Ladies and Gentlemen –

You asked for it and you got it….

Your yearly Christmas Tennessee Poem……

From none other than the Volunteer’s of Tennessee’s own: Hootie Snitch.


Twas a week ‘fore tha season, way up on tha hill
We’s all app-ra-hensive, ‘bout tha boys in Knox-ville
At Neyland they hung, them ole banners with care
To remind us of times, when we didn’t de-spair
1st game was a cup-cake, we’d take Georgia State
Then whup BYU, look’n see where we’d rate.
With my bubble Tee-Vee, and my outside an-tanner
We’d beat on them boys, lack a nail with a hammer
When all of a sudden, my dreams was all shattered
The Panthers and Cougars left my hopes all in tatters.
I ran out tha’ trailer, ah’s gone inna flash.
Tore my Payton jersey, on a nail by tha trash
We had to regroup, Chatt-a-nooga was next
This game ain’t that hard, but are D seemed per-plexed
We got back on track, won forty-five zip
Next game was in Gainesville, a vay-cay-tion trip.
We’d get are 1st win in S-E-C play,
Top a tha’ East, yeah, we’d lead the way.
But Gaters was cheaters, and they beat us good.
Next week aginst Georgia, they too laid the wood.
Next Bama! Care-lina!
Then Miss’ssippi State!!!
Then Blazers from Bama!!!
Wild-cats on tha slate!!!
To tha bottom of the pile!
We all feared the worst!!!
If Pruitt was lousy,
He wouldn’t be the first.
Then Miss’ssippi State, played at Rocky Top
And a funny thing happened, no we didn’t flop
Had us a stumble, ‘gainst Bama next game…
But are boys played good, yeah, sumthin’ had changed…
Then came, Car-o-lina, n’that dirty Mus-champ…
We won against them, D held like a clamp
We looked at tha season, it was turning around
And we beat U-A-B, yeah that trouncing was sound!!!
Got all dressed in urnge, from my head to my feet
For a win ‘gainst Ken-tucky, man that day was sweet.
Needed just one more win, ta’ get inta a bowl,
Then we won at Missouri, we’d just reached are goal!!!
Are hearts was all gleeful!!! Are spirits was high!!!
I fired up tha still!!! All ma neighbors stopped by!
We talked about Pruitt, and how Jones had to go.
As we sipped on some shine, all are hearts were a-glow.
We laughed and we giggled, we got high as a kite
Almost fell in tha’ fire as we talked though tha night
Good fortune’s a comin, is what we a-greed
need a couple of line-men, a QB that could lead.
Well, we finished with Vandy, yeah we paid them right back
‘cause they couldn’t stop, are big urnge attack.
Rocky start to tha season, most left us fer dead…
Then we turned it around, and ignored what they said
But, now we are back, and ya’ll better stand by…
Bet Saban is skaired and Smart’s gonna go cry
When we win the East, it’ll be a sweet sight…
So, Merry Christmas to All, and To All a Good Night!!!

Hootie Out!

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