The 2011 National Champions

Ladies and Gentlemen –

By now the last of the confetti has drifted across the floor of the New Orleans Super Dome and all the celebratory cheers and celebrations have only just begun in Tuscaloosa.

The University of Alabama Crimson Tide are the 2011 National Champions of College Football

It was a battle…

It was relentless…

It was “Big Boy” football as it was meant to be played.

It was a game for the ages and unfortunately someone had to lose.

My voice is hoarse this morning and my head hurts and I haven’t been to sleep but I am happy, so very happy for my Crimson Tide family, friends and former teammates.

And I am happy for the Southeastern Conference who has won yet another National Championship in College Football for six consecutive years.

Certainly there are detractors and most of them live in Stillwater Oklahoma, where presumably the four mentally challenged voters in the AP Poll live that cast their Number One ballots for the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

So let me say this…..

If you do not think that the LSU Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide are the two best teams in college football, then you are a complete dumbass and you should be forced to live in Brent Musburger’s underwear until the start of the 2012 College Football Season.

To my beloved LSU Tiger friends, I hate it for you, because we respect each other.

I have nothing but love and admiration for you all and you know that to be true.

And I know that it may be hard to believe at the moment….

But the sun still came up this morning; it’s just shining a little bit brighter in Tuscaloosa

I will enjoy this one for a long while, not because we defeated the Bayou Bengals

But because the Alabama Crimson Tide are the Champions of College Football.

And I know that somewhere Coach Bryant is smiling….




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