College Football Championship Pick

January 7, 2021

Ladies and Gentlemen –

Believe it or not

We have reached the end of the 2020 College Football Season.

(I know, I am disappointed too)

But we still have one more game to discuss and that’s the Championship game

It’s going to be a good one

Enjoy Your Pick…

2020 College Football Season Rewind…

Your Favorite College Football Prognosticator finished the last week of College Bowl Season with an unimpressive 10 and 5 or 67% record.

I firmly believe my lack of consistency last weekend can be based solely upon some undigested and somewhat out of date fruit cake that I had consumed prior to making the picks.

Not that I have any medical proof to support my theory, but I am convinced those “little green things” in Fruit Cake are a condensed laxative made in some secretive laboratory in Switzerland.

That aside, The CFB Wizard finished the 2020 College Football Season with a surprising 496 and 105 or 83% record. Which ironically is still a better percentage than the ACC had in Bowl games this year.

I’m just saying


In the event you are the wife or girlfriend of a Marine and you inadvertently leave him “In Charge” of the children’s home schooling while you go to work or run errands.

Please don’t be surprised to find “this” when you get home. Although, I must say teaching your young daughter how to do a Mick Jagger impression is quite impressive.



NOTRE DAME: I will leave this one here for you Golden Gomers, so you don’t forget.

You are Welcome

CLEMSON: I know you are all disappointed in the last game, but at least Trevor made the cover of Tiger Beat magazine to discuss his inability to grow a man’s mustache. So, there is that at least.

MISSISSIPPI STATE: Really Bulldogs? It’s called football, not Thug-Ball.

Get a damn grip on yourselves

TEXAS: Although the Longhorns fired coached Tom Herman and poached Alabama’s staff before their National Championship game (real classy by the way), your problems are far bigger than simply getting a “coach” and a support “staff’.

It’s a toxic environment in Austin and we will all see that in the coming years.

Believe it and please remember “I told you so”

AUBURN: The New Head Coach of the Tigers (Soon to be fired in four years) has named Mike Bobo has his “new” offensive coordinator. What does that mean for the Tigers next year?

It means they will have a Bobo coaching a Bo, which equates to a BoBoBo offensive.

You can’t make this stuff up

ATLANTIC COAST CONFERENCE: 0 and 6 in Bowl games this year, so please stop the “Elite Conference” talk at least until you demonstrate otherwise. Thank you.

That includes you too Dabo

PAC 12 CONFERENCE: (Please see the above and substitute Oregon for Dabo)

HEISMAN TROPHY: Congratulations to Devonta Smith for winning the Heisman Trophy this year. A class young man, beautiful family, from a great community.


TENNESSEE: Our CFB Wizard “Insiders” on Rocky Top have uncovered something brewing.

And “No” it’s not the cheap, rot gut whiskey they are so proud of up there.

A Freedom of Information Act request from the email accounts of employees of the athletic department at the University of Tennessee has turned up this interesting correspondence to Phil Fulmer

As Chief Financial Officer for Regions bank, I am tasked with ensuring that our fine financial institution looks after assets of our investors in an equitable and sound manner.

We have noted that you have paid out an exorbitant amount of money in buyouts for football coaches over the last few years and it appears that you are about to embark on another buyout “journey.” We regret to inform you that with another of these ill advised financial decisions and with the added additional burden of paying a “name” coach to come to the program that we are dropping your credit rating and therefore will not be able to partner with you on future facility upgrades.

Should you choose to retain your current head coach, we feel that the credit rating drop will still be in order due to the fact that projected earnings will be greatly reduced due to fan discontent and the failure to sell tickets at your home games in 2021. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

John D. Dollar
Chief Financial Officer
Regions Bank, LLC


Q: Sir,

I am Perseus Wackman, chairman of the diversity and inclusiveness committee here at the Heis-person Trust. Xe at the Heis-person Trust take pride in our diversity practices.

While not highly publicized, but in the spirit of inclusiveness, Xe decided this year to extend voting to members of the LGBTQIAESPN community. It was wonderful hearing from those voters and getting Xeir feedback.

Unfortunately, Xeir votes were ridiculed and the subject of derisiveness from the boors and uneducated louts of the general public after it was revealed that Mars Muscatelle had voted for Michael Sams and Achilles Noodleson had voted for Sarah Fuller.

We feel that these two voters were heroic and brave in that they stood true to their transgender tenets and cast these first of xeir kind votes. I hope Xou will agree and heap unbridled praise and admiration on these courageous individuals

Perseus Wickman

Chairman, Diversity and Inclusiveness

Heis-person Trust

New York City, New York

A: I honestly didn’t understand a damn thing you just said

Q: Hey Dumbass!

You picked against the Buckeyes last week and LOST!


We are coming for Alabama next!!!

What do you have to say about that!!

Buckeye Jim – Steubenville, Ohio

A: Indeed, I was incorrect in my pick concerning that game with Clemson.

Gosh, the Buckeyes looked so fresh in that game, it was almost like they hadn’t played a full schedule.

Q: Thanks for picking the Wisconsin Badgers to win last week, I had my doubts.

Jimmy C. – Green Bay, Wisconsin

A: You are welcome sir, it’s what we do

Q: Hello and Greetings!

I am a professional Chewbacca impersonator and I attend a variety of functions around the country.

I have attended a number of county fairs and many Cosplay events dressed as Chewbacca.

You wouldn’t believe the reception I get from all ages!!

My question is simply this sir, would you be willing to allow me to visit The CFB Wizard Headquarters and take several pictures with you and your staff for my portfolio?

I would appreciate it and of course I will be in my Chewbacca costume!

Thank you
Ralph “Chewbacca” Richards – Dover, Delaware

A: One question Ralph

So, is there such a thing as a “non-professional” Chewbacca impersonator?

Asking for a friend

Q: Stupid question for you

Do you think moneys can fly?

Chip – Richmond, Virginia

A: After what I witnessed in 2020 and the first week in 2021, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they can.


Monday, 11 January 2021

Alabama and Ohio State
Miami, Florida
I don’t feel particularly comfortable with this pick.
But here it is

Next Week…

We will wrap up the 2020 College Football Season with one more article next Thursday, providing of course I don’t need a liver transplant at Pep Boys.

Believe it or not, they have quite the reputation for transplants as well as brake repair.

In the event I need to have that transplant next week, I hope they don’t get the two mixed up.

(Like they did last time)

I have been a little busy with the new book, But…..

I “hope” to have a “new” on for you next week too.

There is more on the way next week

So, Stay tuned

One More Thing….

Thank you all once again for reading both websites and for riding along through this unusual year of college football. It’s been a bumpy ride for us all, but I want you to know that “Doc” the World-Famous Black Lab and I both appreciate all of you.

There may be dark days ahead of us and none of us are promised a tomorrow.

Keep smiling and don’t let bitterness or hate take root in your heart.

Keep the Faith


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