College Football Picks Week 8

October 20, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen –

This past week separated the contenders from the pretenders and it almost separated me from the liquor cabinet. Your Favorite College Football Prognosticator was a very subpar 52 and 16 or 76% for the week and for the season after seven weeks that leaves me at 400 and 93 or 81%.

It’s hard to believe I have picked almost 500 games thus far in the 2011 season

But please hold your adulation for just a moment; I have some exciting news….

The CFB Wizard is having a readers contest, yes you read that correctly.

The details of the contest are in this Week’s Pick’s so be sure and enter.

Now you may release your unbridled adulation for yours truly.

Enjoy your picks….


This week’s High School Team of the week has a familiar player on the team that you have read about in a past article; Matt Jones of the Gretna High School Dragons in Nebraska.

Statistics and numbers don’t always tell the whole story in a game or even in a season for that matter and there isn’t a measuring stick for leadership, other than results.

That being said last week Matt’s numbers don’t jump off the page at you, but that young man is a winner and so are his teammates.

Last week In a matchup between undefeated teams that drew an estimated 2,500 to Elkhorn Stadium, the Class B No. 3 Dragons (8-0) clinched the District 3 championship in advance of next Friday’s regular-season finale at home against winless Elkhorn Mount Michael.

“Our defense did great,’’ Dragons quarterback Matt Jones said. “Our line had some great blocking that made some holes for (Andy) Janovich.”

Andy Janovich, the Dragons’ fullback, popped free for a 68-yard touchdown on the game’s second play and closed the scoring with a lookalike 48-yarder on the final play of the third quarter.

A state champion wrestler and returning Class B all-state linebacker, the 6-1, 205-pounder had a season-best 181 yards on 12 carries with three touchdowns as he pushed his team-leading season total to 617 yards on only 73 attempts.

“He’s our short-yardage back,’’ Jones said, “but he has a little bit of speed.”

Elkhorn Coach Mark Wortman won’t disagree.

“He’s just that good,’’ the coach said. “He’s a wrestler, so he has good balance. You have trouble bringing him down. It looks like he just sheds tacklers if you only try to arm-tackle.”

Elkhorn ran 60 plays to Gretna’s 40. In the second half, the Antlers had the ball for 28 of the first 37 snaps and didn’t score.

The No. 4 Antlers (7-1) got their first-half touchdowns on an over-the-shoulder catch by Ryan Michael that went for a 53-yard pass play from Daniel Feickert and a 10-yard run by Graham Nabity in the final minute to trail by only 21-14.

Nabity’s 136 yards on 25 carries increased his season totals to 1,034 yards and 15 touchdowns.

“By far they were the best team we’ve played this year,” Gretna coach Chad Jepsen said. “We knew it would be a battle.”

Congratulations Dragons, you earned it.


We often times hear coaches speak and we aren’t really sure what they mean or what the implications of what they are saying and how that transcends to the football field. Have no fear.

I am going to help you understand what coach’s “mean what they mean” when they “say what they say”

SOUTH CAROLINA: Last week Coach Steve dismissed Gamecock Quarterback Stephen Garcia from the football team (for the thirteenth time) because “The Ole Ball Coach” said…
“Stephen failed a test….”

What Coach Steve meant by this statement was….
“That boy could have peed a Technicolor rainbow, raped a Nun and robbed a liquor store and I wouldn’t have cared a bit as long as he was throwing touchdowns instead of interceptions”

OLE MISS: Prior to the game with the University of Alabama Crimson Tide…
Coach Houston Nutt “suspended” four Rebel players for unknown reasons..
Coach Nutt had this to say about the suspensions
“I hated to suspend them all and it’s going to hurt us in this game but there is nothing more important than team disciple”

What Houston Nut meant to say was…..

“I knew we were going to get our asses kicked between our shoulder blades anyway so I suspended those guys so, after we got the hell beat out of us, I can say that we might have won the game if I didn’t have to suspend those guys. It’s a win-win.”


Hello from the heart of SEC Country!!!

The Big Blue Trojans from here in Telfair County took the long trip down to Folkston for a matchup against the Charlton County Indians. The trip must have taken a toll on our hometown heroes as they made the long trip back to McRae on the short end of a 42-0 score. Try as they might, it just doesn’t seem like the offense has been able to generate anything against some of the powerhouse teams of Region 2-A. But, once again, our Trojans fought long and hard in the losing effort. Next up for the Trojans is a matchup against a traditional Class A football power in the state of Georgia; the Clinch County Panthers from down in Homerville. The Panthers bring with them 5 wins to go with 2 uncharacteristic losses in a game that the Trojans have been looking forward to all season. I know our boys will represent us well!!!

Oh, and don’t forget about the Milan Harvest Festival on the 22nd of October. It’s a fun filled festival with plenty of fun to be had by one and all. And the special entertainment will be the Poultry Palace!! Yes, you will be amazed by these trained chickens which sing, dance, talk, and do some impressive tricks!!! Also, there will be opportunities for the kids to interact with the birds. This is “must see” entertainment down on Main Street in Milan, Ga. For those of you interested, here is the link to Poultry Palace:

On Saturday, the Red Clay Hounds traveled to Nashville to take on the Shipmates of Vandy. The Navigators nearly upended the visiting Dawgs as Georgia held on for a 33-28 victory. The outcome was in doubt right up until the last few seconds of the game as a blocked punt gave the ‘Dores the ball at the Georgia 20 yard line with 7 seconds left. The Athenians held on for the victory, but, it was a little too close for comfort.

Meanwhile, up in Charlottesville, VA, the Ramblin wreck strode in with a number 12 ranking in the polls and left with a 24-21 loss that will surely cause them to drop like a rock in the newest polls. The Bees once again failed to play defense as they allowed the Cavalier Crew to rack up 272 yards on the ground. The difference this week was that the offense couldn’t get on track for the Trade School as they could only muster 21. It was a tough loss for the Atlantans as they were off to their best start since ’66.

Up the road at Paulson Stadium, the Birds of Southern were more like buzzards, as they shredded the visiting Paladins of Furman to the tune of 50 – 20, and then feasted on the carcass. 5 different players scored in the shellacking and even the Defense got involved as they blocked an extra point and ran it back to add 2 more points to the tally. The Blue Clad Birds tacked up the most points in the rivalry since 1998’s 45 – 17 victory and was an appropriate ending as they saluted the 1986 National Championship team.

Elsewhere, the Crimson Tide turned into a bloody tsunami as they thoroughly devastated an outmatched and outclassed Ole Miss team by a 52-7 margin. And the score still doesn’t tell the story on how much of a route this really was. Trent Richardson racked up over 180 yards and also gave us a Heisman signature moment on a 76 yard run as he made the Rebs look like a Junior High Team.

The Bayou Bengals added another notch to their win column as they dismantled the Coon Hounds by a score of 38-7 in Knoxville. The Vols may have got a little bit of false hope after finishing the 1st quarter tied up at 0. But, the Big Cats bared their claws and reminded the homestanding Tennesseans that this was not last year as they piled on the points to make sure Les Miles didn’t have to manage the clock.

And down at Davis-Wade over in Starkville, the Chickens escaped with their lives as they were almost Southern Fried by the pesky Bulldogs. These roosters almost broke the rules of nature by nearly laying an egg in a 14-12 win. QB Conner Shaw tossed a jump ball to a leaping Alshon Jeffery to give the visiting Columbians the victory. But this one will be bittersweet as the Gamecocks finally got rid of the troubled Stephen Garcia and lost workhorse RB Marcus Lattimore to a knee injury. No word yet on how serious it is but let’s wish the young man well.

Up in Tortoise-land, the Clemson Tigers were obviously sickened by the sight of the homestanding Terrapins home uniforms and fell behind 28-10. Young QB Tajh Boyd was obviously fed some Dramamine by Coach Dabo Swinney and led the comeback as the #8 Orange clad Cats to come away from a 56-45 shootout with a win.

The Nuts from the North got by the Ilini with a gameplan that Coach Luke “The Pickel” Fickell designed to keep the ball out of QB Braxton Miller’s hands. It worked like a charm. I’m sure the Buckie’s will be bucking for a place in the polls after the game but if the pollsters are smart they’ll remember that the Cheeseheads of Wisconsin loom on the horizon for the ‘Eyes and won’t waste their votes.

And, finally, the Trojans of USC made the Cal Bruins pay for their fashion faux pas by taking this game 30-9. The 5-1 Kiffin led T-bones created numerous turnovers in the win over a fellow weak sister in the PAC (Pitiful Athletic Conference)-12. I will give this to the PAC-12. They can count, unlike other conferences, although I suspect Stanford had something to do with that.

Well, folks, it’s that time again. Let’s get to the Peach State Prognostication. Let’s take a close, in-depth look at what happened with our two in-state institutions of higher learning. The Dawgs dodged a bullet and the Wreck threw a rod. Georgia is winning the games it’s supposed to win, but, beating traditional SEC bottom feeders in less than convincing fashion is not impressive. However, an SEC road win will get you some bonus points. On the other hand, a loss to a traditionally mediocre conference rival in the ACC (Athletically Challenged Conference) will make your stock drop faster than Barrack Obama’s poll numbers. With that in mind, I’m picking this one 35-17 Cow College. When you’re defense can’t stop an angry Chihuahua, the opponent’s offense is going to plow through you like Rosie O’Donnell at a Dolly Madison factory, it’s as simple as that.

That’s it for now. Hope everyone’s team wins and you have a great week.
And remember; make sure you support your local High School Athletics.
These are your future collegians of tomorrow.

Until next time,
I’m Harley Hanesworth


As promised Your Favorite College Football Prognosticator will have a monthly contest until the end of the season and the winners will have the chance to meet and hang out with The CFB Wizard at an upcoming book signing and discuss a variety of college football topics over lunch as well as receive an autographed picture of my Black Lab “Doc”
(He signs all his own autographs)

This week’s Contest involves a test of your College Football Knowledge.

In the picture below can you identify the lone Oklahoma Sooner’s Cheerleader amongst the Nebraska Cornhusker’s Cheerleaders?

Please submit your answers via the CFB Wizard website, you must be at least eighteen (18) years old to enter and all employees, staff and unpaid interns of the CFB Wizard are not illegible.

The Winners will be named in upcoming articles…

Good Luck!


Q: Dear Sir,
I got this problem and I wanna know if you kin help me.
See, I got this, ah, friend who got in trouble after tha Alabama-Auburn game last year.
He got all liquered up, and got all mad, and when out and, well…. let’s say he messed up some bushes that belonged to the sorry-assed Auburn folks over in Timmy’s Corners.
Well, after that he was kinda skeered but he called up this radio fella that was doin a show and told em what he done and all and the dang law tracked him down. Well, after that all them dang Auburn Tiger people started messin with him and he had ta move outta the state fer awhile after he got through with some jailin and court stuff.
So he got himself a lawyer but that dang fella said not to call that radio fella and, well, my friend just couldn’t help hisself and he kept callin. I mean, Barbara Dooley calls them folks up all the time and nobody gets her in trouble. Now the lawyer fella up and quit on my friend. So here’s my question, is there such a thang as a law bout killin a bush or two?
Is them Auburn folks a bunch of bush huggers?
And do you know where I can get me another good lawyer? Ah, for my friend?

Thanks Mr Wizard –
ArveyHay Dikeupway

A: I don’t care who you are, this is funny as hell.

Q: Hey Dude are you going to join us at the “Occupy Wall Street” March?

Chip – Ithaca, New York

A: Chip I think you stumbled across the wrong website…
I think you are looking for…

I’m a


DELTA STATE: Congratulations to the Fighting Okra for knocking off the previously undefeated North Alabama Lions and taking over the Number 1 position in Division II Football.

That was one heck of a game.

OLE MISS: Do you still have a “Marching Band” or did you find that “politically incorrect” too?
The reason I ask is….
During the game last week with Alabama your public address system at the stadium belted out an 80’s soundtrack throughout the entire game; I never once heard the marching band play.

ESPN COLLEGE GAME DAY: As I have mentioned on numerous occasions…
I dearly love ESPN’s College Game Day, it’s the best there is anywhere…

But they punted one in the stands last Saturday with the segment entitled..
“College Football Fashion Police”

Attempting to justify the ugly ass uniforms of Maryland, Michigan and Oregon doesn’t make us like them any better; it makes us loath them all the more.

KENTUCKY: I want to take this time to apologize to the Kentucky Wildcat Football Fans…
For not picking their game last Saturday. But here is what happened…

It was a close contest but the Wildcats pulled it out with a late field goal in the closing moments

The Score….
Kentucky 17 Bye Week 14….

SOUTHEASTERN CONFERENCE: Speaking of the University of Kentucky Football Team…
With all the talk of the Texas A&M Aggies joining the Southeastern Conference, the National Sports media has missed another story of interest going on in the Conference.
While Texas A&M is in the process of joining the SEC, The University of Kentucky Football team is looking to move to the 13th Region of Kentucky 5A High School Football under the stipulation that they don’t have to play the Mighty (8-0) Harlan County Black Bears for two years.

More on this story as it develops…

ESPN COLLEGE FOOTBALL STUDIO: This message is for Ms. Wendi Nix in the ESPN College Football Studio…..

We all know that you are just as cute as can be….

But sweetheart, you need to learn how to “pronounce” the names of the respective colleges and the names of their teams if you are going to give a score update. I know, I know….

“Wisconsin” is a BIG word and so is “Louisiana State University” which is actually three words

But if you don’t get “Hooked on Phonics” very quickly….
Your employers at ESPN are going to think you are drinking on the job.

CARSON NEWMAN: Has the Spark gone out of the Eagles?

TEXAS TECH: Are you all missing Coach Mike Leach yet? Just wondering…

MICHIGAN: The “new” Wolverine uniforms look like a group of ten year olds ate some high lighters and then vomited on some blue jerseys. And if that isn’t bad enough…

I have on good authority that the “new” uniforms with the large “M” on the front of the Michigan jerseys almost caused the Wolverines to be late for the opening kickoff last week.

The Michigan players thought all the jersey’s were medium’s and they spent most of the morning looking for their correct sizes.

ST OALF: Congratulations on winning the Cereal Bowl and the Goat Trophy last week..
I told you all that was a serious rivalry, didn’t I?

SOUTH CAROLINA: So they say that Coach Steve is an “Offensive Genius…”
Well they got it half right…..

CBS COLLEGE FOOTBALL: I don’t know which was worse last week…

CBS College Football “commentator” Vern Lunquest trying to “feel up” Peyton Manning in the booth…..
Or Peyton Manning seemingly enjoying it

SEC REFEREE’S: So let me be sure I have this right….
Ole Miss got beat by the score of 52 to 7 last week and they didn’t have a single penalty?
Not one?

One of the best defenses in the entire country rushes the passer and nobody holds, not once?

So here’s my question, if Ole Miss didn’t commit any errors then how did they lose?

PAC 12: I read recently that “television revenue is down in the PAC 12 Conference and the Conference is going to create a committee to determine the reason for the loss of viewership”

Let me save you dumbasses some time so you don’t have to convene a damn committee.

Your football games come on at Midnight on the East Coast (That’s Eastern Standard Time if you are unaware) and Eleven o’clock Central Time and NOBODY is going to stay up and watch those games after watching Oklahoma, LSU, Alabama, and Clemson, Wisconsin etc…

There is your answer, think of me as a “time saver”, no need to thank me.

GEORGIA: If your coaches want to wrestle (or Wrastle as we say in the South) with opposing coaches there is a league for that and it isn’t in college football.


ALABAMA: If this isn’t the run of the week, then I don’t know what is….
It’s worth another look



Thursday October 20th

Central Florida at UAB
One thing you can say about the Blazers, they have been consistent all year.

West Alabama at West Georgia
These two teams are battling to see who makes the playoffs and who stays at home.
It’s going to be a barn burner, believe it.

UCLA at Arizona
This is the very best game on Thursday Night at Midnight on ESPN U
BRUINS 24-21

Friday October 21st

Rutgers at Louisville
I’m not so sure the Cardinal’s are all that Strong right now.

West Virginia at Syracuse
I hope Otto the Orange isn’t setting on a couch when this game is over.
That costume of his looks flammable to me.

Saturday October 22nd

Indiana at Iowa
Another Big Ten or whatever Game and you know what that means
That’s right kids, another Rivalry Trophy!
This rivalry in farm country is played for the John Deere Tractor Terrarium Trophy
(I hear it’s all in 3D)

Oklahoma State at Missouri
I am afraid the Prairie Wind is going to do naughty things to MO…
But I think Larry and Curley will be alright as long as they get out of the way.
COWBOY UP! 38-24

Cincinnati at South Florida
The Boy’s from Tampa started the Season out with a Bang….
And then fizzled out like a wet firecracker.
I don’t get it

North Carolina Pembroke at Carson Newman
I am trying to believe that the Spark hasn’t gone out of the Mighty Eagles
I really am trying….

Kansas State at Kansas
This instate rivalry is called “The Sunflower Showdown”
I am glad it isn’t called the “Petunia Playoff” or I would have had to make fun of it.

Illinois at Purdue
Guess what’s coming up…..
That’s Right, another rivalry Trophy!
The winners of this game receive the Ricardo Montalban Rich Corinthian Leather Trophy
The losers of the game get to drive a rusted out 80’s model Chrysler Cordoba for a year.
People in this part of the country like to think of this game as a win-win.
Also a Purdue Cannon is involved somehow, which is strange.

Jacksonville State at Kentucky
The Wildcats are coming off an impressive showing during the Bye Week…
And the Gamecocks of J-Ville aren’t what they once were a couple of years ago.

Arkansas at Ole Miss
Sometimes you feel like a Nutt…..
This week, not so much..
HAWGS 34-17

Delaware at Rhode Island
I stand by my convictions…
I cannot pick a team whose entire existence is predicated on a lie.
Rhode Island ISN’T a Damn Island! Get it straight people!

Western Michigan at Eastern Michigan
Another Battle in the Land of Michigan for the Chili MAC and Cheese Trophy!
If you add some chopped onions and Tabasco to that Trophy, it’s delicious.
BRONCO’S 34-28

Marist at Butler
This game really made me think….
I sure hope Marist has a Butler…
That girl deserves that kind of treatment, she is a real Fox

Valdosta State at Delta State
The Delta Fighting Okra has another Top 5 opponent this week in the Mighty Blazers.
It’s going to be a championship fight until the final whistle blows.
Believe it

Central Michigan at Ball State
This game may finally answer the question…
How much wood could a Chippewa chuck if a Chippewa could chuck wood?
(Say that one three times fast and see what happens)

Cal Poly at North Dakota
Does Polly want a cracker?
How about some……
(I just love saying that…)

Muhlenberg at Juniata
I know a couple of things about this game that may have an outcome on the contest.
Juanita has what we like to refer to as an “Anger Management Problem” and she likes to scrap and by that I don’t mean “Scrap Book”.
And the Mule Face Girl, well….
I hear she has a “Great Personality”….
J-LO 28-13

New Mexico at Texas Christian
The Lobo’s get the Lowdown on a Horn Frog Beat Down in Cow Town
Believe it

Presbyterian at Georgia Southern
The only “Blue” the Blue Ho’s are going to get in this game is “The Statesboro Blues”

Idaho State at Brigham Young
I don’t know if Famous Potatoes State has any Ida Honkies like the University of Idaho does
But you can’t stop a man from dreaming….

North Dakota State at South Dakota State
There is a lot of Dakota and States in this game.
But as Vince Vaughn would say in “Four Christmas’s”…
“This is how we handle our business in the Bison State momma…”

Boston College at Virginia Tech
It’s official….
The Hokey Pokeys have turned themselves around

Temple at Bowling Green
The Hooting has gone out of the owls and the Falcons are flying again.
Sorry, but that’s how it is…

Memphis at Tulane
This game will be like watching two old people in a nursing home fighting over a cup of pudding
At first it’s kind of funny, and then it’s just sad.

Air Force at Boise State
I never would have thought the Mighty United States Air Force Academy couldn’t fly….
But they sure are playing like it lately
BRONCO’S 43-24

East Carolina at Navy
Ever since the game against the Air Force Academy…..
I am afraid my Midshipmen have run aground.

Auburn at LSU
I have some advice for the Auburn folks in this game.
I wouldn’t let that drunken War Eagle fly around too much in Death Valley…
The Folks down there will kill and eat anything.
Welcome to Death Valley

Oregon at Colorado
I am having a hard time remembering why I should care about this game…
That’s right I don’t, never mind.

Ursinus at Susquehanna
The University playing Susie this weekend reminds me of all the times I got in trouble in Astronomy class in College. The female Professor would ask….
”Young man what are you staring at?”
And I would reply….
“I’m staring at your Uranus”
(That joke never got old for me…)
SUSIE Q 31-17

Ohio at Akron
This game features another Buckeye State Battle and Rivalry…
This one is played for the Yak Ass Trophy, which looks eerily similar to…
Rosie O’Donnell’s face, when she hasn’t shaved.
I’m just saying….

Texas A&M at Iowa State
The Cyclones haven’t generated enough wind lately to classify as a decent popcorn fart

Nebraska at Minnesota
The Groundhogs came out of their respective holes last week and saw their shadows…
And you know what that means…
Six more weeks of losing football games..

Montana State at Northern Colorado
The Bears of Colorado have been improving each week this season…
But not so much this week

Fresno State at Nevada
You know what they say..
“What Happens in Vegas, usually results in an untreatable STD”

Marshall at Houston
My Fans in Beautiful Huntington West Virginia know I appreciate them and I pull for the Thundering Herd each and every week. But there is an exception to every rule…
This week being the exception to that particular rule

Montana at Northern Arizona
The Lumberjacks can’t climb high enough to get away from the….

Miami (OH) at Toledo
This evenly matched rivalry in the Buckeye State is played for the coveted…
“Jimmy Crack Corn Trophy”
Because I don’t care…

Utah at California
I am really excited about this game!
I have never seen Two Utes ride a bear before!
TWO UTES 28-24

Army at Vanderbilt
The Commodores (Not the unbelievably talented Musical Group) almost beat the Georgia Bulldogs last Saturday night and that’s good enough for me here.

MIT at Salve Regina
I don’t know why the Mississippi Institute of Technology is playing this Yugoslavian girl
But she better have her “Big Girl” pants on for this game, those Mississippi Folks are tough.

Penn State at Northwestern
There was time when the Wildcats could compete with Joe Pa and the Happy Valley Lions.
This however isn’t the time

Tulsa at Rice
Rice University has one of the most extensive research and testing facilities that you could find anywhere in the country and their Engineering Department is second to none.
Which of course means absolutely nothing here…
I just wanted to say something positive before the Owls got their ass kicked.

Louisiana Monroe at North Texas
I have an idea that will help Monroe get those blood stains out of his uniform.
Try using a little…

Tennessee at Alabama
The team’s records or standings don’t matter in this game
This game is Republicans and Democrats
Oil and Water
Cowboys and Indians
Except its worse…

Amen Brother…

Southern California at Notre Dame
This age old grudge feast is played for the coveted “Jeweled Shillelagh”
You can catch all the action of this gridiron matchup on NBC….
Which of course stands for “No Body Cares”

Texas Tech at Oklahoma
So Red Raider fans…..
How do you like that Coach Tommy Tub now?
If he is a “defensive genius” then I’m a Polish Astronaut…

Washington at Stanford
I have two very good reasons why I will not be able to watch this game…
“Sea Monkeys” on QVC “For Fun and Profit”
Actually that is more than two words, but you get the picture

Wisconsin at Michigan State
This game will be a lot (a Lot) closer than you might think…
So don’t be surprised if it goes the other way

Southern Methodist at Southern Miss
Both of these teams are Red Hot…
It’s sure to be one heck of a game in Hattiesburg
It’s a Toss-up

Hope at Trine
I really Hope Trine Wins this game…

Middle Tennessee at Florida Atlantic
I believe the Owls are all but Hooted out in this one

Colorado State at UTEP
This is sure to be a Big game in the…..
Western Middle Somewhere out West Not in My Time Zone Conference
I can hardly wait
MINERS 28-21

Oregon State at Washington State
I haven’t been this disappointed in Beavers since I went to my first Carnival Sideshow
(NO, it wasn’t that kind of Carnival Sideshow)
Never mind….

Maryland at Florida State
If the Fighting Linoleum Floor Panels wear those God awful uniforms to Tallahassee…
Then I have an idea where Chief Osceola can plant his spear.

Georgia Tech at Miami
The Rambler’s Wrecked last Saturday; But Hurricane Season is just about over

St Olaf at Augsburg
St. O’ has won the prized Cereal Bowl and the coveted Goat Trophy last week.
(Did I not tell you all that was a serious rivalry, believe me now?)
And that’s good enough for me.
ST. OLIE 28-17

North Carolina at Clemson
The Tar Heels will keep this one close for a little while…
But these aren’t the same Ole Tigers that fade when the season goes along.
These Tigers are for Real; Believe it

North Carolina State at Virginia
These Pack of Wolves are playing more like a fresh litter of Chihuahua puppies

Wake Forest at Duke
The Blue Devils will keep this one close….
Until they hear “And the Home of the Brave…”
Then they will be down by two touchdowns

Sunday October 23rd

New Mexico State at Hawaii
This game in Hawaii is an upset and I will tell you why…
I’m upset that “Dog the Bounty Hunter” still hasn’t started their new Season on A&E
(Please see your local listings for times in your area)

Enjoy Your Games….



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    You never disappoint. thanks once again


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    LOL…I love the “I HATE Tennessee” guy. Makes me laugh everytime.

    Oh, and the Occupy Wall Street remark…hit the nail right on the head.


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