Paul Finebaum

September 10, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen –

I receive quite a few emails, texts etc. each week asking me…..

“Why don’t you like Paul Finebaum?”

You know who I am talking about here, right?

Paul Finebaum - May 23, 2013

The same Paul Finebaum who is on the SEC Network on Saturday mornings….

The same Paul Finebaum who has a FOUR hour on-air radio program on the SEC Network Monday thru Friday and the same person who amazingly shows up on ESPN, CBS Sports etc to offer his “expert” opinion on college sports, more specifically “Southern” sports.

I will tell you why I despise Paul Finebaum and I will attempt to keep my diatribe brief

Simply put he is a “Pimp”

I don’t use that term in its modern MTV “that’s cool” connotation….

I use that term as it was intended; someone who “exploits” other human beings for their financial benefit and abuses them in the process.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

Paul Finebaum’s parents moved to Memphis from New York….

That’s right, New York, which may explain why he doesn’t have a Southern accent…..

Or ever reference Andy Griffith

Or Elvis

Or Waffle House

Or eating Grits or cornbread

EDITORS NOTE: I am willing to bet that he has never even eaten at a Waffle House

He graduated from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville with a degree in Political Science and quickly went to work on a local sports radio program


He couldn’t make it as a legitimate sports journalist so what did he do?

Paul Finebaum created his very own niche in radio….

He became (and still is) the Jerry Springer of the airwaves…

He promotes and gives the stereotypical ignorant Southerner a platform….

He gives the outrageous and worst among us….

A voice….

He gives those people something to brag about in the trailer park…

At the beauty shop

At the convenience store

Despite looking like he grew up being nursed with a corndog in his mouth…

Paul Finebaum’s smug look as callers scream and argue and scream at each other some more is a “look” that most of us that grew up in the South recognize quickly.

His look says….

”I am better than you”

“I am smarter than you”

“I know better than you”

That’s what the northern and cultural elite in this country think about us

You know that right?

That we are all just like those callers on his program….

And I don’t like that, not at all

I will tell you, and I believe most “real” Southerners feel this way….

You can call me anything you want, but if you call me “white trash” then you are going to have to wear me for a while and it’s going to be an uncomfortable experience for you.

And that is exactly what Paul Finebaum is promoting about us…

“White Trash”

He is enjoying every minute of it in the process. Because he thinks he is better than us…..

I know that you may be saying “But Paul claims to be from the South”

My friend’s he is about as Southern as a Fiat sports car

Living in the South doesn’t make a person a Southerner anymore than being stationed in Iraq makes someone an Iraqi.

If you think I am still being too harsh then tell me when was the last time you saw on ESPN’s College Game Day any of the hosts get up from their respective seats and attempt to incite the local crowd and turn them into an angry mob?

The answer is never…Because they are “professionals”

They aren’t trying to be Jerry Springer

They aren’t mean spirited like Paul Finebaum and that is exactly what he is…beyond anything else that is exactly who and what he is; mean spirited

If there wasn’t a Paul Finebaum then there wouldn’t be a Harvey Updike

You can believe that……

I don’t (and won’t) listen to Paul Finebaum and will turn the channel when he is on….

I encourage you all to do the same that is unless you like the Jerry Springer’s

But I will say one good thing about Paul Finebaum

For someone that has no talent other than exploiting and stereotyping Southerners

He has to have the best agent in the world….

If I would have had his agent in my corner I would already have had five books on the NY Times Best Sellers list.



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