Notes from the Off-Season

Highly touted high school recruit Terrell Pryor finally decided on his choice of where to play college football as he announced yesterday….”University of Ohio State”? What?

That’s funny because I always thought it was called THE Ohio State University.

Note to Self: IF you make people wait an extra month and then have a BIG Ole news conference to announce your decision (Because you are just that damn important) insure you know how to pronounce the name of the college you decided to attend.

As hard as it is to believe….We are still waiting on news (any news) on the NCAA and PAC 10 investigation into Reggie Bush and the University of Southern California.

Let me be the first to offer my help…two words: Map-quest.

Just enter Reggie’s momma’s address (while he was an “amateur” student-athlete) into the appropriate line and BINGO! You have a map to the location!

Then compare the readily available contract from his former sports agent…and Presto!

Glad I could help…and as a side note for the NCAA.
Stop getting your “investigators” from the Aruba Police Department.

Lastly…Evergreen State University..STILL has the most disturbing mascot and fight song in all of collegiate athletics.

You don’t think so?

See for yourself….



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