College Football Picks Week 10

November 4, 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen-

This week is “Separation Saturday”

EDITORS NOTE: And by making that statement….
I am not making any assumptions concerning anyone’s impending marital status

So buckle those chin straps tight, there’s going to be a fight 

Weekend Rewind….

The past Halloween I received more “Treats” than “Tricks”, for a change, with the weekly picks going an unprecedented 52 and 8 or 87%.

With a percentage like that this late in the season I am considering dressing in a costume more often when I write the picks.

I am just saying.

But that aside

With last week behind us that leaves The CFB Wizard at 503 and 98 or 84% for the season.

Seriously, I am going to start wearing a costume when I make the picks from now on

EDITORS NOTE: I am serious, don’t judge me…….


Greetings from the Heart of SEC Country!!!
Our Boys in Blue got the weekend started with a bang down at the Coliseum as they totally dominated the Visiting Lanier Bulldogs to the tune of a 35-0 score. Our Gladiators scored early and often in the effort and moved to 5-4 on the season with the win. With a 3-3 record in the 2-A Region of Doom, there’s still an outside shot at some postseason play but it’s going to hinge on the outcome of next week’s game against perennial power Clinch County who sits atop the Region with an 8-1 record. The Red Clad Cats of Homerville one the other traditional powers of 2-A and came away with a 14-7 victory over the Rebels in the Swamp War. It’s going to the a tough one here in McRae come Friday night, and the odds won’t be in our favor, but I’ve just got a feeling that we can knock off the visiting Kittens and sneak into the playoffs for the first time in a few years. So, let’s all pack the house and cheer on our Trojans!!!

 Meanwhile, down in Jacksonville, the Mark Richt’s Canines took on the Reptiles of Gainesville and the results just weren’t that positive. The defense was chomped and the offense stomped as Jim McIlwain’s Lizards topped the Cow College by a 27-3 tally. This one proved to be a real struggle as the downtrodden Mutts reached deep down to the bench by starting QB Faton Bauta who struggled mightily but just couldn’t get the offense going. I know Coach Richt is doing his best to get a winning combination going and given the time, I’m sure he’ll get things turned around and get the 2015 edition of the Dawgs back on the winning track.

But news out of Charlottesville was not very good either, as the Trade School traveled to the Old Dominion State for a date with the 3-5 Cavaliers. This 27-21 loss has me believing that the wheels have fallen off for the Bumbling Bees and that they need more than a tune up and oil change. The win last week was obviously a fluke when you can’t come away with a win off one of the traditional cellar dwellers of the conference. So, the Wreck takes a week off to lick their wounds and take on a 4-5 Virginia Tech team to see who will plummet to the bottom of the ACC standings the quickest.

But, at least the news out of Statesboro was a little more uplifting as the Blue Birds of the ‘Boro put a Texas style beat down on the visiting Bobcats of Texas State by a 37-13 score. While it was still a tight game at the half, with the Eagles clinging to a 14-6 lead, the Birds dominated in the second half by outscoring the visitors by a 23-7 tally to send the visitors back to San Marcos with their tails between their legs. The Eagles will take a week off in order to hatch up a plan for the Trojans of Troy, Alabama in another huge Conference game and a chance to improve on their 6-2 record
Things I think:

Florida – The Gators played inspired football as they continue on their quest to get the program back on track.
South Carolina –
Didn’t really expect the Pullets from the Piedmont to win, but the outcome was much more respectable than anticipated
A&M – Where do you keep getting these quarterbacks from? The youngster Murray looked pretty good
Ole Miss – You won against both of your Alabama brethren on the road. Let’s try to stay grounded and not fall apart like after the win in Tuscaloosa
Tennessee – You hung 52 on Kentucky. You continue to get better. Be patient. Those young players on the roster just keep getting better
LSU – Big game in Tuscaloosa for what could be all the marbles
Bama – See comment above
Clemson – Tighter than expected. But a road win against a conference opponent is always sweet.
Nebraska – What in the world is going on in Lincoln?
Iowa  – Congratulations. You’ve got the 199th strongest schedule out of 128 FBS teams. You’ll win the West but that won’t do you much good come conference championship time
Ohio State – A couple of more warmups and then it’s game on at the end of November.
CFB Committee – It’s here.
The Polls – Not much change. Not surprising
The CFB Committee’s Top 25 – No surprises for me. Let’s see how this shakes out in the weeks to come
Coach Richt – It didn’t take long for anyone with a computer to begin burying Mark Richt. For me, the jury is out. But, let’s look at the Gold Standard of the University of Georgia. Namely, Coach Dooley. If the internet had been around when Vince Dooley was head coach he wouldn’t have last more than 5 or 6 seasons. In his first 15 seasons (the number Coach Richt has been in Athens), Coach Dooley had only 1 season with 10 wins, two with 9, and 1 with 8. In those first 15 seasons were a 6-6, 5-5, 5-6, and 5-5-1 seasons season. In season 16 he went 6-5. In year 17, he went 12-0 with a kid named Walker and won our last National Championship. So, what’s the point of this history lesson? Well, I’m going to be perfectly blunt for many of you who have no patience, want everything now, and have your participation trophies hanging over your parent’s fireplace. Stop. We don’t get everything handed to us on a silver platter. We don’t get our way just because we didn’t win. Football is reflective of life. You have good years and you have bad years. Just because there are internet articles doesn’t mean anyone gives a flying football about your opinion. This ain’t Oprah. The athletic department doesn’t care what you think. They’re going to act on behalf of the best interest of the program and your opinions won’t play into that decision. And, for those who incessantly complain that Mark Richt doesn’t have enough “fire in his belly” or isn’t emotional enough, you obviously don’t know the first thing about leading people. You don’t have to be a hell-raiser or fire-breather to be an effective leader. Vince Dooley wasn’t and he did pretty good. Bear Bryant wasn’t and he had a pretty good run. Animation isn’t a measure of success. Let Coach Richt do his job. Let the Athletic Director do his job. Watch the games on Saturday and pull for the Bulldogs. Our Georgia Bulldogs. Our team.
Well, That’s it for now. Hope everyone’s team wins and you have a great week.
And remember; make sure you support your local High School Athletics.
These are your future collegians of tomorrow.
Until next time,
I’m Harley Hanesworth


EDITORS NOTE: I received this email in response to the article “Perspective” that I posted this past Sunday concerning Sid Ortis of Mountain Brook Alabama.

I think it’s beautiful, I hope it touches your heart as it did mine

Dear Sir –

Thank you for your wonderful article on Sid Ortis.

Yes, I tell myself I respect other teams and their fans and that I am a good sport, and I even act that way most of the time. And yes I have given my life to Jesus.

But there is a dark side to being a sports fan (fanatic).  I have uttered (screamed) words of hatred towards the Alabama football team, coach and fans in moments of disgust over a football game or two,

(so many that I can’t count).  

This story brings me to my knees. 

I can’t say how sorry I am for letting rivalry over a sporting game make me feel, act and talk so bad about real people in moments of anger because we lost and they won. 

And that “winning” is that important. 

Let it be known that I bleed LSU Purple and Gold.

At this moment I’m not worthy of Crimson. 

The people in Sid’s community lovingly showed that there are no team colors in the Kingdom of God.  Sid, you and your family are blessed as we all have been blessed by this experience.  I dare say “Losing” to Alabama, or any other team, will never be the same. There are no losers in heaven, and the folks in Sid’s community have shown us a little heaven on earth.

Marsha – Baton Rouge, Louisiana

EDITORS NOTE: No one could have said it any better Marsha

It’s perfect.

God Bless you and Geaux Tigers


Tuesday, November 3

Northern Illinois at Toledo
I may still be pumped up on candy corn from Halloween
But I feel really good about this pick

Wednesday, November 4

Ohio at Bowling Green
I hate to pick against Frank’s Cats
But this is business

Thursday, November 5

Buffalo at Kent State
A lot of people ask me “What is a Golden Flash”?
Essentially it means that Old Uncle Todd got naked again in Wal-Mart
NO BULL 24-21

Arkansas State at Appalachian State
This won’t be the first shoot-out these mountains have seen
And it certainly won’t the last

Baylor at Kansas State
I truly wish this were an “Upset Special”
But it isn’t
BEARS 44-21 

Mississippi State at Missouri
This game features…
“Cats and Dogs”
Now, if it would only rain I would have a funny metaphor to use

Friday, November 6

Rice at UTEP
To tell you the truth….
Neither of these teams is worth a sack of monkey clumps

Harvard at Columbia
Nope, forget it, not going to do it

Temple at Southern Methodist
I know, I know….
But I am nothing else, if not loyal

Brigham Young at San José State
I think Jose is going to get flattened like a tortilla in this one
COUGARS 44-14  

Saturday, November 7

Cincinnati at Houston
I think I said a few weeks ago….
“The Cougars will finish the season undefeated”
You are welcome America

Jacksonville State at Eastern Illinois
These Alabama Roosters are No joke

VMI at The Citadel 
This Clash of the Military Schools is called…
“The Military Classic of the South”
It’s played for “The Silver Shako”
(Which I believe is a bait fish found in South Carolina’s Cooper River)

Navy at Memphis
Yeah, I am calling it…..
“Upset Special”
GO NAVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marshall at Middle Tennessee
This game is going to be a heck of a lot closer than you might think
I am believer

Texas Tech at West Virginia
 “IF” this game would have been in Lubbock…
It would have given me the opportunity to say..
“When in Lubbock don’t forget to take in the Buddy Holly Museum”
(Don’t judge me Peggy Sue, it’s a sponsors plug)

Iowa at Indiana
YES! Another Big Ten (isn’t it twenty?) Conference “rivalry” game
This one is quite prestigious
It’s played for the coveted “Piano Playing Platypus Trophy”
(Say that three times fast, go ahead)
HAWKEYES 31-17  

Richmond at New Hampshire
Typically I am not a fan of spiders….
SPIDERS 33-14 

Southern Utah at Montana State
I know you have heard this one before….
What’s the Word?

Rutgers at Michigan
I was going to pick Rutgers, then I remembered they were in New Jersey
So, No

Penn State at Northwestern
This semi-new Big Ten (or what the heck ever the number is this week) Conference rivalry is played for a “trophy” that looks like a stuffed lemur monkey in a sequin monkey grinder’s outfit.
(That’s so weird I don’t have the words)
WILDCATS 28-24  

North Carolina State at Boston College
This one “may” be a shoot-out….
But let’s face it
We really don’t care
Duke at North Carolina
This rivalry on Tobacco Road is played for “The Victory Bell”
I say “Upset” here……

LSU at Alabama
This is “Big Boy” football at it’s very best…
There won’t be any losers in T-Town on Saturday Night
Believe that

Arizona State at Washington State
The Sun Devils dropped my average every week I have picked them
I get the message….

UCLA at Oregon State
I am so glad Kent State doesn’t play Oregon State
I don’t know what I would write about the Golden Flashes playing the Beavers
Everything about that seems wrong to me
So very wrong

Stanford at Colorado
This one is going to be uglier than Hillary Clinton attempting to be honest

Utah at Washington
My Black Lab “Doc” gave me the “Look”
That says….
This one is going to be “close”
(Also, he wants to go outside and he wants another treat)
TWO UTES 31-28

Notre Dame at Pittsburgh
For me….
This game is like trying to decide who to pull for in a war between Syria and Iran

Vanderbilt at Florida
The Commodores ship has sunk….
Believe that

Kentucky at Georgia
I haven’t lost faith in the Big Dawgs
Hunker Down Big Boys

Illinois at Purdue
I LOVE these Big Ten (or what the Hell ever) Conference “rivalries”
Don’t You?
This awesome, amazing and awesome rivalry is played for the coveted…
“Purdue Sphincter Cannon”
It should be super exciting!

Central Florida at Tulsa
After exhaustive personal research I am now convinced that…
The term “Golden Hurricane” does indeed refer to one urinating in the back of a box fan
(Don’t judge me, it was research)

Florida Atlantic at Western Kentucky
These owls aren’t worth a hoot
Syracuse at Louisville
Before I make this pick, this just needs to be said…
The Cardinal’s “new” uniforms, look stupid
(I’m glad I got that out of my system)

Louisiana Lafayette at Georgia State
After a shaky start to the season….
The Cajuns are back to their Rajun ways
(It must be all the crawfish)

North Greenville at Carson-Newman
I am not sure where “North Greenville” actually is….
I think it’s on the other side of Mayberry going towards Mt. Pilot

North Alabama at Shorter
I cannot in good conscience “pick” a school designed especially for midgets

Colorado State at Wyoming
I will be honest with you….
I don’t think these two teams combined could beat Hoover High School in Alabama

Virginia at Miami (FL)
Just when I don’t think the Hurricanes could generate enough wind to qualify as a decent chili fart; they lateral the football forty-two times at the end of a game and beat Duke.
Here we go…

Florida State at Clemson
The Seminoles have had their way in days past with the Tigers
Not this year

Arkansas at Ole Miss
The Hogs in the rearview mirror are a lot closer than they appear
(Don’t be surprised if this is an “Upset”, I won’t be)

North Texas at Louisiana Tech
I don’t understand it…
I pick a “dog” team to “win” and then Doc and Sadie get a “treat”
(I am starting to understand who trained who around here)

Army at Air Force
I wouldn’t pick the cadets of West Point….
If they were playing themselves

Wisconsin at Maryland
I simply can’t get enough of these exciting Big Ten (infinity..) Conference rivalries, can you?
This game is played for the highly coveted….
“Rumpelstiltskin’s Boot”
(Only Yankee’s would put a hairy dwarfs boot in their trophy case)

Montana at Idaho State
Every time I see a team from “Idaho” I am reminded of a girl I went to school with..
Her name was “Ida” and everybody said she was a…
(Never mind)

Chattanooga at Mercer
The Nooga’ Boys are headed to the playoffs this year
Believe it

Texas Christian at Oklahoma State
I am calling it…..
“Upset Special”
COWBOY UP! 44-41

Louisiana Monroe at Troy
Both of these two team’s seasons is sadder than a tooth fairy in a meth house
MEN OF TROY 31-28 

South Carolina at Tennessee
My Dear Gamecock Faithful, I am sorry
VOWELS 34-17 

Iowa State at Oklahoma
Before you can say “Boomer” the Cyclones will be fourteen points behind

Michigan State at Nebraska
I never (ever) would have thought that I would see Nebraska “here”
It makes me sad

Auburn at Texas A&M
I have a feeling this game is going to be way closer than you think…
Don’t be surprised if it’s an “Upset” (Yes, I am serious)

Minnesota at Ohio State
Another of the Big Ten (Twenty-two) Conference rivalry games!
This one is played each year for the coveted “Victory Chia Pet”
(What the “trophy” is, is a shrub on a stick)
BUCKEYES 101.5 – 3.2

Southeastern Oklahoma at Arkansas-Monticello
Well, it’s “supposed” to rain and storm this weekend, so…..
STORM 28-17

Valdosta State at Delta State
Despite the close losses this season
I will always….

Kansas at Texas
The Jayhawks “might” win this game…..
And I might “win” the lottery, be able to dunk a basketball and own a chain of liquor stores.
(But neither scenario is very likely)

Arizona at Southern California
It would seem that the Trojans have found new life,…
While Rich Rod’s Cats are still scratching around in the litter box.
TROJANS 38-31 

California at Oregon
I know that many of you find this game intriguing
(You should really take up a hobby if that’s the case)
DA BEARS 41-31 

Western Illinois at North Dakota State
“The Harvest Bowl”
The Fargo Dome
Prepare to get plucked….
Ouachita Baptist at Southern Nazarene
Many of you have emailed me to ask….
“What’s the fundamental difference between all these religious institutions?”
There are three very basic fundamentals in religion
1. Protestants do not recognize the Pope as a deity
2. Jewish people do not recognize Jesus as the messiah
3. Baptist don’t recognize each other in Hooter’s or in the liquor store
(I hope that helps)

Next Week……

Your Week 11 College Football Picks will be out on Wednesday evening next week, along with something on on Tuesday in honor of Veteran’s Day.

You won’t want to miss it

So stay tuned

One More Thing…..   
For those of you that may be unaware

Monday November 10th is the 240th Birthday of the United States Marine Corps

As the open stanza of the Marine Corps hymn says….

“From the Halls of Montezuma, to the Shores of Tripoli….”

EDITORS NOTE: And “Yes”…in case you were wondering

We walked every step of the damn way without every putting our hands in our pockets 

Happy Birthday to all my Marine brothers and sisters…..

Past and present wherever you are

And lest we forget

Tuesday November 11th is “Veteran’s Day”

When you see a veteran on Tuesday, please don’t say….

“Thank you for your service”

Get it right this Veteran’s Day

Simply say…

“Thank you for my freedom”



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