Hootie’s Big Orange Christmas

December 21, 2015

Bout three months afore Christmas, expec-tations was high
A new football season!!! The limits the sky!!!

Well the last couple years, our team wasn’t half bad
But more times than not, we’d just go home sad

Yeah, Kiffin and Dooley, Lord they was a mess
But we sent ’em packing, to a brand new address

Then lo and behold, we found us a man
Name a Butch Jones, the best in tha land

Just before this year started, boy we was excited
A powderkeg team, waitin to be ignited.

There’s Malone at receiver, and Dobbs under center
There was Hurd at tail back, and there’s Butch as their mentor

Had the Sooners at home, and the Dogs and the Cocks,
then Kentucky and Arky, winning those games was locks!!!!

But a funny thing happened, when the season began
We beat Bowling Green, Sooners slipped through our hand

Now West Car-o-lina, we spanked them boys bad,
But Flarda and Arky? The results were just sad.

Then a funny thing happened, and then we got our footin’
Got a big win ‘gainst Georgia, beat just like tater puddin’

Now we’re 3 and 3. And we got a date
We’re trav-lin to Bama, and we’ll seal they’re fate

Our Q-B was ready, but he was a spaz
Couldn’t hit the barn door, when he threw a pass

And our kicker tried field goals, and three times he missed
If he had a hit ’em, we’d be raisin our fist!!!

We had them dam Bamers!!! They was right where we wanted
Then Henry cranked up, and soon we’d be haunted.

Now the rest of the season, we went un-de-feated
Shoulda won us the East, felt like we had been cheated

Cause look at them teams, Georgia, Cocks, and Mizzou
We beat them all down, and their coaches they flew.

At the final press conference, as this sea-son had died
Ole Butch wrinkled his nose, his remarks they were snide

then he sprang to his car, to his team gave thumbs up
And he drove off the campus, with his huntin’ pup

But I heard him exclaim, as he drove to the bars

Merry Christmas!

Hootie – Out!

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