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December 1, 2015

Greetings From the Heart of SEC Country!!!

Atlanta’s Bobby Dodd Stadium was the scene of the latest edition of Clean, Old Fashioned Hate between the Cow College and the Trade School and it proved to be a satisfying day for Pups of Athens as they came away with a 13-7 victory and sent Coach Mark Richt out a winner in what would become his final game. The Wreck was unable to build up much momentum due to a stifling defense which recovered a fumble, had 2 big interceptions, and held the Bees to only 276 yards. Sony Michel was the workhorse on the ground, grinding out almost 150 yards and Greyson Lambert was serviceable as the signal caller as he threw for almost 225 yards and, most importantly, had no turnovers. This game proved to be somewhat of a synopsis of the seasons of both teams as the visiting Dawgs did just enough to win and the Jackets came close but, as has been true all year, just didn’t have enough in the end to pull out the win. I don’t know what the future holds for either team at this point, but hopefully Coach Richt’s much vaunted recruiting class remains intact and the Bees Coach Paul Johnson can figure out what happened this season and get his Sliderule Jocks back in the groove.
I was getting ready to watch the Falcons just after lunch on Sunday afternoon when I got the text. It read: “Richt is gone.” While this wasn’t a totally unexpected event, I was none the less surprised and shocked. I thought that he had done enough to save his job by winning 4 straight after the Florida loss. It’s going to be strange in 2016 not seeing Coach Richt roaming the sidelines. And it will be a little sad. But such is the life of a college football coach. Do I agree with this turn of events? No. Absolutely not. But I can’t help but think, in hindsight, that after Aaron Murray left, Coach Richt had left himself open to a decline due to the lack of talent at that position last year and was glaringly evident this year. In my humble opinion, starting Faton Bauta against Florida was a sign of that desperation. He knew he was in trouble after back to back losses to Alabama and Tennessee and he was looking to change his fortunes. I honestly don’t think that it was the loss itself, but the way the Dogs were beaten and the final score. The din for change seemed to have been subsiding after the last few games but apparently AD Greg McGarity had other things in mind. So, here we are. The regular season has ended and we look for a new coach. We need to get it right. We need to get it right the first time. The last time we lost a successful coach, it took us two tries to finally get it right. Florida has had intermittent success with their hirings. Zook followed Spurrier. Muschamp followed Myer. Tennessee may finally be recovering after 3 tries with new Head Coaches at the helm after Fulmer was forced out the door. Even vaunted Alabama has had their stumbles with only Gene Stallaings as the most successful coach sandwiched between Bear Bryant and Nick Saban. So, we sit and wait to see who will be tabbed to be the next Head Coach in Athens. It’s a tense time, but I feel like any coach who takes the reigns will enjoy great success and bring the program and Dog Nation the glory they so hungrily desire.  

Things I think: 

Coach Miles – Seeing him being carried off the field and singing with the team was something to behold

 Alabama –
just keeps on rolling. Henry is a beast

 Auburn – National Championship game in ’13. 5 losses in ’14. 6 losses this year. Chizik II?

Florida – Now, that was ugly. And you want to be the SEC Champion? As Coach Corso would say: “Not so fast, my friend.”

Tennessee – Pretty much took everyone you lost to down to the wire. Watch out for the Vols next year.

South Carolina – Close doesn’t get you a cigar. I’m really interested in seeing who AD Ray Tanner pulls in for the job. Better get it right the first time.

Clemson – Not convincing but a ‘W’ is a ‘W’. I’ll be convinced next after next week’s ACC Championship game

Stanford – Thank you.

Notre Dame – I never was convinced. Especially when your signature moment was a “good loss.”

Iowa –
Congratulations. You made it to the Big 10 Championship. Somehow I just don’t think that you’ll be in the upper echelon of the CFB rankings next week.

Ohio State – Too little, too late. Should have used that game plan last week

Greg McGarity – Make a splash. Go after a name. We got lucky with the last coordinator we hired. But…. Kirby isn’t Nick.

Coach Richt – Coach, I’ve enjoyed the time you spent at Georgia. We didn’t always win the big game but I had no doubt in my mind that we would be competitive and do things the right way. Good luck to you in your future endeavors. It’s been a good run.

 Well, That’s it for now. Hope everyone’s team wins and you have a great week.
And remember; make sure you support your local High School Athletics.
These are your future collegians of tomorrow.
Until next time,
I’m Harley Hanesworth

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