College Football Mail Bag

April 16, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen –

It’s time to catch up on some long awaited emails from you…
The Loyal reader and College Football Fan…

Before you read any further, I must confess…
I had no idea last week’s article would have generated such a diverse response…

More College Football News Later….
There will be news that will stun and amaze you…
I promise….



Q: Mike I read that former Auburn Coach Pat Dye’s pants (complete with wallet) washed up at Lake Guntersville in Alabama; do you know anything about what happened?
Hank -Rome, Georgia

A: Pat Dye without his pants?
Well, that would explain why he has been on the radio and not television.

Q: Mike, How could you tell Phil Fulmer apart from the other jackasses at Mule Day?
Dennis – Cottondale, Alabama

A: He was the one wearing the hat….

Q: Dude, we need you to settle a bet for us!
Was Marshall University named after “The Marshall Tucker Band”?
Thanks Man!
Tony – Spartanburg, South Carolina

A: No Tony, it wasn’t…
But it should have been…

Q: Mike do you have any thoughts on Post- March Madness?
Charles – Lexington, Kentucky

A: Are you referring to Spring Football Practice?

The complete Spring Football Round-up Issue….
is another couple of weeks away from print.
But thank you for asking….

EDITORS NOTE: I am well aware what the question was referring too.
If my beloved University has a basketball team I am blissfully unaware.

Q: Mike, last Season you correctly predected (until you had to leave us!)
91% of ALL the games played by Texas teams!
How did you do it?
You are Awesome!
Sandy – Arlington, Texas

A: It’s simple Sandy….
My Heroes have always been Cowboys…

Q: I read that Phil Fulmer was the Grand Marshall at the Mule Day celebration….
But you never said how many people it took….
To hold the ropes as he floated down the street?
Terri – Tuscaloosa, Alabama

A: Good One Terri….

Q: Now that you have revisted the international community and have achieved a certain sense of enlightenment will you take a more favorable view of southern California?
Solaria – Pasadena, California

A: It is because I have acheived a higher sense of enlightenment….
That I can say this…
southern California still sucks….

Q: Mike, I heard something about the University of Tennessee coaches luring recruits…
to the Volunteers by doing something called “Topless Recruiting”.
What the heck is that?
George – Gulfport, Mississippi

A: This term refers to the Tennessee assistant coaches coming out of the tunnel at the stadium….
and tearing their shirts off in front of the potential recruits.

EDITORS NOTE: It’s nice to know the Universty of Tennessee has cornered the market…
On young male athletes that enjoy looking at partly clad grown men..
There is no confirmation however…
That the potential Tennessee recruits also recieved…
a Kenny Chesney CD and a subscription to Men’s Health…

Q: Mike we will be visiting the state of Alabama this summer.
Is there anything that is a “must” see….
That we should include on our tour through your fair state?
The Driver Family – Chicago, Illinos

A: If it were me?
I never miss a chance to stop by the Fireworks Superstore…
Also Known as the Alabama – Tennessee Fireworks Superstore…
Located on the Alabama, Tennessee border.
It has everything you would ever need…
Gas, Fireworks, and Cold Beer…
This is just a party waiting to happen.
I am convinced if Alabama could get Mississippi, Georgia and Florida to join the “Fireworks Superstore” coalition we could shoot down satellites and end the war on terror.

Q: Mike, I heard that Phil Fulmer took his son “from another relationship” to Mule Days.
Do you have any information on the story?
Jimmy – Platte City, Missouri

A: Jimmy, a picture is worth a thousand words….



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