Tolerant of Intolerance

October 23, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen –

To be perfectly honest with you, I’m angry.

This article has nothing to do with college football, but everything to do with who we are

Recently the “administration” at LSU photo shopped some pictures of students in the famous Tiger stadium known worldwide as “Death Valley”. They use these pictures as promotional material for the university and the university athletic department.

What is unusual about this you may ask?

The group in question is called “The Painted Posse” and it is a group of students that paint themselves for the game and cheer on their beloved Tigers.

Ok, so what’s so unusual about that?

Please see the picture below and notice the small crosses on their chests.

The university photo shopped the crosses out of the pictures because…

They (LSU) didn’t want to offend anyone

Because this group of Christian students with the small crosses on their chests “might” offend someone

If you agree with this line of thinking then I would suggest you stop reading the rest of this article

For those of you that continue reading….

These sanctimonious self absorbed and self appointed know it all’s haven’t done jack squat for anybody in their whole damn lives other than tell each other how damn important academia is and how cultured and sophisticated they are because they have read something on the renaissance or Bill Shakespeare.

Well this is what I have to say about that….

Not that long ago I was a guest lecturer at Columbia University…

Yeah, that Columbia University in New York City

I was invited the night before the lecture to a “Dinner Party” at one of the Professors New York Apartments

Other than myself, this “get together” was attended by select members of the faculty of Columbia and a few of their high dollar benefactors. To say I stood out like a Snickers Bar in a punch bowl would be a gross understatement.

I got the customary “welcome” etc. to the “party” but few really wanted to engage me in conversation, so I grabbed drink and leaned against the wall and settled in for some quality people watching.

My, how they loved to introduce themselves as “Doctor” this and “Doctor” that….

I quickly discovered from over hearing the conversations around me that if pompous was electricity they would have enough power to generate the lights in New York City for a month

Then two “Doctors” came over to where I was standing….

“You must be the Marine” one stated….

I told them I was, introduced myself and extended my hand to shake theirs

Gosh it was like shaking two empty socks…

“We are looking forward to your little talk tomorrow; I hope it won’t be a hostile reception”

They both looked at each other and chuckled

I love this kind of spirited interaction, so I said…

“I believe we have two different definitions of what “hostile reception” means, I doubt it will be all that”

The two Doctors looked at each other like they just saw a dog talk and then one of them asked what I meant by that, so I said….

“Where I come from that means you will be met by gunfire and I doubt that’s the case here”

The mere mention of “Guns” and “Fire” sent them scampering across the room….

1st Quarter Score: Marine 2 – PhD’s 0

A few minutes later four other “Doctors” wandered over to where I was standing….

It was three males and one female that I wasn’t sure if she was a female or a male with man boobs

But nonetheless, the same pleasantries and introductions where exchanged and I thought…

Doesn’t anybody here know how to shake hands?

Then the “dude looks like a lady” or vice versa says….

“I read in your biography that you went to the University of Alabama”

She-He said “Alabama” like it was a dirty word

“Yes I sure did”

The “She-Man” said….”I went to Har-vard”

That She-He really drug out the word “Hard-Vard” too…

Now it was my turn

So I said…

“I wouldn’t brag on that too much if I were you, yall’s football team sucks and to tell you the truth your marching band isn’t much to write home about either.”

That group standing around me couldn’t have looked any more shocked if I would have stuck my index finger out and said “Pull on that little lady and see if you can make it go boom”

One of the other male “Doctors” stammered to the She-He’s defense and said…

“Well football isn’t that important up here”

My Turn again…

“Well at least you have identified the problem, no wonder there aren’t any normal looking people around here”

I knew very well that would bring them out….

Because a pompous ass doesn’t like to be put down by someone they consider beneath themselves

So one of the other “Doctor’s” chimed in with a question

“I noticed that chain around your neck, is that what you call dog tags”

“No” I said, “it’s a cross”

Did their eyes ever roll back in their head over that statement.

“Ah.. Christian, that explains it” someone said from back of the gathering group

“Yes I am….and that explains what?” I asked

The “She-He” looking very smug answered my question with…

“I hope you won’t be uncomfortable here, we are all atheist”

This was going to be fun….

So I said…
“You mean you all don’t believe in anything? Hell I though you said you all were educated”

A gray headed man in an ascot (I didn’t know they even made those things anymore…)

Stepped forward and said…

“Perhaps you may have heard of the Big Bang theory….”

I interrupted him with “I hate to interrupt you, but let me tell you something…

You all don’t know that much about me, but let me tell you; In my time I have blown up everything, and I do mean everything. I have blown up cars, bridges, ships, buildings and airplanes on the ground not flying. And in all that time and in all those explosions all I ever made was a mess. I never blew something up and out popped a Rhino. So I think that is foolishness”

He was momentarily stunned, but waded back in the fight…

“Have you ever heard of the theory of evolution?”

I was enjoying this…

“You mean that “Theory” that a mutant catfish had sex with a retarded squirrel and out popped a three legged weasel and a butterfly, that theory?”

I couldn’t tell if they thought I was a caveman or a visitor from another planet but they were staring at me like I was a talking Unicorn.

I won’t bore you with tales from the rest of the “dinner party” but I use this as an illustrated example of how some people try to impose their will on others.

If you don’t subscribe to my view of the world, no matter how skewed it is, then you are a heretic

It seems to me that the people preaching tolerance are the most “intolerant” people on the planet.

They tell you some college mascots are “offensive”

They tell you saying “Merry Christmas” is being intolerant

They tell you having a Nativity scene on the courthouse lawn is “offensive”

They will say saying “God Bless You” is abhorrent

I don’t care if you don’t believe in what I believe in, but don’t impose your will on my beliefs.

I don’t care what judge, politician or brain dead celebrity has to say about it either.

If you think this mindset is confined to New York City or California guess again, those people take the same intolerance to college campuses all over the country, even such fine places like LSU.

Simply put….

Being a Christian is not offensive and if you find it so, then you have a problem, not the other way around.

And one last thing…

At least I now know where the term “Limp Wrist” came from….

Shaking hands with folks up there was like shaking a sock



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  1. Kaye on October 26, 2012 at 8:07 pm

    Late on my reading……This one was fun to read. Thanks from this Christian

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