The Greatest College Football Fan Invention (Ever)

June 11, 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen –

I cannot contain my excitement any longer…..

Soon to be unveiled here on The CFB Wizard website is without a doubt the Greatest Invention for the College Football Fan since canned beer, the propane tailgating grill and pasteurized cheese.

The patent has been approved and next week you will see the very first artist rendition of the very first prototype of this remarkable invention that is soon to sweep the nation.

It’s called…..U FITE

What the heck is THAT you may be asking yourself….

The acronym stands for “Universal Fan Interactive Team Experience” or U FITE.

Myself and perhaps the greatest craftsman and inventor since Wilbur Wright collaborated on the concept of the idea and dare I say, “genius” was born.

There isn’t a college football fan on the planet that won’t enjoy U FITE, from your toddler to Grandpa Earl in the assisted living home in Tupelo Mississippi.

U FITE is truly a “Universal Fan” Interactive Team Experience, and the first of it’s kind (Anywhere)

U FITE will be available for each and every team in college football just in time for kickoff this year and the first prototype of said product that will be unveiled next week will be of one of the legendary teams in all of college football.

By an unbiased lottery of sorts the University of Tennessee was chosen as the first team to be featured on the U FITE product line.

This invention will absolutely revolutionize your college football experience whether you are tailgating, watching at home or enjoying the game with family, fans and friends in your backyard.

Stay tuned until next week….

And prepare to have your collective minds blown with……



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