College Football Picks Week 5

September 29, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen –

Last Week Your Favorite College Football Prognosticator started out with a Bang and then fizzled out like a wet firecracker going 60 and 14 or 81%.

That leaves the CFB Wizard at 254 and 45 or 85% for the first four weeks of the season.

It’s no time to cry over spilled guacamole dip, we have a lot to discuss…

So let’s get to it

Enjoy your Picks….


His name is Gabe Gunter and he attends Pleasant Home High School near Andalusia, Alabama

He is a 6 Ft 5 in. 230 pound Senior with above average speed for a big guy.
Gabe is the quarterback, safety and the punter on the team.
In his first four games at Quarterback he threw for 4 touchdowns and ran for two touchdowns. After several requests the coach let him play safety the last two games and he intercepted 4 passes. His longest punt in the game was for 50 yards.
The team is currently ranked 23d in the state.

Gabe also pitches and plays Right-Field on his High School baseball team.
He pitches in the 88mph to low 90 Mph range and has already has a verbal commitment on a baseball scholarship to Virginia Tech. He has been made the New York Mets High School Scout Team the past 2 years and also been invited to the Los Angeles Dodgers Florida Diamond Club Event the last 2 years. He has also received invitations for private work-outs with the New York Mets, Kansas City Royals, Arizona Diamondbacks and the Atlanta Braves.
He has been ranked in the TOP 500 in the Nation by the World Wood Bat Association (WWBA) for the past 3 years and was at one time ranked #93 in the nation and 24 in the State of Florida.

He is an outstanding student with a 3.3 GPA from and outstanding family.


Loyal reader, Oregon State Beaver Alumni and good friend “Beaver Jim” had these observations on his experiences at the recent Oregon State – Wisconsin game as well as his attendance at the University of South Carolina and Naval Academy game.
I greatly enjoy his insight and I think you will too.
I have had the good fortune the last two weeks to spend the last two Saturdays in the temples of college football.

Two weeks ago, I traveled to Camp Randall Stadium for the Beavers against Wisconsin, and last weekend to Williams-Bryce for the Gamecock-Midshipmen game.

I was struck by the severe contrasts between the two experiences, as well as my memories of traveling to Penn State, Cincinnati, Louisville, Oregon, and games in Corvallis, and thought I might share some thoughts. These likely will reinforce your own views on the subject.

The experience in Wisconsin was different to say the least. It is an urban campus with multi-lane streets cutting right through campus. However, there is NO parking around the stadium. Instead, they have a series of shuttle buses that run from the “ramps” (their word for parking structures) around the area. Most people just walk a couple miles. “Tailgating” was not very much in evidence, although being a college town there were a large number of bars and liquor stores in the area.

The game started at 11am central, which makes it hard for the hung-over students to get to the game on time. One section of the north end zone seats (student section) was filled about 20 minutes before the game. This expanded to the lower parts of four sections by kickoff, with all of the seats filled by the 2nd quarter. For 75,000 people, they were not all that loud. The most excitement was from the “jump-around” at the end of the 3rd quarter, when they play a song, the students jump around, then most leave to resume drinking I presume. The stadium had been expanded, but unfortunately that did not include increases in the concessions or restroom facilities. They were supplemented with port-a-potties in the stadium, but even those had huge lines.

Everyone was very polite and one of the highlights was getting to talk to Barry Alvarez the day before the game. He looks just like his statue in front of the stadium, except he doesn’t wear the tennis shoes anymore that are immortalized in bronze on his feet in the statue.

Fast forward to last Saturday at Columbia.
I had heard about SEC tailgating, but I had to see it to believe it.
It was as if the environs of Williams-Bryce became a new city. Tents, food, and big-screen TVs in the backs of vehicles (to watch the other games), were all over the place.
While Wisconsin fans were all dressed in red (by directive from the coach), it still did not compare to the vast array of garnet in Columbia. Most of the college girls were wearing black skirts with garnet tops and team jerseys were everywhere. The atmosphere was electric at the game and really does not compare to other places I have watched games (except maybe a few times in Corvallis). The band, the crowd, the fireworks and the noise were spectacular. Oregon State only can seat 45,000, but it gets really loud due to the cover over the grandstands. The cover reflects sound back onto the field and it is deafening. I did not think that level of sound was possible in an open stadium, but the fans in the fourth quarter were up to the challenge and affected even the middies on the field.

My conclusion is that while there are scores of fans up north and out west that love football, but there is nowhere near the number as there are in the SEC on any given Saturday.



Hello again from the Heart of SEC Country!!!
It’s been a rough stretch for our hometown heroes, the Telfair County Trojans.
After a tough game against Turner County our team took on the Wilcox County Patriots. Although the score doesn’t indicate the fight these boys have in them.
We actually put up a touchdown this week before going down to defeat 56 – 6.
We may not be a power house team like Valdosta, Lowndes, or Parkview, but these kids have fight in them and a never say die attitude. McRae, Workmore, Helena, and all of Telfair County are PROUD OF THE TROJANS!!!

Around the SEC. The Georgia Bulldogs took on the Ole Miss Rebels and won on Saturday to bump their record up to 2-2 at the first furlong. The Clark County Cow College piled up the yards, but never really put the game away against this clearly inferior opponent. And Blair Walsh shanked 3 field goal attempts to “boot”. Mississippi was coming off of a sound thrashing at the hands of Vandy, so, the way they hung around in this game should give some folks up in Athens pause for reflection.

Across the border in Tuscaloosa, The Crimson Tide put a sound, country whipping on the Hogs from Fayetteville. The Boys from Bama were held scoreless in the 4th quarter, but by that time the second and third teamers were getting some playing time.

Up in Lexington, the Gainesville Swamp Boys skinned the Kentucky Cats for their 4th win of the season. Mark 8 o’clock Saturday night on your calendars ladies and gents because a week 5 showdown is looming large. What I would give to be in Gainesville for this East meets West showdown of Bama vs Florida in a no holds barred cage match.
And lastly, the Columbia War Chickens almost laid an egg against a tough Vandy team. Questions abound after watching this one. Is Vandy that good or is Garcia that bad?
Is Spurrier losing his touch? The Ingram, Lattimore, Clowney show again pulled the Columbians out of the fire but when will the luck run out?
Stay Tuned for further information as it develops.

Elsewhere, the Slide Rule Jocks from the North side of Atlanta stung the Tar Heels from Chapel Hill in an ACC matchup. I watched part of that game but am not entirely convinced that the Jackets are the power that their record and stats say they are. Apparently, the pollsters don’t think so either. Tech finally got some love the pollsters last week to pop in at number 25. They only moved up 4 notches this week, to number 21. I’d say these pollsters are saying, show me the money, and show it to me for a while. Their first real test comes against Clemson on October 29th. Let’s see what happens then.

The Golden Domer’s traveled to Pitt to take on a Panthers team that again seems to be both de-clawed and neutered. It’s always tough to win on the road, but, come on. Pitt? I’m sure they’re excited up in South Bend just to be .500. I’m surprised that the pollsters haven’t taken notice and bumped them into the polls.

The Silver Nuts took on the Bison of Colorado and got back to their winning ways. Yep, 2 wins over 2 FBS schools and another against a PAC-12 also ran. I know their hearts are swelling with pride in Columbus.

And, what happened to Lame Kitten’s Roman Empire? The Trojans traveled to Arizona to take on the Sun Devils and were fried like an egg on hot asphalt. Rome fell.
Looks like Lame may not be far behind.

And finally, this……
I’m calling it the Peach State Prognostication.
I’m going to make a weekly prediction on the game at the end of the season which is called fondly, “Good Old Fashioned Hate.” But the twist is that the weekly prediction will be based on what’s happened up to this point, weekly, in the season. So, here goes.

I’m calling it 31-28 Georgia Tech. This is based on the fact that, although Tech hasn’t really had any hard tests to this point, they are, in fact rolling. The Dogs have had a couple of bumps in the road earlier in the season against stiff competition, but, to date, still haven’t gotten their sea legs. Not only are the bees running the ball well, but they’re passing it too, which makes them very dangerous. As I’ve said before, no matter what kind of season the Hounds have, they always seem to find a way to wreck the Wreck but it feels a little different this year. Both teams need to step it up on defense or it could turn into an all out slug fest.

Let’s see what happens the rest of the season.

That’s it for now. Hope everyone’s team wins and you have a great week.
And remember; make sure you support your local High School Athletics.
These are your future collegians of tomorrow.

Until next time,
I’m Harley Hanesworth


CORRECTION: When I am wrong I admit it.
Last week I wrote concerning the Southern California – Arizona State game;
“The Sun Devils are the favored team in this game and I was perplexed as to which team to pick.
So I asked my Black Lab “Doc” who he thought would win.
He looked at the computer screen for about a minute and then licked his butt….
That’s good enough for me

I confronted my Black Lab “Doc” after reviewing the scores on Sunday morning and asked him how he could have misled me on this game.
Doc proceeded to inform me that when he licked his butt he was letting me know that he didn’t care for either team.

All the “signs” were there, I just wasn’t paying attention.

My apologies on the pick and for doubting my loyal companion “Doc”

AUBURN: Like a lot of athletics directors, Auburn’s Jay Jacobs likes to stay in touch with his fan base through periodic newsletters in which he touches on a variety of topics.

Jacobs’ latest communication last Wednesday included one of his favorite talking points: Blaming former coach Tommy Tuberville for the youth and inexperience on this year’s football team.
Jacobs didn’t name Tuberville. He never does, but he doesn’t have to when he makes the following statements:

“Our youth and inexperience is not an excuse. It is a fact. Consider the following: Auburn signed a total of 58 players in the 2007 and 2008 recruiting classes (the classes that are this year’s fourth- and fifth-year seniors). Only nine players from those two classes remain. Roughly half of the players who signed in 2007 and 2008 either never enrolled at Auburn, quit or transferred.”

EDITORS NOTE: I have a couple of thoughts on this….
When did Coach Tommy Tub coach at Auburn, like three years ago?
You know, I couldn’t help but notice that Jay Jacobs didn’t give Coach Tub any credit when they won the 2010 National Championship.
But I bet when the War Eagles have to give back that National Championship and Heisman Trophy it will Tommy Tubs fault.

CARSON NEWMAN: Damn it Eagles, you lost to “New” Berry.
How could you possibly lose to people that don’t have an Ernest T. Bass in town.

MARYLAND: I don’t know which is worse….
Your 1970’s linoleum kitchen floor motif helmets and mismatched uniforms or the fact you LOST to Temple.

JUNIATA: Juanita, I am sorry Franklin Marshall roughed you up last week, that man is a cad.

ARMY: Just for the record, you aren’t helping my weekly average out a damn bit.

SOUTHERN MISS: Great win over the Virginia Cavaliers last week and….
I told you so.

OREGON STATE: Damn it Beavers….Damn it.

NEW MEXICO STATE: Let me be sure I have this right Lasso Larry…
You beat the Minnesota Gophers and then you lose to San Jose…
You are schizophrenic aren’t you Larry?

SAM HOUSTON STATE: I knew Sam Houston would win the game last week when I saw his opponent was “New Mexico”, and in case you didn’t know…
Sam Houston is still undefeated against the Mexicans.

FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL: I told you Panthers to play the “Hilton” not “Howard Johnson”
That’s why you lost….

MINNESOTA: You Gophers are looking a little less Golden lately….
I’m just saying….

INDIANA: The Big Ten Loosiers lost to the Mean Green of Denton Texas….
Just like I said they would, no need to thank me

CLEMSON: I want to apologize to my adopted Clemson Tiger Family and to the Mighty Tiger Nation.
I recorded the score backwards last week meaning to pick the Tigers over the Seminoles, but I was having a dyslexic moment.

MIAMI: So Hurricanes….
You beat the pants off the Buckeyes one week and lose to the Cats of Kansas State the next?
You are as schizophrenic as Lasso Larry aren’t you?
Have you two been hanging out together or what?

Your “Dumb and Dumber” Moment this week…..
Comes from none other than CBS College Football “commentators” Vern Lundquist and Gary Danielson in the following exchange during the Arkansas – Alabama game.

Gary Danielson: “Alabama has won its SEC opener for the 20th consecutive season
Vern Lundquist: “That’s a pretty good mark”

EDITORS NOTE: No Kidding Dumbass….


Thursday September 29th

Texas Southern at Jackson State
The game features Tigers and more Tigers….
The Great Walter Payton went to Jackson State and that’s good enough for me

Houston at UTEP
The Miners might win this game…..
And I might discover “Victoria’s Secret”
Neither of which are very likely

South Florida at Pittsburgh
The Panthers of Pitt are playing some really good football..
That is if they were a Pee-Wee Team and they were all eight years old
And that’s…
NO BULL 33-10

Friday September 30th

Utah State at Brigham Young
Another Rivalry game in the Land of Donny and Marie
This one is called “The Battle of the Brothers”
At the moment I am feeling less country and a little more Rock and Roll

Saturday October 1st

Northwestern at Illinois
You guessed it….
Another Big Ten Rivalry Game!
And it is played for the coveted “Sweet Sioux Tomahawk”
As opposed to the “Diet Sioux Tomahawk” or the “Bittersweet Sioux Tomahawk”
(I can do this all day)

Toledo at Temple
The Hoot Owls beat Maryland last week and the Rockets got treated like Jodie Foster in “The Accused” on their visit to Syracuse. This is going to be a fight

MIT at UMass Dartmouth
I didn’t know the Mississippi Institute of Technology had a football team!
I thought they just taught people how to retread tires and how to pump a septic tank.
Who knew?

Minnesota at Michigan
Yippee! Another Big Ten Rivalry game!
This game has been played every year since 1903…
It’s played for “The Little Brown Jug”
Whatever is in that jug has to be pretty stout by now

Texas Tech at Kansas
The Red Raiders invades Kansas…
I have no idea why they want to pick on a 70’s musical group
But “Carry on my wayward son” I think they will be “Dust in the Wind”

Penn State at Indiana
You have to love the Big Ten Rivalry games…
This game is played for “Joe Pa’s Dentures”
Which will stay in Joe Pa’s mouth until the Loosiers decide they don’t want to play football anymore

Rutgers at Syracuse
I ‘m serious….
I really don’t care about this game
I really don’t

North Alabama at Southern Arkansas
The Blazers get torched by the Lions
Believe it

Tulane at Army
Damn it Army I am picking you for the last damn time…
Don’t disappoint me or I make you fall under the Department of the Navy…

Mississippi State at Georgia
Cats and Dogs….
That’s the Southeastern Conference

Air Force at Navy
This is a Big game that decides the “Commander Chief’s Trophy”
If we only had a Commander in Chief to go with the Trophy

Kentucky at LSU
This game is going to be uglier than Hillary Clinton and Rosie O’Donnell in a game of Twister
(Please Notice I didn’t say “Nude” Twister)
That visual would have had me throwing up for weeks

Wake Forest at Boston College
This Atlantic Coast Conference Game is played each year for the…
“Nobody Cares Trophy”
Because they don’t

Buffalo at Tennessee
If you are wondering why the Volunteers are playing Buffalo…
It’s because they couldn’t schedule the East Bernard Dance Academy
VOWELS 143-0

Cincinnati at Miami (OH)
This instate rivalry game in the Buckeye State is played of for the…
“We wish we were The Ohio State Buckeyes” Trophy
I think the trophy looks like Woody Hayes, which is cool
KATS of BEARS 33-17

Georgia Southern at Elon
The Phoenix are shakier than Janet Reno….
Who by the way can really shake a martini if you are ever at a party..
I’m just saying…

John Hopkins at Juniata
I used to know a Johnny Hopkins!
He used to smoke pot behind the gym and he never went to class…
But he did know all the words to “Smoke on the Water”
I wonder if it’s the same guy?
J-LO 24-23

Kent State at Ohio
This “other” rivalry game in the Buckeye state is played for the coveted…
“It Sucks to be You” Trophy
The trophy looks like a pair of wax lips attached to an avocado…
Which I find unusually creepy

Nevada at Boise State
If you like high powered offenses then this is your game…
BRONCO’S 98-96

North Dakota at Southern Utah
Two words for the politically correct speech police at the NCAA…..

Appalachian State at Wofford
Chewbacca get’s skinned by the Mountaineers
(Film at 11)

Northern Colorado at Montana
The Grizzlies get back to their winning ways this week….
Believe it

Marshall at Louisville
The Cardinals are too Strong for the Thundering Herd

Arizona at Southern California
This old PAC 10 rivalry is played each year for the…..
“Chimichanga Hat”
Which looks like a hat with a turd on it if you ask me…..
Forget I mentioned it

Bowling Green at West Virginia
The folks in Morgantown have had lighter fluid and couches standing by since last week…
Fire it up…

Ursinus at Moravian
If you ask me….
This game sounds like a moron has a urine infection…
MORON’S 21-17

Southern Methodist at Texas Christian
This game is a bitter (Bitter) rivalry in the greater Fort Worth Texas Metro Area
It’s been played every year since 1925 and it’s played for the “Iron Skillet”
This game is the “Battle for the Iron Skillet”
It’s a war….

Idaho at Virginia
I don’t think the “Ida Honkies” travel with the Idaho football team..
Which is sad, if you think about it

Georgia Tech at North Carolina State
The Rambling Wreck keeps on rambling for another week….

Towson at Maryland
The colored blind nightmare that is the Turtles of Maryland get back to their winning ways..
By beating the daylights out of an Academy of Music Theory and Interpretive Dance
Rock On…

Southern Connecticut at Assumption
Assumption? What am I suppose to “assume” here?
I am going to “assume” they don’t know squat about football…

Northern Illinois at Central Michigan
You may not believe it….
But this game is going to be a shoot-out….

Michigan State at Ohio State
This game is going to separate the men from the boys in the Big Ten or Twelve (Whatever)

Baylor at Kansas State
I know….
The Wildcats beat the Hurricanes of Miami last week….
But this team is from Texas…
DA BEARS 34-17

Washington State at Colorado
If you are up this late watching this game between two teams that couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag, then I have but one thing to say…..
You didn’t drink enough during the Alabama – Florida game that was broadcast earlier

Western Michigan at Connecticut
You may not believe this….
But I really don’t care

Bethune-Cookman at Miami
Seriously? The “mighty” Ineligible Hurricanes scheduled this team?
What, the Miami School for the Blind wasn’t available?
CANES 146-0

Sacramento State at Montana State
I know my University of Montana Grizzle fans won’t like this pick…

San Jose State at Colorado State
I was trying to remember why this game was important….
O’ Yeah, it isn’t….
Never mind
RAMS 28-24

Susquehanna at Muhlenberg
I have to talk to my staff at the CFB Wizard…..
They send me “Susie and the Mule Boy” to pick for a game…
Are you kidding me?
But you have to admit, it does sounds like a nasty carnival sideshow…
(Sorry for the visual, this is a family column)
MULE BOY 21-17

Clemson at Virginia Tech
The Tigers are hotter than a stolen Cadillac…
Which by the way I did time once for in my youth, aren’t you glad I’m reformed?

Texas at Iowa State
It’s time for my Beloved Longhorns to start the stampede.
The Sooners are next week…

Hawaii at Louisiana Tech
This game may very well answer the eternal question that has eluded researchers for years..
Why did the Rainbow Warrior Cross the road?
To watch Dog the Bounty Hunter on A&E on Wednesday nights in the Fall
That’s good enough for me

Duke at Florida International
I wouldn’t call this an upset special….
Unless you prefer the Holiday Inn Express

Memphis at Middle Tennessee State
The Boys from the Land of Elvis are “All Shook Up”

UAB at Troy
This fierce instate battle in the Great State of Alabama isn’t played for any trophy’s or petrified rhino turds….
This game is way more important than that; it’s bragging rights.
And before you ask…..
“Yes” we are that damn serious about our football…..
HELEN of TROY 31-24

North Texas at Tulsa
It’s Texas and Oklahoma on a smaller scale….
But the Hate is just as Hot….

Jacksonville State at Murray State
I was going to go with the mighty Pacers in this game….
But something tells me the boys from J-Ville Alabama are ready….

Ball State at Oklahoma
I like to refer to this game as….
An Oklahoma Ass Whipping of Biblical Proportions…

Carson Newman at Wingate
I knew a rich kid in elementary school named “Wingate”……
I stole his bicycle….

Washington at Utah
This game makes me wonder…..
I wonder if the Two Utes shop in the Husky Men’s section of K-Mart.
I’m just asking…
TWO UTES 33-28

Rice at Southern Miss
I picked the Mighty Golden Eagles last week in an Upset Special…
This won’t be an Upset, but it’s just as Special

Nebraska at Wisconsin
Believe it or not…
This is the first of two games between these teams; they will see each other again in the conference championship game

North Carolina at East Carolina
There are far too many directions on the map in this game to suit me…

New Mexico State at New Mexico
This instate rivalry in the Land of Sand is called…
“The Rio Grande Rivalry”
It’s played for “The Maloof Trophy”
(Yes, I’m serious)
If you ask me it looks like a possum on a stick…

LaGrange at Rhodes
In the Words of ZZ Top…

EDITORS NOTE: If you are keeping count…
“Yes” that is my second ZZ Top reference in as many weeks….

Notre Dame at Purdue
This rivalry in the state of Indiana is played for the…..
“Shillelagh Trophy”

EDITORS NOTE: Don’t feel bad….
I thought it looked rather disgusting too

Ole Miss at Fresno State
I won’t call this an upset special….
The Ole Miss faithful are upset enough

Oregon State at Arizona State
I haven’t been this disappointed in Beaver’s since High School….
And “No” I don’t want to talk about it
DEVILS of the SUN 38-17

Valdosta State at Arkansas – Monticello
I have picked enough cotton in my day to hate Boll Weevil’s….
Enough Said…

UCLA at Stanford
If you think I care about this game, then you don’t know me very well

Alabama at Florida
This game in the Swamp is going to be a Slobber Knocker
Believe it

Arkansas at Texas A&M
This Old Southwest Conference Rivalry…
(Remember them?)
Is called the Southwest Classic…
This is college football at its finest and it’s a shoot out
HAWGS 33-28

Auburn at South Carolina
I don’t know which drunken bird is going to hit the Plexiglas in Williams Brice Stadium first…
My Guess?

Enjoy your games….


You may not think this commentary has anything to do with enjoying our College Football Saturday’s, but it has everything to do with it.

Thursday is Saint Michael’s Day (No, that day is NOT named after me)

In 2006 a heck of a fight was going on in Iraq for the control of Al Anbar province.

That was only five years ago.

There were a lot of casualties during that fight; this video is about one of them.

Mikey was a damn good man, and I don’t want anybody to forget him.



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    As always, thanks for your posts. Enjoy every one of ’em.

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