Veterans Day

November 11, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen

I debated (with myself) of putting this article on the website

I think it’s appropriate

Happy Veteran’s Day

Could have, would have, should have….

I have been around a lot of different type of people from corporate America

They are mostly contractors and government people from the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security.

I will tell you what I have found in the “leadership” of these organizations

And I use that term loosely

You can’t find a veteran of the military in the bunch

Now if you ask any of these self absorbed “titans” of industry if they are a military veteran they will all say the exact same thing.

“I was going to but……”

“I almost did but……”

“I thought about it, but…..”

Anytime the litany of excuses come pouring forth I always think to myself

“BUT you didn’t, now DID you?”

There used to be a time in this country when everyone was a veteran of the military




Movie Stars

Your next door neighbor

As well as the “Captains” of Industry

But not now…..

It amazes me that in Government contracting and within Government hiring what a persons grade point average or major course of study in college was is more important than serving ones country.

Duty – Honor – Country

Has been replaced with; “What’s in it for me?”

These managers, directors and other illustrious titles given to such people in positions of power, although they didn’t serve in our nations military, not only look down on veterans but seemingly are experts on what is and what isn’t good for the military.

(Yes I am talking directly to you)

Some will say…..

“I read this book on such and such and IT said….”

While others will pontificate on a “news” program or documentary they saw on the History Channel regarding this and that on the nation’s military.

I usually retort with my favorite saying in such times

“Well I shook hands with Alan Shepard once but that doesn’t make me a damn astronaut”

You think I am being too harsh?

I have seen “directors” in the Government in charge of huge departments charged with “fighting terrorism” with degrees in “American Literature”, “African American Studies” and my all time favorites “Peace and Social Justice” and “Physics”

And as you might have guessed

Not a veteran in the bunch, not even a single veteran on their staff

I doubt they could spell “terrorism” without “spell check”

But they somehow know all about “fighting terrorism”?

I am sure they saw a documentary on the History Channel that educated them thoroughly

Well that and their highly regarded collegiate studies

(Yes, in case you were wondering I am very fluent in sarcasm)

I have seen other Government and contracting “managers” in the Department of Defense that not only had never served in the military, they look upon the service members that they support with nothing short of open distain and contempt.

Because they view themselves as somehow “better” than the military veteran

But the truth is, most of these folks prefer to criticize and degrade the military veteran because they themselves simply didn’t have the intestinal courage it takes to sacrifice ones self for something bigger than themselves.

Duty – Honor – Country

I know that I am rambling here….

But I’m tired….

Sick and tired….

Of watching these self absorbed know it all’s everywhere professing to be experts

On Television

In Government

In the civilian work place

I know veterans have their own language and their own humor

I also know that to some outside this little circle it may seem like a strange dialect

Maybe that’s where the real disconnect comes from……

But I believe it’s deeper than that

Some of these people I described are afraid of military veterans

Afraid that they know more than they do

(Because they typically do)

Afraid that the military veteran will do a better job than they can

(Because they will)

I believe these misguided self described experts in their fields are afraid

Because despite their posturing like banty roosters…..

Most of these folks I described are cowards

There I said it

I say that not because they didn’t serve in the military because despite what you hear and read the military life isn’t for everyone.

And we ALL know the military it isn’t for everyone, even for some of the General officers I could name currently serving, that are more concerned with their careers than they are with their troops.

No I am talking to you and you know who you are…..

The managers….

The “leaders” in industry and contracting…..

You know who you are and are cringing as you read this…

That is if you even you read it this far

I am talking to you

They are cowards because they think they are better than military veterans

They think they are smarter

Too smart to have joined the military

But I will let those folks in on a little secret

Anytime a conversation turns to military veterans….

And we hear

“I was going to but……”

“I almost did but……”

“I thought about it, but…..”

I will tell you what people just like me are thinking


Happy Veteran’s Day My Brothers and Sisters

I love you all



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