College Football Picks Week 16

December 12, 2019

Ladies and Gentlemen – 

It’s hard to believe…

That we have come to the end of the 2019 College Football Season. 

I know, I know

I am just as emotional as you are about it all.

(Where are my tissues?) 

But we have to pull it together, we have a couple of games to discuss.

So, let’s get to it

Enjoy Your Picks..

Weekend Rewind….

Well my friends although I share some (not all) of your collective disappointments in this college football season, but as the classic Frank Sinatra song says,

“It was a very good year.”  

Last week, Your Favorite College Football Prognosticator was 11 and 2 or 85% for the last Conference Championship week of the season. 

And that leaves The CFB Wizard at 681 and 147 or 82% for the 2019 College Football Season. 

All things considered, to include an upset here and there, I would have to say:

“It was a very good year” 

EDITORS NOTE: That song could be construed by some as depressing, so that video will be replaced by this one. You are Welcome 


COACH URBAN MEYER: Hey Coach, I just wanted to take this opportunity to remind you.

That you are still a damn liar. 

COACHING CAROUSEL: Follow along closely please, this can get confusing.

The Arkansas Razorbacks hired the offensive line coach from Georgia to be their head coach. 

Georgia hired recently fired Ole Miss’s head coach to be their offensive line coach. 

Auburn hired recently fired Arkansas Coach to be their offensive coordinator. 

Ole Miss hired Former Tennessee head Coach Lane Kiffin to be their head football coach. 

Please stay tuned as The Lifetime Channel presents, “As the Coaching Wheel Turns” 

FLORIDA STATE: In other news, I read that the Seminoles hired “Narwhal” to be their head coach? I’m not a marine biologist, but without an audible language or opposable thumbs, how can he coach? I guess the Seminoles were serious when they said they “were going in another direction”

Welcome Coach Narwhal!

HEISMAN TROPHY: In the event you are trying to schedule your day appropriately between Christmas shopping and watching the Heisman trophy ceremony, I will take the mystery out of it for you. 

LSU’s Joe Burrow will win the Heisman trophy and be the first player since the Great Billy Cannon of LSU in 1959 to win the coveted award. 

You are Welcome 

CLEMSON: The whining is over,

it’s time to see what you got in a few weeks.  

AUBURN: I want to make a brief comment on an ESPN segment about “The Voice of Auburn Football” that was played before the Iron Bowl a couple of weeks ago. 

It’s taken me this long to comment on it, because it gave me pause to think. 

In the event you were unaware “The” Voice of Auburn Football, was Rob Bramlett.  
He and his wife Paula died in a car accident last may and his best friend Andy Burcham and his wife Jan are raising the Bramlett children as their own, even as Andy is taking over as “the” Voice of Auburn Football for his best friend Rob. 

The segment on ESPN is beautiful and it tells of a friendship that transcends sports. 

But one thing bothered me about the brief documentary. 

During the eulogy for Rob and Paula Bramlett, Andy Burcham expressed regret that he never told his best friend that he loved him.

How many of us have done the same thing? 

Waited too long to tell those around us that we love them.

That we appreciate them. 

Don’t wait to tell them, we aren’t promised tomorrow. 


Q: Dear CFB Wizard

I thought your categorization last week of “Clemson Wine and Cheese” and picturing Tiger Coach Dabo Swinney was disrespectful and rude to the “Defending” and undefeated National Champions. 

Helen Hunt – Seneca, South Carolina 

A: Well, Helen you are in the Hunt now. 

Q: Hey Man! 

Where in the Hell has Tennessee’s Number One Fan “Hootie” Snitch been?

We are waiting on his yearly “Night Before Christmas”!

That dude cracks me up! 

Jimmy – Madisonville, Kentucky 

A: Thank you for the email Jimmy. 

“Hootie” will return this Christmas and will not disappoint, his role in “Who Let the Clogs Out” at Dollywood is on hiatus during the holidays and he should have plenty of time to entertain you readers with his rendition of a Christmas classic.
Q: Dear Sir

The video you included last week of the so-called “Belly Dancer”, slithering around to Christmas music was highly offensive and vulgar. “IF” you continue with this degrading and offensive behavior you will lose this loyal reader as well as other readers.

Maggie – Raleigh, North Carolina 

A: For YOUR information Maggie, I do not appreciate the way you are talking about my future fiancé! The fact you cannot appreciate that she is an artist is hurtful to us both, despite the fact she lives in Ukraine, we don’t speak the same language and don’t even know each other. 

But in case you forgot that my future fiancé is an artist…

Q: I think your picks are a joke, your website is stupid, and you are clinically bi-polar!

Greg – Columbia, Missouri

A: For your information Greg, I am NOT Bi-Polar. 

Despite working for Santa Claus this time of the year, I have never owned a house at the North and South Pole. 

Q: HA! ALA-DAMN-BAMA Didn’t make the College Football Playoffs!

Sucks to be you!

Chad – Lake Charles, Louisiana 

A: Thank you Captain Obvious! 
It’s readily apparent to me, that your Louisiana Public School Education has served you well. 

Q: Dear Mister College Football Wizard 

What are your thoughts about the college football selection committee this year? 

Thank you 
Ed – Matagorda, Texas 

A: I think about them, about the same way I think of the Democrats in Congress. 

Q: Hey Mister CFB Wizard!

We are looking forward to your new book and the book on your fight with the Hillbilly Taliban! 

Question: How are you not angry, bitter and mad at those people?

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Ami – Mobile, Alabama 

A: Thank you for the sweet email Ami. 
I am neither angry, nor bitter, unlike those people there.

That stuff is poison to the soul. 

The best revenge one can have after being treated that way is to live a good life.
And I can state beyond any doubt Miss Ami, that “Doc” and I are living the best life we have ever had, ever. Merry Christmas. 


Friday 13 December 

Montana at Weber
I love their grills and smokers,
But I can’t pull for the Grilling College in this one.

Saturday 14 December   

Illinois State at North Dakota State
Another playoff game and another Bison win in the Fargo Dome.

Army and Navy
This iconic and classic game is full of the pageantry that makes college football great.

In the event you are unaware
As a Marine I am a certain obligation to make this pick.

Next Week….

The first portion of Your Bowl games will be out next week, and you will simply not believe some of the sponsors of the 2019 Bowl Games. You won’t be able to tell the difference between what Bowl sponsors are “made-up” by The CFB Wizard Staff or the real ones. 

There will be a few other articles on as well to keep you entertained too.

Too include a few Christmas Stories. 

So, Stay Tuned

One More Thing…

Thank you all for riding along with “Doc” the World-Famous Black Lab and I all year through this college football season. I truly appreciate you reading both websites, your ideas, comments and the occasional rant. 

There is more on the way throughout Christmas but in the meantime: 

God Bless You all and be good to one another 


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