College Football Picks Week 10

November 3, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen –

I hope you all survived Halloween Weekend

Last week’s picks had far more “Tricks” than “Treats” in it for me.

Much like Charlie Brown and Charlie Weis I left last weekend with a sack full of rocks.

My sack full of rocks equated to 43 and 23 or 65% for the week….

And that dropped my season average to 79% with an overall record of 492 and 130.

In order to break this seemingly streak of bad luck….
I vow….

This is the last Halloween that I am dressing up like Tennessee Coach Derek Dooley

But I must confess the costume does make me look considerably younger, don’t you think?
And taller…

Enjoy your Picks…..


This week’s High School Player of the Week is an 8th Grader…..
Yes, you read that right, I said the “High School Player” of the Week is an 8th Grader

Eighth Grader Ostin McPherson from St. Paul’s High School in Mobile Alabama is a 5-foot-7, 156-pound tailback, who got the start last week because of a season-ending injury to starter Jordan Huff. He starred in the No. 4-ranked 5A Saints’ 36-6 victory over rival UMS-Wright Friday night at Cooper Stadium.

McPherson carried 28 times for 204 yards and scored on runs of 5, 2 and 12 yards. His last carry of the game came with nine minutes left in the lopsided win.
St. Paul’s coach Jimmy Perry was pleased with the way so many of his young players, led by McPherson, responded to the challenge.
“I’m just glad the Mobile Police Department hasn’t arrested me for child abuse for playing such young players in such big games,“ Perry said. “I was really proud of how hard our entire team played.“

St. Paul’s (9-1) did not allow the Bulldogs a first down until the final minute of the first half. By that time, the lead was 27-0.

The Saints reached the end zone on four of their five possessions in the first half, and the first two came on unlikely plays. The first score was a 39-yard pass from Will Brabston to Ryan Myles on third-and-25. The second was a 34-yard TD scramble by Brabston to convert a third-and-29.

McPherson scored his first two touchdowns in the second quarter to open up the 27-0 lead. UMS, which will enter the 4A playoffs with a 6-4 record, got going just before halftime when Gunner Roach connected with freshman Jawon McDowell for a 38-yard pass to the St. Paul’s 1, from where Roach dove into the end zone on the next play.
McPherson’s 2-yard touchdown run with 2:45 left in the third quarter was the only score of the period, and the Saints added Yannick Wildraut’s 33-yard field goal with 7:06 remaining to complete the scoring.

The Saints outgained the Bulldogs 357 yards to 83.

St. Paul’s hosts Woodlawn in a first-round 5A playoff game Friday at 7 p.m.
UMS-Wright visits Greene County in 4A.


Greetings from the heart of SEC country!!!

Well, folks, the High School football season ended last night for the Big Blue of Telfair County. The Trojans came up on the short end of a 28-7 score against Lanier County. It was a long trip down Highway 129 to Lakeland but the boys in blue played their hardest and banged out a touchdown against the always tough Bulldogs. It’s been an interesting season here on South 3rd and these boys have put their blood, sweat, and tears into a hard fought season. As I said in an earlier article, we’re not Lowndes or Valdosta or Parkview. No we’re not the 2-A elites. But, what we are is a bunch of hard-scrapple boys from the country who see possibility every Friday night and who fight through every game. These kids don’t expect pats on the back for losing. They know they’re not in a “participatory league” where everyone gets a trophy because they “tried real hard.” They’re tough kids, playing a tough game, in a tough region. Telfair County isn’t Atlanta, or Macon, or Savannah where there’s “loads of stuff to do.”
Some people say we’re in the middle of nowhere. We don’t have a Six Flags, or a Georgia Dome, or nice beach, but we’ve got Jaybird Springs, Little Ocmulgee State Park, and the Milan Harvest Festival. And mostly, we’re good, down to earth, hard working people. We’re Dogs, Jackets, and Eagles on Saturday, Baptists, Methodists, and Presbyterians on Sunday, and working folks during the workweek.
But come Friday night, under the lights, down on South 3rd in McRae Georgia, we’re Telfair-By-God-Trojans. We’re proud of every one of these kids. From #1 Devin Edwards to #94 Willie Wooten. From the starters to the subs. The Seniors to the Freshmen. These boys are learning to be men in what truly is the school of hard knocks. But you won’t hear them complain. You won’t see them quit. You won’t see them in a playoff game…. this year.
But when the season is over, you’ll see them continuing that Telfair tradition of working hard in school, in their part time jobs, and for some, on the basketball team or the baseball team. And that’s what makes us proud to be called TELFAIR COUNTY TROJANS!!!!!

Up in Atlanta they the student body swarmed the field after the Ramblin’ Wreck got after the visiting Cats of Clemson like a swarm of mad hornets. The Calculator Commandos racked up the points and yardage in a 31-17 upset of then #5 Clemson. Without RB Andre Ellington the Orange clad Tigers were pretty much neutered as his understudies were never effective against a ball-hawking Jacket defense. Tevin Washington set a school record for yardage by a QB and the defense took the ball away 4 times. Clemson had been walking a tightrope all season with their defense and it showed today as the Trade School racked up over 380 yards on the ground. Next up for the Wreck is a visit from the Gobblers of Virginia Tech. The Hokies don’t “seem” as stout this year, but with the up and down play of the Bees, you never know what will happen on Saturday.
Down in Jacksonville, the Red Clay Hounds took advantage of an ineffective Reptilian ground game to take a 24-20 decision from the Lizards of Florida. The Gators were clearly dragging their tails as they were held to -19 yards on the ground. John Brantley was harassed all night as the Cow College unleashed the hounds in the victory. It appeared that Georgia was about to again come up short in the first half as they trailed 17-3 before taking advantage of a Gator turnover late in the half to go into halftime 17-10. It wasn’t pretty but a win is a win in the tough SEC. Next up for the Pups is a scrimmage against the Aggies of New Mexico State which should serve as a warm-up before welcoming the Pigeons of the Plains to Athens for another tough game.
Unfortunately the news gets worse, as the Eagles traveled to Boone and were shot down by the Mountain Men of Appalachian State by a score of 24-17. The Pioneers were clearly out to avenge last year’s upset which cost them the #1 spot in the FCS standings and ended their 26 game conference win streak. The Eagles developed a bad case of Statesboro Blues after being held to only 135 yards rushing and just over 200 yards of total offense. Unable to take advantage of opportunities, the Eagles were plucked clean as they were booted from their lofty perch. Next up for GSU is a home game against the mighty warriors of the Citadel in a game of option vs option. The Eagles hope to get back to their winning ways before they make a trip to Spartanburg for a tussle with the Terriers of Wofford in an important SoCon showdown to try to break up a 3 way tie for first in this tough conference.

In Knoxville, the visiting Columbia Chickens took on a hungry pack of Coon Hunters and came away from Neyland Stadium with a win in a game to help determine whether or not the Cocks have adjusted to life without Lattimore or Garcia. Understudy Brandon Wilds filled in for the injured starter and reeled off over 137 much needed yards to help the Gamecocks to a 14-3 win over punch less Tennessee. The Red Roosters are going to need Wilds, Shaw, the defense, and the water boy to chip in next week as they travel West to take on some of the luckiest pork on the planet in Arkansas. The Head Ball Coach will have his hands full this week getting ready for the Hogs as there are no more warm-up weeks for the offense. This could be a make or break week for South Click as they try to stay one step ahead of a pack of Hungry Hounds from Athens in a tight SEC East Race.

Speaking of the Razorbacks, they won by the hair of their collective chinny-chin-chins in sinking the Commodores by a 31-28 score. The Admiralty put up a stiff defense against these Hungry Hogs but missed the mark just as did their kicker on a game tying attempt that sailed wide of the uprights. After leading 21-7 towards the end of the first half Vandy’s ship began to list as they allowed Petrino’s Porkers to outscore them 24-7 down the stretch and come out with a win. One thing Arkansas may want to think about is trying to avoid those early holes they always seem to find themselves in. Those Columbia Pullets have a considerably stouter defense than Vandy, Ole Miss, and Texas A&M. I don’t think the luck will carry over to next week if they once again get down early.

Out West, the Big Trees of Stanford dropped a limb on Lane Kiffin’s Trojans in a game that went to triple overtime. Just when the escapee from Knoxville thought he was going to get that signature win for the season, fate intervenes. An untimely fumble into the end zone sealed the deal for the Spartans as their upset bid was unceremoniously ended. But, it’s okay that just means that the Southern Californians don’t have to suffer the indignity of making it into the top 25 and then not get asked to dance in one of the lesser bowls. Ohio State took a bite out of the Cheese Heads aspirations for greatness this weekend with an upset of their own. I’ve just been scratching my head over the developments in the Big 10-ish and have been trying to answer the question: Who does this conference remind me of? The ACC or the Big East?

And, finally, it’s time for a little Prognosticatin’. Yep, the Peach State Prognostication is Proverbially Puzzled this week. The Dogs are doing just enough to win and the Bee’s swarmed the hive with a convincing win this weekend. And, they showed a little defense in holding the Tigers of Clemson to some season lows. Did the pendulum swing?
Hmmmmm…. We’ll see. One thing is for sure, there’s something going on in Athens. The place is starting to look like North Tallahassee for the last couple of seasons.
If Richt can keep the players out of jail and on the roster I’m predicting 28-27….. Dogs.
Note that 7 X 4 = 28.
Field goals are not a good option for these pups.

That’s it for now. Hope everyone’s team wins and you have a great week.
And remember; make sure you support your local High School Athletics.
These are your future collegians of tomorrow.

Until next time,
I’m Harley Hanesworth


Q: Dear Mr. Wizard
Where has the Number One Tennessee Volunteer Fan on the Planet been?
You got him tied up or something? Or is that married life keeping him busy?
We want to hear from “The Man” Hootie Snitch!
The Boy’s From Western Auto and Big Ten Tire – Strawberry Plains, Tennessee

A: Thank you for the email gentlemen. Hootie Snitch will be returning next week with what he is calling his “State of the Orange Nation” address.

Q: Dear Mister Wizard
Do you have any good news for the Kentucky Wildcat faithful?
Roger – Lexington, Kentucky

A: Yes I do Roger; basketball season is right around the corner.

Q: Dear Wizard Man
I took my girlfriend (Shout out to Miss Mary Beth! I love you girl!)
She smells like the inside of my momma’s purse she does!

Anyway so we was a going to a carnival that come to town and they had rides and everything, like the big ole Viking ship that rocks back and forth in the air, and boy let me tell you that thing goes up higher than my deer stand! I bet you that was what it was really a like riding that boat on the ocean when the Pilgrims come across from wherever they come from.

Hell I almost forgot my question just a thinking about riding on that Viking ship with Miss Mary Beth
(I Love you girl!)
So here is my question – “IF” Auburn wins the rest of them games and “IF” they wins the SEC Championship, will they still have a chance at the National Championship?
Chip – Opelika, Alabama

A: Chip I think you have been spending more time with Miss Mary Beth than you have been watching college football this year, am I right?

Q: You suck! Why don’t you just quit writing all this stupid football crap!
Anonymous – Charleston, South Carolina

A: Thank you Anonymous for taking time out of your busy day to send me this email.
I considered your request…..
And then a quote came to me from the greatest urban philosopher in the 20th Century.
M. C. Hammer when he said….
That I was…
“Too Legit to Quit”
(That song is in your head now isn’t it?)
No Need to Thank me….


HOUSTON: Congratulations on winning the “Bayou Bucket” in convincing fashion.
Damn convincing fashion….

OKLAHOMA STATE: It was brought to my attention…..
Two weeks ago on the Cowboy Campus in Stillwater Oklahoma “all” the safety posters had been replaced in the various university cafeterias and on-campus eating establishments with the poster below.
I think the picture speaks for itself….

JOE PA and PENN STATE: Congratulations to the Great Joe Paterno…..

Last Saturday Joe Pa became the winningest College Football Coach in History…

There isn’t enough room here to say what Joe Pa means to college football.
Joe Pa is Class.
He is Character
He is one of the best that ever walked the sidelines.

Congratulations Joe Pa, you deserve the record.

TEXAS TECH: After you screwed up my average last week by dropping the game AFTER you defeated Oklahoma, I am now legally changing my name from Buzz O’Branowitz back to the last name I had when I lost a bet of this magnitude.

I will now be known legally as Herb McCrotchburns….

MINNESOTA: I guess a blind Groundhog can find an acorn in the woods…

Great win last week Gophers…

CLEMSON: Damn it Tigers, Damn it……….

LAME TROJAN’S: So Lame didn’t like the referee’s calls against his Trojans last week…

And he went on and on and on and on about it…..

I’m not saying his complaints weren’t legitimate

But here is a little hint Lame….

You and the Trojans aren’t the fair hair children of the PAC (Whatever) Conference anymore


HEISMAN HYPE: I don’t understand all the Heisman Hype….

It seems to get worse every year.

I know that ALL the Sports Media outlets to include CNN wanted to award the trophy to Stanford’s Andrew Luck three weeks ago, calling him “The Greatest Quarterback to ever play college football”.

Really, the Greatest Quarterback to ever play college football?

I am not pushing for one candidate or another here.

All I am saying is that Stanford’s Andrew Luck hasn’t proved anything because he hasn’t played anybody other than a so-so Southern California Trojan team.

Let’s hold our ballots until the end of the season, shall we?


Many of you have sent me emails wondering why I haven’t commented on the Alabama Crimson Tide victory two weeks ago over the Tennessee Volunteers.

So let me say this….
I don’t believe in kicking anyone or any program when they are down….
And let me say one more thing about the Third Saturday in October….

Coach Bryant instructed us to “Win without bragging and Lose without excuse”

EDITORS NOTE: That’s the way it’s supposed to be….

THE SOUTHEASTERN CONFERENCE: SEC Conference Commissioner Mike Slive announced this past week during a weekly news conference…

“”First we’ll take Texas A&M, Missouri, then Oklahoma, then Clemson, then Germany …”

HALLOWEEN: One Last Comment on the Halloween weekend….

If this isn’t the funniest Halloween Costume of the year, then I don’t know what is…

At least I think it’s a costume


Tuesday November 1st

Northern Illinois at Toledo
This is going to be a High Scoring Affair….
Believe it
I am really feeling confident about my pick in this game.

Wednesday November 2nd

Temple at Ohio
I don’t want to sound to “cocky” but I think I am on a roll heading into Thursday night’s games.

Thursday November 3rd

Akron at Miami (OH)
This instate Rivalry in the Buckeye State is played for the coveted…
“Victory Slim-Jim Award”
This game has somehow lost its luster since Randy “Macho Man” Savage passed away

Tulsa at Central Florida
The O’ So Very Golden Hurricanes are coming to O- Town (not the defunct musically challenged Boy Band) to meet the O’ So Very Golden Knights.
I am not sure about the Golden Knights….
But I do know that Otis Day and the Knights make we want to “Shout”

Florida State at Boston College
Trivia question for you
Do you know what kind of feathers are in Chief Osceola’s headdress?
Eagle Feathers….

Friday November 4th

Central Michigan at Kent State
This game features Chippewa’s and Golden Flashes…
And just so you know….
If you see an old Chippewa disrobe in public it counts as being “Golden Flashed”

Southern California at Colorado
Two Facts that should be noted in this game….
Not Only has Colorado not won an away game since William McKinley was President..
But they haven’t won a home game since Phil Fulmer could see the top of his shoes.

Saturday November 5th

Texas Tech at Texas
This Rivalry in the Lone Star State is a good one
It’s played for the “Chancellor’s Spurs”
It doesn’t get much cooler than that

Syracuse at Connecticut
I had good intentions of watching this game..
But my “Best of Zamfir Pan Flute CD” just arrived in the mail…
OTTO the ORANGE 21-17

McDaniel at Susquehanna
Ronald McDonald’s half brother is really a glutton for punishment
Last weekend J-Lo put a whipping on him…
Now it’s Susie’s turn….
SUSIE Q 28-10

Ball State at Eastern Michigan
Cardinals against the Eagles…
This game is for the Birds…
EAGLES 24-17

Michigan at Iowa
It’s a Big Ten (or Whatever) Matchup and you know by now what that means
Another “rivalry” game for a “coveted” Trophy
This game is played annually for the “Monkey Turd of Hope Trophy”
I am not quite sure what the trophy looks like, but it sure is fun to say

Norwich and SUNY Maritime
The Cadets of Norwich meet the Privateer’s of Maritime to determine who will win the Championship of the Great Northeast Athletic Conference. It’s going to be close….
It will come down to a late game winning field goal by Cadet Kicker Long Ding.
(And “No” I didn’t make that name up)
CADETS 24-23

Indiana at Ohio State
The Loosiers visit the Horseshoe in Columbus for another…
Of their many ass kicking’s by the Buckeyes.

Valparaiso at Marist
I know, I know….
That Mexican Bull Fighter has a “shiny” outfit but…
That Marist is a real Fox

Louisville at West Virginia
Believe it or not…..
I am going “Upset Special” on this game
Call me crazy; it’s nothing I haven’t already heard from mental health professionals

Minnesota at Michigan State
I know the question that is on your mind concerning this game.
“Will the O’ So very Golden Gophers win Two Games in a Row?”
Not likely….

Vanderbilt at Florida
The Commodores are tough this year, but they will run aground in the Swamp

Virginia at Maryland
I would watch this game but by the time it comes on ESPN 3…
I will be listening to Zamfir play “Freebird” on the Pan Flute

New Mexico State at Georgia
Lasso Larry gets a nasty Dog Bite between the hedges…
Believe it

Juniata at Moravian
Morey must be a Moravian to mess with Juanita..
I heard she whipped every woman in the trailer park for “looking” at her man
J-LO 24-17

Tusculum at Carson Newman
I cannot in good conscience…….
Pick a school that sounds like something you blew into a handkerchief

North Carolina at North Carolina State
This instate battle on Tobacco Road is played for something more important than a Trophy
It’s called “Bragging Rights”

Kansas at Iowa State
Together these two teams couldn’t generate enough wind to classify as a decent shrimp fart.

Appalachian State at Furman
The Mountaineers dispatched the Number One Southern Eagles last week….
They are ready for the Furry Man

Stony Brook at Charleston Southern
This game reminds me that it’s time for a shameless plug of my favorite getaway
There is no place on the planet that is easier to relax and enjoy than with my friends at the Stony Brook Cabins & Chalets in beautiful Gatlinburg Tennessee.
Give Ed and the Beautiful Miss Pam a call and tell them Your Favorite College Football Prognosticator sent you. You won’t be disappointed.

Texas Christian at Wyoming
My Hero’s have always been Cowboys….
Except in this game…

Citadel at Georgia Southern
The Eagles tumbled off their perch last week…
They will fly high this week

Sioux Falls at North Dakota
Correction on this game concerning “Sioux Falls”
Sioux FELL….

North Dakota State at Indiana State
I seriously don’t get the folks in Indiana…
What is supposed to be so scary about a “Fighting Sycamore Tree”?
How liquored up do you have to be to think a “tree” is going to fight you?
I can hear it now…
“Jim that tree over there is look at you like it wants to fight…”
I don’t get it

West Oregon at Montana
Have you ever seen what happens when a Wolf takes on a Grizzly Bear?
My Point exactly…

St Johns at St Olaf
The Mighty O’ has been Rolling since winning the Cereal Bowl and the Goat Trophy
(I told you that was important didn’t I?)
ST OLIES 27-17

Grambling State at Jackson State
Two Great College Football Programs that have produced Legends of the Fall
And their Marching Bands aren’t too shabby either…

Duke at Miami
This is the time of the year when the leaves are changing….
Temperatures are cooler…
And the Duke Blue Devils get their annual ass kicking by the Hurricanes
I Love Fall

Tulane at Southern Methodist
The Green Wave roll into Mustang Country and get kicked back to the Big Easy

Chattanooga at Samford
Fred and Lamont Samford are about to take a ride on the Chattanooga Choo-Choo
And not in a “good way”

West Alabama at Delta State
Other than Okra Winfrey there isn’t anything I don’t like about Okra…
Fried, Pickled or Boiled.
I’m an Okra Man

Ole Miss at Kentucky
Have you noticed that since the “rebels” changed their mascot they haven’t won an SEC game?
I like to think of that as karma…

Army at Air Force
This game may very well decide the Commander in Chiefs Trophy
Yeah, it’s that important

Northwestern at Nebraska
The Children of the Corn surprised me last week with a great win against the Spartans.
But I still think “Lil Red” looks like the Shoney’s Big Boy’s little brother.
I’m just saying…

UTEP at Rice
This game presents one very important fact….
If you have read this far then you know by now that “The Big Game” is at the bottom the page
MINERS 28-24

Montana State at Weber State
The outdoor grill College of Weber State is about to get smoked

Purdue at Wisconsin
This Big Ten (something) matchup is played for yet “another” coveted Trophy
These teams square off each year to play for the “Sombrero of Cheese Whiz”
Yankee’s are funny when they make up rivalry trophy’s aren’t they?
BUCKY the BADGER 43-17

Troy at Navy
Your guess is as good as mine in this game.
I don’t know “who” is going to show up from week to week.

Southern Miss at East Carolina
The Mighty Golden Eagles are on a roll winning six games in a row….
Make it “Seven”

West Georgia at North Alabama
The Florence Lions have dropped two games in a row….
I am keeping the faith

Arkansas State at Florida Atlantic
The Owls aren’t playing worth a Hoot and the Red Wolves are Howling

Presbyterian at Coastal Carolina
Blue Ho’s and Chanticleers in this one….
And as a safety tip….
If you run around with Blue Ho’s you could get a Chanticleer
Just so you know…
BLUE HO’S 28-17

Utah at Arizona
It’s like the old saying goes….
There is more than one way for two Utes to skin a cat…
TWO UTES 24-17

Notre Dame at Wake Forest
There was time when this game was really important…
Not really, I was just trying to make it sound interesting

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh
These two schools have both been rolling on the river lately…
Which makes me think…
This game would be worth watching if Tina Turner sang “Rolling on the River” at halftime
I’m just saying…

Houston at UAB
This game is going to be uglier than a game of Twister with a bunch of midget strippers.
(And “No” that is not based on personal experience, shame on you for thinking that)

Missouri at Baylor
In case I haven’t mentioned it lately…
It Sucks to B U….

MTSU at Tennessee
The Vowels get back on track and leave the Raiders Blue
VOWELS 38-17

South Carolina at Arkansas
I know I picked against the Gamecocks last week.
Believe me, I read your emails.
Fire up those computers and start writing because I am picking against them again this week.

Arizona State at UCLA
I was trying to remember why I wanted to watch this game…
But I honestly couldn’t remember
DEVILS from the SUN 38-21

New Mexico at San Diego State
The Lobo’s and the Ancient Aztecs….
Sound’s like an upcoming Disney Movie…
AZTECS 34-28

Oregon at Washington
The Once Mighty Don James Huskies are playing more like Yorkshire terriers
I can’t even think about watching them anymore….
QUACKS 43-17

Boise State at UNLV
Another “tough” game for the Mighty Bronco’s of Boise and the schedule doesn’t get any easier.
Next Week the Bronco’s host the “Arthur Murray Dance Studio and Toe Tap Academy”
They better watch out, I hear they have some “fancy” footwork
BRONCO’S 49-17

Utah State at Hawaii
My Black Lab “Doc” loves it when I pick the Hawaii games..
I think it’s because I always make mention of “Dog the Bounty Hunter”
It’s probably just a name recognition thing…

South Florida at Rutgers
This game perplexed me….
So I called my adopted Italian family in Atlantic City for their perspective…
This is what I got…
“Fugit about it, pick da Knights”

Texas A&M at Oklahoma
Don’t be surprised if this game goes the “other way”
I’m serious

Kansas State at Oklahoma State
The Wildcats will keep it close for a while and then the Cowboys will Ride
COWBOY UP! 43-24

Washington State at California
I know what you are thinking about this game…
I don’t give a damn, I have scrolled through the whole article just to read the next game.

LSU at Alabama
“The Tussle in T-Town”
It’s a shame somebody has to lose this game.
It’s going to be a good one


If my liver survives Saturday’s Tide and Tiger Game we will have….

The Return of Hootie Snitch “The Number One Tennessee Vol Fan on the Planet”

And in the following weeks….
Rufus Johnson will return to “Drop some Knowledge on Yo Ass”
More information on the NCAA Auburn Investigation….
And a few Surprises…

So Stay Tuned…

Enjoy Your Games….



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4 Responses to College Football Picks Week 10

  1. Matt in Dubai on November 3, 2011 at 11:54 am

    So do you still have those “TOO LEGIT TOO QUIT” pants you always wear with your fanny pack……yes I went their…..thanks for putting that tune back in my head……coming home soon…..keep up the great articles.

  2. Jill on November 3, 2011 at 2:14 pm

    You know, I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but now everytime I see you use “Two Utes” or I hear the phrase, I think of my mother…..


    The BamaPrincess
    *a little nervous, but keepin’ the faith!

  3. Kaye on November 3, 2011 at 5:25 pm

    Not sure if the two Utes need me but I”m ready if called.
    Its a FACT!

    Two words: ROLL TIDE

  4. Christy on November 4, 2011 at 7:53 pm

    I love Coach Bryant, and I love it when you write about him. That quote will now be among my favorites. (My favorite is when he said, “If we got class we’ll be all right. If not, it doesn’t matter.”)

    I am ready…ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!

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