Inconvenient Truth

August 6, 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen –

We live in a world of inconvenient truths, “official narratives” and down right lies often times at the expense of others lives, reputations and livelihoods.

Because the people that perpetuate a narrative, a lie or an inconvenient truth have something to gain in their behavior, even at the expense of others. Let’s face it, sometimes “The End justifies the Means” am I right?

We are too believe everything the media says is “important” to us and disregard and ignore the rest without ever thinking for ourselves.

If my words made you uncomfortable or angered you in anyway, that is unfortunate.

Because this article is all about “Inconvenient Truth”

We all have a tendency on an occasion to justify bad behavior and the like as long as it suits “our” agenda, but what is (and has been) happening in the world of College Football recently is nothing short of egregious.

You don’t believe me?

According to some people the current President can’t do anything right and the last one couldn’t do anything wrong.

Sound familiar?

It’s the same way in college football.

Too many (Way too damn many) fans of the various colleges and universities don’t care what their players, coaches or even their fans do on or off their field as long as they are what?


Those particular fans, alumni and the like don’t like to hear, acknowledge or accept the “Inconvenient Truth” when it comes to themselves but Woe unto You my Rival University if you commit such heinous acts!

So this is what we have come too…..

Let me be more specific

During Big Ten Media Days Ohio State Coach Urban Meyer was asked by a noted Ohio State Alumni and sports journalist about Assistant Coach Zack Smith and his “still” being on the Buckeye Coach Staff after being charged with domestic abuse charges against his wife in both 2009, while Coach Meyer was at Florida and in 2015 at Ohio State University.

Meyer told reporters this about the 2015 incident with Zach Smith….

“I can’t say it didn’t happen because I wasn’t there. I was never told about anything and nothing ever came to light. I’ve never had a conversation about it. I know nothing about it. First I heard about that was last night….and I asked some people back at the office to call and say what happened, and they came back and said nothing about it.”

On the 2009 Zach Smith incident, Coach Meyer had this too say……

“As I do any time, and I imagine most coaches or people in leadership positions, when you receive a phone call, first thing you do is tell your boss. Let the experts do their jobs. We’re certainly not going to investigate. It came back to me that what was reported wasn’t what actually happened. So Shelley and I actually both got involved with the relationship with that family, and provided counseling, and wanted to help them moving forward.”

EDITORS NOTE: Let me repeat his last statement in case you missed it….

“It came back to me that what was reported wasn’t what actually happened.”

According to the Police (“Yes” I said Police) Report Assistant Coach Zack Smith was arrested and charged with “Aggravated Battery against a Pregnant Victim.

(“Yes” I said Pregnant Victim)

So what the hell, is Coach Meyer talking about?

“I told my Boss”

So Florida Athletic Director Jeremy Foley “knew” that Zach Smith was abusing his wife, is that what Meyer is saying?

But wait, did Coach Meyer “Hire” Zack Smith on his staff or was it Jeremy Foley?

In 2015 Zach Smith as arrested and charged with Felony Assault against his wife and not only did Coach Meyer know about it so did his wife Shelly who is an employee of Ohio State University as well.

How did Mrs. Meyer know about it?

According to Courtney Smith (Zack’s then wife) she sent text’s and photos to Shelly Meyer, but let’s see what Coach Meyer had to say about who knew what.

“So Shelley and I actually both got involved with the relationship with that family, and provided counseling, and wanted to help them moving forward.”

EDITORS NOTE: So as an employee of the University, Mrs. Meyer isn’t required (Required) to report any domestic abuse? That’s interesting because it was my understanding “It’s the duty of every employee to report abuse or suspected abuse by employees of the university, students and faculty.”

Maybe the rules don’t apply to her and her husband.

Before we “move on” let’s be crystal clear about the latest charges against Zach Smith

December 2017 – Criminal Trespass Warning
July 2018 – Criminal Trespassing
Mrs. Smith is forced to get an Order of Protection against Zach Smith on 20 July 2018

So most recently as these incidents have come to the light of day, Assistant Coach Zack Smith was terminated from Ohio State University “after” Coach Meyer was questioned but wait, what was he terminated for?

Not for the two incidents described above, but for criminal trespass against his former wife. Yes, you read that correctly.

You can beat the hell out of a pregnant woman carrying your child and even choke her till she’s unconscious several years later, but By God don’t you trespass on her property!

EDITORS NOTE: Odd sense of morals wouldn’t you say?

The statement from Coach Meyer stated concerning Zach Smith’s dismissal simply stated

That Urban Meyer “announced” that Smith had been fired and not WHO made the call. Was it the Athletic Director or Meyer?

So now, much like the statements Coach Meyer made about Florida, it’s Ohio State Athletic Director Gene Smith’s “Fault” because HE knew about the incidents.

I am still confused, am I believe that THE Head Football Coach at THE Ohio State University doesn’t hire and fire his own football staff?

Coach Meyer is willing to sling poop in every direction like an angry Chimpanzee because why? To save his job, because you see, it’s “Not His Fault.”

But it also begs the question(s)…..

What did then Florida Athletic Director Jeremy Foley “really” know…..

What did then Assistant Coach and now Head Coach of the Florida Gators Dan Mullen know about what Coach Meyer was doing or “not” doing?

Texas Longhorn Tom Herman was on Coach Meyer’s staff at Ohio State, yet he never heard or knew of anything related to this ongoing problem, really?

Ohio State Athletic Director Gene Smith, what is his “role” in all of this?

Now you might be asking or saying “So what”, “This isn’t a big deal, this is between a husband and a wife” or “This is he said she said.”

So if somebody beats the hell out of your pregnant daughter, granddaughter or niece it’s all good, as long as you continue to defeat your most bitter rival?

Your Football Head Coach can lie, deceive and do whatever the hell he wants to do as long as you are in contention of a Championship?

So nothing matters?

No integrity, honesty or doing the right thing, just winning?

So where is the NCAA and the Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany?

I guess beating a pregnant woman and choking her out, throwing her down a flight of stairs doesn’t mean anything to them either, after all Ohio State is “In the Hunt” for a Championship.

But this isn’t the first time Coach Meyer has lied his way out of trouble.

Remember when Florida Gator Coach Urban Meyer had a “Heart” issue during the 2010 SEC Championship when the Alabama Crimson Tide was taking the Gators to the woodshed?

You may recall that Coach Meyer “had to retire” from Florida soon after the game because of the “Stress and Pressure” and then after a short sabbatical he returned in 2010 for an unremarkable 7 and 5 record.

By then the “stress” and “pressure” had gotten to him according to him and he needed to retire to “To spend more time with his family” which assuming he did in 2011.

You may even remember his smug face and unenlightened analytical insights into various college football games that year for ESPN.

Then suddenly, like a miracle from Heaven……

Urban Meyer takes over at Ohio State University after previous Coach Jim Tressel was dismissed from the University for what seems like small potatoes by today’s standards.

EDITORS NOTE: So, no mention of any heart ailments, nothing?

Are we to believe that being the Head Coach at THE Ohio State University is “less stressful” than coaching at the University of Florida?

What about the “Stress” of the Zack Smith Scandal?

What about the stress of his wife possibly being dismissed from the University?

The College Football Season is right around the corner, no stress with either that or your being placed on administrative leave?

Iowa hanging 55 points on the Buckeyes last year didn’t cause him any problems?

No heart problems, everything is all good?


I bring this up because it’s the “Inconvenient Truth”

Urban Meyer is just a liar, and he is willing to do anything and everything to have his “way.”

I fully expect to get hate mail and many of you are writing something as we speak, but please answer the “Heart Problem” question for me, because no other Doctors and Cardiologist I know have any answers for Coach Meyer’s medical miracle.

It sounds vaguely familiar to another story I wrote about a few years ago, that we will readdress tomorrow.

I am quite sure Texas A&M fans would like to know what they inherited.

Stay Tuned….



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