Another Championship

April 24, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen

I want to talk about another Championship that came back to Tuscaloosa this weekend

The athletes competing for this prize are said to be, in stature anyway, the smallest in the athletic department at the university. But they are tougher than any linebacker, any shortstop or any power forward. They are more dedicated and more focused than anyone could imagine.

They are the University of Alabama Women’s Gymnastics Team

And they are the 2012 NCAA National Champions of Women’s Gymnastics

This past weekend Coach Sarah Patterson and her Crimson Tide Gymnastics Team brought home their Sixth National Championship and second National Championship in a row.

What does this article have to do with College Football you may ask?

Not much

But that’s not the point.

Coach Sarah Patterson was the last Coach hired at the University of Alabama by then Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant.

Coach Bryant said of the young Coach Sarah Patterson….

“Coach Patterson is going to bring a lot of Championships to the University of Alabama, wait and see what I tell you. She ain’t nothing but a winner”

Six NCAA National Championships and Seven Championship Runner-Up Trophy’s Later, I would say once again Coach Bryant knew exactly what he was talking about.

But somehow that doesn’t surprise me; he always knew what he was talking about.

He could spot a winner, even when he hired a relative unknown young lady to coach the women’s gymnastics team for the University of Alabama.

And make no mistake about it, Coach Patterson “Ain’t Nothing But a Winner”

Congratulations Coach Sarah Patterson and The Mighty Crimson Tide Women’s Gymnastics Team for being the National Champions (again) this year.

There isn’t anybody better, and nobody any tougher than the ladies in Crimson and White

Believe it



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  1. Kaye Joiner on May 1, 2012 at 5:42 pm

    Loved it! Those girls worked so hard. They are “so very trained and so very good.”

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