NCAA Commentary Part II

August 1, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen –

I’m confused and maybe a little bit befuddled too.
About what you may ask?

Well I am going to tell you….

The NCAA recently “renewed” it’s “commitment” to the NAACP to prohibit ANY NCAA tournaments of ANY kind within the States of Mississippi and South Carolina.

Would you like to know why?

Because the NAACP and apparently the NCAA is “offended” by the Mississippi State Flag.

They say they are offended because the Confederate Battle Flag is on the State Flag of Mississippi

And unless they change the State Flag of Mississippi there will be NO NCAA Tournaments held there under any circumstances.

Apparently South Carolina has committed a grievous error as well…..

You see, the folks from the Palmetto State have a Confederate Battle Flag atop a Confederate Memorial built by the Daughters of the Confederacy on the Capitol grounds.

I think it’s been there since 1890…..

I don’t want to get into history here, because I have vowed not to argue with Idiots, particularly on this subject, but it did get me to thinking….

And after I pondered this dilemma it occurred to me….

Both of these “organizations” and I use that word loosely

Decry that the Confederate Battle Flag is a stark reminder of “slavery”

If that is a true statement at least according to them

Then isn’t that ALL the more reason why the NCAA should “embrace” the Confederate Battle Flag?

I mean what is a slave after all?

Someone who works for the Plantation, without pay…

The “slave owner” tells the slave where he can go and what he can do and even what he can eat


The slave, at least according to the NAACP “built” everything with the sweat off their backs.

Gosh, that sure does sound like the NCAA is the “slave master” and the “student-athletes” are the slaves

Because the NCAA does tell the “student-athlete” where he can go and what he can do and even what he can eat and even how much money he or she can make during the summer and during the school year.

The “slave” doesn’t make any wages, hence the term “slave”

Neither does the student athlete

The “slave” makes all the money for the Plantation

So does the “student-athlete”

In this case Billions and Billions and Billions of Dollars…

I’m not advocating that student-athletes get paid for their endeavors; I’m simply demonstrating the hypocrisy of these two “organizations”

But I finally figured out why the NCAA and the NAACP doesn’t want to admit this connection

They prefer that you don’t think for yourselves

Your 2012 College Football Pre-Season Extravaganza will be out soon…

So Stay Tuned…



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  1. Kaye on August 5, 2012 at 9:34 pm

    You make it so easy to understand. How long wil we let the NCAA rule?

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