Hootie’s Corner

February 18, 2008
Hey Everybody!
My name is James “Hootie” Snitch and I am from Baneberry Tennessee and I am the Number One Tennessee Volunteer fan the whole wide world!
Hell Yes I am! I even died my mullet Orange year round to show my love!
Now you can’t beat that!
My Momma’s name is Rowenna Ratt. She spells it with two “T’s” just like the greatest rock group that ever lived! Ratt ROCKS! Hell Yeah!
Anyway, then she married my daddy and she became a Snitch.
All the Ratt’s and Snitch’s are Volunteer Fans! You better believe it!
You want to hear something else crazy? I hear me and Coach Fulmer are kin, cause everybody say’s he is part Snitch and Ratt!
Ya’ll stay tuned cause this guy that rights them college football picks is a gonna let me right in here.
HELL Yeah!

One Response to Hootie’s Corner

  1. MEB on April 13, 2008 at 2:16 pm

    Sorry folks..I just try to keep it Fair and Balanced.
    No need to thank me.


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