December 22, 2010

Hey Yawl! It’s the Number Damn One Tennessee Volunteer Fan on the Planet!
You guessed it!
It’s your Ole buddy Hootie Snitch!

Coming to you from the heart of Volunteer Country!
Right here in Baneberry Tennessee!

I done wrote me a Christmas Story and I got some other stuff too…..

It’s like the “Night Before Christmas”…..

But think of it as the Tennessee version…

It’s awesome as hell….

Yawl Enjoy….

Hootie’s Night Before Christmas

Was the night afore Christmas
And up in the holler
I was lookin’ for neighbors,
I needed a dollar.

The dog was all curled up
down under the house.
So dadgum cold,
shacked up with a mouse.

My sweatsocks were nailed up
on the livin room wall.
In hopes that ole Fulmer Claus
would fill ‘em all.

Now Thelma, my bride,
Was havin a fit.
Pulled out her last ciggy
She just got it lit

Said “Hootie, dadgummit,
I’m outta my pack
Go down to the store,
And hurry right back”

I was on my dirt road
And I heard a big racket
Reached down in my pocket
To make sure I was packin.

I peeked round the barn
Scared outta my wits
If its them Caufield boys,
I’ll blow ‘em to bits.

The moon was real big
I could see for a mile
The hog pen was empty
I was skeered for a while

The John Deere was shinin
By light of the moon.
I new Fulmer Claus
Would be here real soon.

Then all of a sudden
Heard a big Briggs & Stratton
Then I saw a fat figure
He sounded like Patton.

Hang On…..

I was a going to finish this but I slipped on the ice in front of the trailer house and I busted my ass.
Now I’m layed up and Thelma is raising nine kinds of hell cause I ain’t got the Pabst Blue Ribbon lighted Christmas sign up in the window and…
Our genuine lighted University of Tennessee Volunteers blow-up Christmas globe in the front yard ain’t got no air in it and it looks kind of saggy.

Then to make matters worse……

My in-laws is a coming for Christmas and they is judgmental as hell….
I know damn well they didn’t want Thelma to marry Ole Hootie….
And My Mother in Law makes what she calls a “traditional” Christmas dish….
What it is a….
Tuna Noodle Helper Spam Loaf Casserole

I don’t need to tell you when that thing is a cooking….
The whole trailer house smells like a damn Port O’ John at a construction site….

And if that ain’t bad enough…..

Thelma’s half brother is a coming too…..
Cody thinks he is some kind of singer and the family put up the money so they boy could have a album, CD or what the hell ever…..

I promised Thelma I would help “promote it” so here is the cover of the album….
So here you go…

That boy is cross eyed as a Siamese cat, ain’t he?

He don’t singer no better than he looks either and you better believe that too!

I know this…..
Christmas sure is complicated when you got In-Laws….

But enough of my complaining….

Merry Christmas Yawl and a Happy New Year in 2011 when the Vols are going to be Number Damn One team in the Country!

Hootie- Out!

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  1. Kaye on December 22, 2010 at 7:50 pm

    Getting excited about a few bowls.
    Could be talked into being in Orlando Jan.1

    Merry Christmas and stay safe!

  2. Bulldog Jim on December 24, 2010 at 9:35 pm

    I do kinda like the poem. I went to school wit his “Gramps” at MSU. Also, I think “Jackie Claus” is better’n his Fulmer Claus. Enjoy the bowls—they will be over before we “know it.” BAMA Mike, Once again, you are one of the BEST!! Much Love, BJ

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