Hypocrisy at its Finest

December 7, 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen –

The truth is we can all at one time or another find ourselves to be hypocrites.

It’s true, you know it and I know it.

But the funny thing about hypocrisy is others can see through it easily in most cases, especially when the issue is placed under the bright lights of a grand stage.

Let’s take the College Football Playoff Committee for example…

But first a little bit of history…..

In 2007 when the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) was in charge of “who goes where” for the proverbial National Championship the LSU Tigers had won the Southeastern Conference Championship after losing their last regular season game to the Arkansas Razorbacks.

That’s right the LSU Tigers went into the National Championship game with Ohio State with a “one” game win streak.

Now if that’s not interesting enough for you did you know that the LSU Tigers that year had two losses during the regular season? That’s right, a conference champion played in the National Championship game with “two” losses on their resume.

Nobody complained too loudly about the mighty LSU Tigers playing in the National Championship game, because LSU was the Southeastern Conference Champion.

Makes sense so far?

Then there was January 9 of 2012…..

Also known as “The Day the BCS Died”

In case you have forgotten, that was the date of the National Championship game between the Southeastern Conference Champions of the LSU Tigers and the Southeastern Conference Western Division “runner-up” Alabama Crimson Tide.

“Yes” I said, Southeastern Conference, Western Division “runner-up”.

As you might imagine that was a lot of consternation and the wailing and gnashing of teeth over this selection of participants in the National Championship game.

One such noted critic of this National Championship matchup had this to say about it….


And you know something else, I agree with Coach Meyer

I did then and I do now

Even though the BCS Committee “thought” both LSU and Alabama were the two best teams in college football, the truth of the matter is, the National Championship game itself should have been played between “two” Champions.

Not between one team that had to play an “extra” Conference Championship game, while the other team watched the game on television and awaited their fate at the hands of a committee.

The Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany raised nine kinds of hell over the game between LSU and Alabama for the National Championship too.

He and other conference commissioners raised so much hell in fact that the BCS Committee in 2014 morphed into what is now known as “The College Football Playoff Committee.”

One of the purposes of the playoff committee was to select the four best teams to play for the national championship from the “Power Conferences” determined through their own respective conference championship games.

I know what you folks in Oklahoma and Texas are getting ready to say….

“Hold on there Mister CFB Wizard, what about the Big 12 Conference!”

Yes, let’s do talk about the “Big 12” Conference for a moment.

Does anyone remember the Big 12 Conference Champions in 2014?


Let me remind you, that “both” Baylor and Texas Christian University had identical conference records of 8 and 1, but the Horned Frogs of Texas Christian lost to Baylor that season, making the Baylor Bears the “de facto” Big 12 Conference Champions in lieu of a conference championship game.

And why doesn’t the Big 12 Conference have a conference championship game you may ask? Because they don’t have “12” teams in the conference.

And that is why it will take an undefeated Big 12 Conference Champion to make it into the four team college football playoffs. Anything less is a “no go”, because “they” don’t play that extra conference championship game.

Makes sense so far?

So that brings us to this week’s events

As you all know by now the Penn State Nittany Lions won the Big Ten Championship by defeating the Wisconsin Wolverines.

Clemson won the Atlantic Coast Conference Championship game….

The Washington Huskies won the PAC 12 Championship game….

And the Alabama Crimson Tide won the Southeastern Conference Championship game..

Seems pretty simple so far doesn’t it?

Because after all that was the “mandate” of the Playoff Committee and the purpose behind the respective conference championship games, which was to determine which “Champions” move on to the four team playoffs.

But wait….

This past week, the College Football Playoff Committee selected Ohio State over Penn State to be in the four team college football playoffs, because as “they” thought the Buckeyes of Ohio State “were playing better than anyone in the conference”.


How’s that?

Penn State defeated Ohio State AND played the extra Championship game for the Big Ten title, which they subsequently won and “They” aren’t the best team in the Big Ten Conference?

You lost me on that one….

Then why have a conference championship game at all?

No wait, there it is, hypocrisy raising its ugly head again.

And just to prove my point (yet again) on this level of hypocrisy; Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany had to say on the topic….

“I think that there are a couple of teams that probably are unequivocally among those four best,” Delany said. “I think Alabama’s had a great year, and Ohio State. It seems to me that winners of games today and Michigan, that the committee is going to have to sort through to fill out those next two slots.”

So this idiot thinks THREE teams from the Big Ten Conference should make the FOUR team college football playoffs, excluding Clemson and Washington? Two of the teams (Ohio State and Michigan) didn’t even play in the conference championship. Is this dumbass really serious?

So why didn’t the college football playoff committee select Penn State?

Was it because they had two losses in their season?

So did the LSU Tigers in 2007 and they were still selected to play in the championship game and won the National Championship in the process too I might add.

Is it because Ohio State is prettier?

Did they choose not to select Penn State because of the sins of Jerry Sandusky?

EDITORS NOTE: Hold on to your seats this discussion is about to get uncomfortable..

As a Southerner I couldn’t help but think….

Maybe Penn State wasn’t chosen for the College Football Playoffs because of one very obvious and glaring fact; Coach Franklin is a Black Man.

That’s right I said it….

Or maybe Coach Franklin isn’t “black enough” as some people like to say.

Are you uncomfortable yet? Well just wait I will get there eventually.

When the “right reverend” Jesse Jackson protested and marched over the University of Alabama not interviewing “enough” people of color for the head coaches position a few years ago, he apparently was too busy to stage the same marches and protests at the University of Michigan and Ohio State.

So where is Jesse and Al Sharpton now when a “man of color” is told to set in the back of the college football playoff bus after he won his conference championship?

Where is President Obama?

How about the NAACP?

The URBAN League?

Where is the outrage?

No Black Lives Matter, no protest, no nothing, not even a peep from anyone of “color”.

Did I mention that Penn State defeated Ohio State during the regular season?

Have I mentioned that Penn State WON the Big Ten Conference title?

I did already, ok never mind.

Back on topic….

Do you think “if” the situation was reversed and Penn State had lost to Ohio State during the season and Ohio State had won the Big Ten Conference title that we would be having the same conversation?

If you do, then you are a certifiable dumbass

So let me wrap this up by simply stating the obvious for all the hypocrites out there…

“IF” anything remotely similar happened like this in the South, there isn’t enough water in the ocean to extinguish the fires of rage that would result from excluding a black man that just won a conference championship from being in the national championship playoffs and the conference commissioner would be hung from an elm tree for even suggesting it.

“IF” that were to happen in the South we Southerners would be forced to watch “Mississippi Burning” on a 48 hour loop and you know it too.

I see you squirming in your chair, hang on I am almost done here….

I do have something positive and uplifting to add, so don’t go anywhere

So the facts are simply this; the perception by those in other regions of the country that only Southerners are racist is obviously false. All they have to do is look into their own backyards to see that the little speck in their eye is actually a 2×8, if you know what I mean.

Sorry “Race Baiters” it’s true….

So for the hypocrites that aren’t outraged and for the Ohio State fans that think I am full of crap and for the “white” Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany, I couldn’t help but think.

I can almost hear you talking to Coach Franklin now, in that “Boss Hog voice”

“Nice little championship you got there boy, now go set your ass in the back of the college football playoff bus where you belong”


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