The Last College Football Picks of 2015

December 10, 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen –

We have come to the end of the 2015 college football regular season.

I know, I know

It seems just like yesterday that Ohio State was the greatest team ever….

Auburn was a “lock” to win the Southeastern Conference Championship

And Oregon was going to play for a National Championship

Seems kind of funny now looking back on it, doesn’t it?

Weekend Rewind….

I wish I had better news about last week’s Championship picks

But the fact is…

Your Favorite College Football Prognosticator was a dismal 11 and 7 or 62%

(I know, I can hardly believe it myself)

But I did get the Southeastern Conference Championship game and also….

The Big 12 Championship game….no wait, never mind

For the 2015 College Football Season…..

The CFB Wizard went a rather astounding 716 and 152 or 83%

Picking 868 games for the season….

Picking Division II, III games and all points in between and above…..

I know what you are thinking….

Believe me I do

But you don’t have to say it

It will only embarrass me….

I know that I am “special”


Q: Dear Mister Wizard

Thank you for entertaining us all year with your college football picks.

So I have to ask….

What is it that you want for Christmas this year?

Lori – Sweeny, Texas

A: Thank you for the kind comments Lori….

I would like to be able to throw a 90 mph fast ball right handed (again)

I would like to be able to throw a 80 mph fast ball left handed (again)

And I would like my hair back….

(Don’t you dare judge me…)

And another Alabama National Championship

But not necessarily in that “order”

Q: Hey CFB Wizard!

Got a question for you!

What did you do before you became a famous college football prognosticator?


Troy – Houma, Louisiana

A: Sadly Troy I was a “failed” slogan writer for a variety of television commercials and the Hallmark Card Company. It was a dark time….

You may be familiar with the current jewelry company slogan….

“Every Kiss begins with Kay jewelers”

I initially submitted these two gems (No pun intended)

“Kay jewelers all begins with dollar beer night at the bowling alley”

And then…..

“A drunken night in the back of a suburban playing smell my hands will end with a trip to Kay’s”

You guessed it, “Rejected”

Then my all too short career with the Hallmark Card Company

I submitted this sympathy card for someone who lost their grandmother

The front of the card said simply….

“Guess who doesn’t have a grandma anymore?”

Then you opened the card and it said….”YOU!”

(I thought it was short and to the point)

I even wrote wedding cards…..

They had wedding bells and bows on the front….

And when you opened the card it said..


I know, I was surprised that I was fired too

Q: Mister CFB Wizard

Thank you for all the wonderful picks this year!

Do you have any words of wisdom to end the 2015 college football season?


Susan – Birmingham, Alabama

A: I have three simple, yet powerful words for you Susan….

Roll Tide Roll


Friday 11 December

The Playoffs…..

Charleston Southern and Jacksonville State
South Carolina and Alabama…..
I am nothing, if not loyal

Saturday 12 December

The Playoffs…..

Northern Iowa and North Dakota State
I called it before the season and I am sticking with my pick
Believe it

Army and Navy
This won’t be the best college football game that you have seen all year
They aren’t the best college football players and few if any will every play for the NFL
Their goals in life are a bit loftier
But keep this in mind as you watch this game…..


Enough said….

Next Week….

The first segment of your college football bowl picks will be out next week.

So in the event you are looking for who is playing in the Purina Hamster Feed Bowl in Rockford Illinois, I will have it all for you: right here

No need to thank me, it’s what I do

So stay tuned…

One More Thing….

As I transition to “The Bicycle Elf” this Christmas, I will be really busy however I will have several articles on that I hope you will enjoy this season.

But as we close the 20015 college football season, I want to thank you all for riding along with me all year. Thank you for reading these picks and

For your patience through the years

For your comments

For your kindness

It hasn’t always been easy, but it sure has been fun

And lastly



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