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Ladies and Gentlemen –

After being confined to my immediate surroundings as of late it has occurred to me that we have entered into an era where with some people everything is simply “situational”

Let me explain….

I noticed the past few weeks there is a great deal of “situational outrage” in Missouri and across some segments of the country over the shooting death of a black male by a white police officer.

Meanwhile 20 or 30 black people are killed everyday in Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles and Atlanta etc. and no one, especially those “leaders” I have seen on television pontificating on the latest “race crisis”, seems to care about their deaths.

I guess its o.k. if you’re killing each other, or your unborn child, but it’s not cool if someone of another race kills you, let alone a police officer.

At least that’s the message I got from all the rioting, looting and seemingly endless diatribes from the so called “leaders in the communities”

But this era of “situational ethics” isn’t confined to just the urban sprawl or the less fortunate among us….

I had a contracting job once where some “managers” there were “situational Christians” and while they carried their Bibles with them to work, they clearly were unaware of the contents of the book, because they were the biggest liars, thieves, schemers and scammers I have ever seen even among unbelieving heathens.

EDITORS NOTE: You know who you are…

Now don’t get me wrong here, thankfully I am not in charge of who goes to Heaven or Hell, or there would be a whole lot less traffic in Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. but what I am saying is there is a big difference between saying you have certain values and only exercising them or hiding behind them when it’s convenient for you.

You can’t have “situational” integrity, honesty and Christian values that are only there to promote your image or your persona. That’s not what they are there for; if that’s all you have then you don’t have any at all – period.

But what all the folks I mentioned above really need is a good dose of “situational awareness”, and then they might be acutely aware they most people see through their ridiculous antics like a dry cleaner’s bag.

Then we have “situational journalism” that has seemed to permeate not only our national news agencies, but the sports media as well.

Our National news outlets will only tell you what they want you to hear….

What you are to be “outraged” about and what “values” or lack there of you should have

Don’t pay attention to the IRS scandal…..There’s nothing to see here

EDITORS NOTE: Next time you’re being audited by the IRS try telling the investigator that you lost all your tax returns and receipts on your computer and write me from prison and let me know how that worked out for you.

There is no reason to have any questions during a Presidential Debate about the on going War in Afghanistan, those guys fighting and dying are nothing you have to worry about.

“America We have defeated the Islamic Terrorists!”

But don’t look over there, that’s just a Junior Varsity Islamic Terrorist Team…

“There is nothing wrong at the Veteran’s Administration Hospitals”

“You can keep your Doctor”

“Medical Costs will actually go down with this program”

Nothing you need to worry about folks; There is nothing for you to see here”

Thousands of people are illegally entering our country everyday, let’s rename this a “Humanitarian Crisis” Doesn’t that make you feel better?

I could go on and on…But I won’t

Because “situational honesty and integrity” makes me nauseous

The National Sports Media is no better…..

How long did it take the myriad of college football pundits and the NCAA to realize that Reggie Bush, and the Southern California Trojans of Pete Carroll were dirtier than my muddy pickup truck?

Was it seven or eight years?

I am guessing their intuitive investigation techniques were “situational” too because they told us all “there is nothing to see here” remember?

Speaking of the University of Southern California…

The current Coach of the Trojans Steve Sarkisian has a football player that isn’t happy

So what did he do? He flooded social media sites calling the head coach a “racist”

This forced the head Coach to defend himself on every media outlet despite the fact most of his players are black and no one else seemed to have any complaints about the coach’s conduct or his character

Yet no one in the sports media had the courage to call this young man to task…

Because I presume only black people can use “situational racism”

Some universities and colleges have fallen into the “situational” mindset as well

In some places its o.k. to rape a female student and have your teammates film the act as long as you’re winning

It doesn’t matter that a woman’s life is destroyed as long as a major Bowl game is at stake, right? I wonder if those fans of those universities would feel the same way if that act of violence was perpetrated on their wife or daughter.

Would you want justice for your wife or daughter or would a new Buick and a Bowl win for your favorite team suffice?

Drug use, thievery, armed robbery and other offenses have long been tolerated in some collegiate athletic programs under the guise of “boys will be boys” just so long as they are winning games and beating their college rivals.

At the very least what that really is, is a case of “situational conscience”

In College Football in 2014

We now we have a committee of thirteen people to determine “who” is in and which teams don’t make the cut for the college football playoffs at the end of the season.

I can’t help but wonder what kind of people they actually are….

Are their decisions swayed by money?

Do they have any personal agendas?

What are their personal histories with ethics, honesty and integrity?

What are their ties to collegiate athletics?

Do they have any knowledge of college football, teams, schedules etc?

Will their decisions be made based on something “situational” or something more tangible?

I am not besmirching anyone’s character on the selection committee here

I am just asking the question, because no one else is or seems to care

Or do we all just set back and “take their word for it”?

I am asking this question for one very simple reason….

I have grown very tired of being served a bowl of horse crap…..

And being told it’s a banana split from Dairy Queen



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