The 2017 Championship Picks

January 4, 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen –

Please don’t let the opening picture disturb you……

Neither My Black Lab “Doc” nor I have had or are planning to have any children; we are both “fixed”.

That picture is for the apparent butt hurt crybabies in the National “sports” Media that have gotten their soiled little diapers in a knot this past week.

We will discuss that disturbing trend further along with some other college football news that is sure to get a giggle out of you.

O’ Yeah and those Championship Picks


Weekend Rewind….

There isn’t much to say other than Your Favorite College Football Prognosticator finished the Bowl season with 88% accuracy after “picking” nearly 800 games this past season.

I know what you are thinking…….

I need to get a life

Don’t I know it

My good friend from Birmingham, Alabama Jermaine “Funnymaine” Johnson has his own take from last week’s games and I want to thank him for riding along with The CFB Wizard all season.

I love this guy




There is some apparent butt hurt by the National “sports” Media over the University of Alabama’s inclusion into the College Football Playoffs. But I feel it’s always important to completely examine an issue, don’t you?

Let’s take a look at what they said……


“Alabama doesn’t belong in the playoffs because they didn’t win their conference”

EDITORS NOTE: That’s not what you said about Ohio State last year…..

“Alabama had an extra week to rest and heal up and that isn’t fair”

EDITORS NOTE: So did Ohio State last year and they were shutout by Clemson…

“There are other teams far more deserving to be in the playoffs other than Alabama”

EDITORS NOTE: Name one, go ahead, I’ll wait….

“Alabama didn’t have any quality wins all season”

EDITORS NOTE: Didn’t they just defeat the number one team in the country this past Monday Night, I can’t remember.

You see friends, it’s all about “Motives” and “Agendas” because Fox Sports covers The Big Ten (Or whatever the number is…) Conference and the PAC 12 and sadly (But not really) “their” teams and conferences weren’t included in the playoffs and why?

Simply put, their win-loss record didn’t support them being included.

I know, I know many of you and the National “sports” Media are still butt hurt.

Let me break this all down for you, so it can be easily understood.

There is no point what so ever in being upset about and ALL Southeastern Conference National Championship game, it’s GOING to happen; period.

Be as butt hurt and angry as you want, but President Trump is the President of the United States and nobody cares what late night left wing toadies masquerading as talk show hosts have to say about it, it doesn’t change a thing.

With all the Siberian weather blowing through the South I had every intention of buying “the global warming” story until I put my beer in the oven and it got hotter than hell.

EDITORS NOTE: Let that one sink in for a minute….

So be angry if you want, pout and cry and stomp your feet about Alabama and Georgia playing for the National Championship, it’s not going to change a thing.

You are Welcome America

THE OUTBACK BOWL: On the topic of the National “sports” Media…

Were you paying attention to the commentary during the late stages of the Michigan- South Carolina game?

It seems that ESPN “commentator” Adam Ami felt under some obligation to educate us during the latter stages of the bowl game rather than actually do his damn job, which is “commentate” on the GAME.

Adam Ami had this to say…..

“South Carolina is one of only three schools that have African Americans in all their major coordinator positions. South Carolina was the first state to succeed from the Union in 1860, which was driven predominately by slave holders. They certainly have made some strides since then in human rights.”

EDITORS NOTE: WTF did this dumbass just say?

I am not sure what the correlation of what transpired 158 years ago has to do with commentating a damn college football game or why this Muslim – American felt under some deep conviction to include this ludicrous comparison to college football.

I won’t attempt to educate this Muslim – American on the causes and effects of the American Civil War, and this forum certainly isn’t the place for it either.

I won’t comment on the ongoing and relentless attempt to attack the South and it’s culture and heritage nor will I comment here on the Northern bias in the media which was clearly evident by the comments of this northern educated Muslim – American.

I will however say, because it’s important, if Adam Ami wants to discuss “Human Rights” as he apparently is so passionate about, then lets do that, here and now.

How about it Mohammad, are you ready for a little lesson in YOUR culture?

Women in YOUR culture are treated like third class citizens….

They can be beaten by their husbands anytime they want, same goes for rape.

They aren’t allowed to drive or attend school

Women can be stoned to death for talking with another man

They have to walk behind their husbands

Have you ever heard of “Man-Boy” Thursdays in Iraq or Afghanistan?

I know, it’s not pedophilia to YOU, it’s a “Man’s Right”

You want to talk about Gay Rights?

How does being thrown off a building or beheaded sound to you?

These things I mentioned didn’t take place 158 years ago, they are happening today.

You are Welcome Dumbass

MY SOUTH: I know the above commentary may have stung many of you….

But northern bias in the media, sports and otherwise is true and it’s alive and kicking the South every chance it gets. I have an example for you that you may have missed.

Have you ever heard of Rick Hall?

You probably haven’t, because he doesn’t fit the national “narrative”.

Rick Hall passed away this past week at the age of 85 years old.

He was a songwriter, and record producer and he founded the Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals Alabama

EDITORS NOTE: If you are saying “So what?” then read on….

He was a revolutionary in the music business more importantly; he was the father of the soulful blues sound that came to be known as “the Muscle Shoals” sound.

Rick Hall took some local geeky white teenage boys as studio musicians, that he called “The Swampers” and they transformed into the greatest soulful blues “sound” to have ever been recorded..

EDITORS NOTE: “Yes” I said geeky WHITE teenage boys…..

Without Rick Hall and Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals there would be no….

Wilson Pickett

Percy Sledge

Etta James

Aretha Franklin

Duane Allman and the Allman Brothers

The Rolling Stones

Just to name a few…..

You may remember the Lynyrd Skynyrd Classic “Sweet Home Alabama” that pays tribute to these young musicians with the verse…

“Now Muscle Shoals has got the Swampers
And they’ve been known to pick a song or two (yes they do)
Lord they get me off so much
They pick me up when I’m feeling blue, now how bout you?”

I mention Rick Hall’s passing for several reasons, primarily because this visionary isn’t in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

He is in the Alabama Music Hall of Fame, but not “The” Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


Is it because he and “The Swampers” don’t fit the national “narrative”?

Maybe it’s because it’s more important to have Madonna, L L Cool J and the Beastie Boys in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, rather than someone who created a signature sound made the careers of countless timeless artists and songs.

Maybe it’s just prejudice

CENTRAL FLORIDA: You may not be aware of this……

But as you are reading this article, in beautiful downtown Orlando there is a parade.

“No” not one of the “Disney World types, but this one is steeped in fantasy too.

The Golden Knights of Central Florida have declared themselves to be National Champions of College Football after defeating Auburn in the Peach Bowl.

EDITORS NOTE: “Yes” you read that correctly…

They are having a parade today and hosting a banner of some sort as well to commemorate the historical “event”

EDITORS NOTE: Don’t get me wrong, “IF” you want to be delusional and crazy, by all means go for it Golden Knights, I applaud your sense of self-importance and inability to discern reality from fantasy.

Heck there are times I actually believe I can dunk a basketball, talk to animals on television and can write an article without using “spell check”, but mostly that’s just when I have been drinking.

I’m just saying

AUBURN: So let me get this straight War Eagle Nation……

You give your coach an extension and a 49 million dollar raise and then he goes 0-2?

That’s impressive

MICHIGAN: During the Outback Bowl game with South Carolina it was said…..

“The Wolverines have the best kicker in the Nation, he was originally committed to Penn State but after Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh came and spent the night at his house he changed his mind and committed to Michigan.”

EDITORS NOTE: Isn’t that what got Jerry Sandusky in trouble? I’m just asking..

TEXAS: The huge success on the Longhorn Network recently with the FOUR hour program entitled “BEVO; Home for the Holidays”, the brain trust at the University of Texas has decided to take this a step further with the soon to be released….

“BEVO Goes on Spring Break!”

And who can’t wait to see……

“BEVO and the Chocolate Easter Egg Hunt!”

TEXAS A&M: Now on to what I like to refer as The University of Texas, East Campus

We all know by now that the Aggies shelled out a reported 79 Million dollars on a ten year contract for the services of former Florida State Coach Jimbo Fisher, hell they even gave him and his new hair plugs a new pair of atrocious looking cowboy boots too.

So instead of coaching the Aggies in the “Whatever Bowl” against Wake Forest it was reported that “Interim” coach Banks would coach the Aggies in the Bowl game.

EDITORS NOTE: Seriously, after he was just hired for all that money?

The reason Jimbo didn’t coach in that game is simple. It is because he didn’t want to “lose” to Wake Forest and have that be a “stain” on his record, because it will be much easier to start next season with a “win” against the Taxidermy College of Odessa than to “risk” a loss after he was just hired.

There are a lot of things I could say about this…..

Cowardly comes to mind

But instead I will just start referring to Coach Fisher as “Jimbo Gina”

Enough said…

ARIZONA: Poor Ole Coach Rich Rodriguez….

The former Michigan Wolverine coach was fired this past week at Arizona for reportedly having “relations” outside his marriage and creating a hostile work environment within the athletic complex.

I don’t know the validity of these allegations and I certainly can’t support that kind of behavior “IF” that were indeed true, but I will say, I have on good authority that Coach Rich’s wife has been mummified for over three years and stays propped up in the corner of his athletic office.

Below is a picture of a distraught Coach Rich preparing to pour additional wax onto his wife’s mummified remains.

It’s sad really…..

LSU: So, How are you liking Coach “O” now……..

It’s a fair question…..

ARKANSAS: A dear friend of mine and Mighty Arkansas Razorback “Dennis” is in the hospital this week, please be sure to keep him in your prayers.

EDITORS NOTE: “Yes” that includes you LSU Tiger Fans too…

SOUTHEASTERN CONFERENCE: It’s an ALL SEC National Championship….

Get over it


Saturday, 6 January 2018

North Dakota State at James Madison
Last year the Dukes of James Madison “upset” the Bison in Fargo.
Although this would be considered an “upset” pick, I believe the Bison return the favor

Monday, 8 January 2018

Alabama and Georgia
I am going to tell you what you already know
It’s going to be a fight until the final whistle blows.
So don’t be worried or show any fright
I believe it’s going to be the Crimson Tide’s Night

Next Week….

You will have a season ending follow up article next week, provided of course I don’t have yet another liver transplant at Wal Mart and that will be a “wrap” for the season.

You may even have “New” story on next week as well…

So Stay Tuned…

One More Thing….

Thank you all for reading both websites this year, I truly appreciate it. It’s always a labor of love for you the readers and I hope that you have found it entertaining, occasionally annoying and more than once gave you something to think about.

I also want to say thank you for purchasing my little book “Sunnyside UP” and for all the encouragement you have provided me throughout the process and beyond.

On behalf of My Black Lab “Doc” and myself, thank you for everything.

God Bless You All



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