting violation in getting him to come to Southern California

Please enjoy the following short clip…..

So NCAA, PAC 10 Conference, Southern California Athletic Director and National Sports Media….
Where are you with the “investigation” into Reggie Bush and the Southern California Trojans?

Where is your creditability and integrity?
Is it a “Situational Honesty” that you employ?

Or is it just those in the South that are cheaters?

Are you spending too much time and money “looking into” the University of Tennessee and their use of hostesses for recruiting?

EDITORS NOTE: Yes I know…..
It’s bad enough I am defending the University of Tennessee

Do you still have “investigators” in the bushes watching which Alabama Crimson Tide players are fishing and what they caught?

Is it just us cheating Southerners that violate NCAA rules and get punished?

The Southern California Trojans have done far worse than the Southern Methodist Mustangs ever did in the 1980’s
yet they have escaped unpunished by the NCAA.
That is why we must either secede from the NCAA or demand they do their damn job.

Don’t come south of the Ohio or Red River peeking into our business if you aren’t willing to “No Shiite investigate” your golden children.

Frankly I have had enough of “Know it All” Yankees from either Indianapolis or Washington D.C.

If you think Southerners won’t fight….

You dumbass Yankees don’t know us very well.

Your regularly scheduled “Awards” Program will resume tomorrow…



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    Been waitin’ to hear from you ’bout this.

    and Amen

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    Amen, my brother! What a mess! Merry Christmas, BJ

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