2015 College Football Pre-Preseason Extravaganza

August 6, 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen –

A brief announcement before we start the 2015 College Football Season.

If you are easily offended then this isn’t the website for you.

In other words, if you are a member of the “new” American Taliban that wants to change, alter, destroy and remove American history and control everyone’s speech and behavior then this isn’t the website for you.

Just move along because I will surely offend you

And just so you aren’t shocked or offended, I want to assure you all that you will read the dreaded “N” word a lot here.

That’s a fact…..

As in…….

“NO” I won’t be politically correct, ever (As in never, ever)

“NO” I won’t apologize for it either

“NO” I don’t give a damn if I write something that hurts your sensitive little feelings

“NO” I am not the least bit interested in a crying diatribe from some jackass that is searching for a reason to be offended with rest of their wussy non-veteran friends

“NO” I don’t like what’s happening in the country

“NO” I don’t like what was once “Wrong” is now considered “Right”

“NO” I don’t think owning guns and going to church is wrong, in fact I encourage both

“NO” I don’t (or won’t) apologize for being a Christian either, ever….

“NO” I will not be quite and go away

EDITORS NOTE: What “N” word did you assume a white Southerner like me was referring too here?


In case you were wondering this is the only way I judge someone…..



I have always attempted to keep politics out of this website, except for the occasional well timed written jab on the jaw of stupidity.

But this cancer of political correctness has been thrust upon us at every turn.

Even here, yes even here

So I want to clear a few things up.

Just so you know what you are getting into here.

I am sick and tired of everybody (everybody) wanting to be offended and protest something or another.

Case in point….

In the ongoing Confederate flag flap that seemingly has no end.

From the Memphis city council voting to dig up the remains of General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife, to banning mascots named “Rebels” because it supposedly “congers up images of racism”, to removing reruns of “The Dukes of Hazard” from television, to the wanton destruction to civil war memorials across the South.

The attack of the “new” American Taliban is in full swing.

But just when I didn’t possibly think this ridiculous diatribe could get any stupider.

Guess again

The National Action Network of “reverend” Al Sharpton is “protesting” Kid Rock and his tour sponsor General Motors for Kid Rock having a Confederate flag on stage.

“The National Action Network said there would be no “immediate protests” over General Motor Co.’s sponsorship of Kid Rock’s concert tour after meeting with the automaker Thursday over the singer’s past and current use of the Confederate flag.

“We had a very constructive conversation, very positive in our favor,” said the Rev. Charles Williams II, president of the civil rights network’s Michigan chapter. Williams had said if GM didn’t pull their sponsorship of Rock’s current tour, the group would organize a national protest against the automaker.

“There’s not a need to protest now,” Williams said. “It doesn’t mean it’s off the table, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t going to be escalated actions at some point. It just means the dialogue is going in the right direction, and we are looking forward to seeing if we can come to some solutions.”

EDITORS NOTE: Really? Is that all you “reverends” have to do? Seriously…….

One more thing needs to be mentioned here

Kid Rock has visited our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan during our ongoing war more times than anyone can count, to include Thanksgiving’s, Christmas’s and numerous tours in between. He did it without ever taking a dime for his time or his trouble.

In fact he has given more than 2 million dollars from his own pocket to the USO and to numerous other programs that support our veterans.

I wonder how many times the “good” reverends Al Sharpton and his loud mouth toady Charles Williams II has visited our troops overseas?

If you guessed “Zero” you would be correct

What was Kid Rock’s response to the “flag flap”?

“They can all go kiss my ass”


You see my friends…..

There is no longer any respectable discourse between opposing view points

One side is ALWAYS right and the other side is always “wrong”

Nothing in-between

We can’t agree to disagree

Not anymore

This is the “new” America

But I want to correct the American Taliban on a point that is constantly in the “news”

If a man decides he wants to dress like a woman, that doesn’t make him a hero.

EDITORS NOTE: Sorry folks, it’s true

If he gets rid of his ding-dong and buys a yang-yang that doesn’t make him a hero either

Having ESPN give some weirdo an award for being a hero doesn’t make him a hero either, it just means that the people in charge of the network are idiots.

EDITORS NOTE: I stepped on a broken rake the other day that hit me square in the business so hard that I talked like a young Donny Osmond for two days; you don’t see me getting an “award” for that do you?

But just so you know what one looks like, this is a picture of a real “Hero”


I am glad we cleared that up

Part I of the 2015 College Football Preseason Extravaganza will be out next Thursday

Buckle in…..



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  1. Gregory "TANK" Valloch on August 7, 2015 at 1:00 pm

    As always very trenchantly put.

    Come visit sometime!

    All The Best,


  2. Jimmy on August 13, 2015 at 12:05 pm


    Good to see, read, and know that you’re still going strong!

    Army Strong Bro!!!

    Olajide Jimmy/

  3. Mathew Moraux on August 18, 2015 at 10:42 pm

    YES…….he’s back……so glad

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