College Football Picks Week 15

December 9, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen –

Well my friends it’s the last official week of the 2010 College Football Season…..
It’s been a wild year…..

This year has had more surprises than a birthday party at a schizophrenic’s house
And it’s been just as crazy.

Nobody guessed Auburn and Oregon in the BCS Title game…
(Certainly not yours truly)

And I couldn’t imagine the Texas Longhorns not being in a Bowl game….
Or Coach Meyer leaving Gainesville…..

College Football is a lot like life and I suppose that’s one of the reasons we love it.
Each season and each game brings new hope….
It brings the occasional joy and disappointment…..
It makes us happy and it should make us humble….

The 2010 College Football Season is coming to a close…..

But have no fear my dear readers….
We will have the Prognostications on the College Bowl Season….
As well as season ending Awards and a “special” Christmas message from…
The Number One Tennessee Fan on the Planet: Hootie Snitch

And just maybe a Christmas story or two…..

There is more on the way so stay tuned….

Enjoy Your Picks…

Breaking College Football News

Over the years, many of you have inquired about…..
“Whatever happened to Little David Wilkins” also known as the “King of All Tavern Music“.
Certainly his hugely popular self-titled album (known to all)…..
“Little David Wilkins: The King of all Tavern Music“….
Surpassed even the Bee Gees in select accordion polka markets in the 1970’s…..

Although snubbed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame….
I’m sure you all know he transformed the music industry and his soothing sounds are a staple in taxi cabs and elevators from Cleveland Ohio to Terre Haute Indiana.

I am sad to report the mystery of his disappearance has been solved.

Evidence has surfaced that former Tennessee football coach Phil Fulmer ate “Little David Wilkins” on a Ritz cracker on a dare at a party at his house in Maryville Tennessee in the spring of 1997.
The evidence recovered consisted of a shoe reportedly belonging to “Little David”, a belt buckle and his personalized genuine mother of pearl accordion.

The evidence was recovered during a routine colonoscopy conducted on Phil Fulmer in December of this year. Also found in Phil Fulmer’s large intestine, but not related to this investigation was a bumper from a 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme.

The investigation is ongoing and as of yet, there are no reported arrests.


Minus this week’s selections…….
Your Favorite College Prognosticator finished the 2010 College Football Season….
595 and 148 or an above average 80% for the entire year…

Not too bad all things considered….

But I know what you are saying about last week…..
I shouldn’t have picked Mercy Me this close to Christmas to beat a Sheppard….
And I know….
The Mules went down and the Fighting Okra didn’t get fried…..
And I certainly didn’t think the South Carolina Gamecocks would forget how to tackle…

But sometimes…….
Even I miss one or two or three……


Q: Mister Wizard I have a question for the Holidays that I hope you can answer..
In the comedy classic movie “Bettlejuice”….
If someone said his name three times in succession Beetlejuice himself would appear.
During the Christmas season, if someone says “Ho-Ho-Ho”….
Does that mean Michigan Coach Rich Rod’s wife Rita Rod will suddenly show up?

Steve – Columbus, Ohio

A: Good question Steve…..
Fortunately for the rest of us that “curse”…..
Only applies to those schools residing within the Big Ten.

Q: Mister Wizard I saw something a week ago I couldn’t believe.
I was surfing through some channels trying to find a college football game….
And O’ My God…..
I saw some female cheerleaders on the sidelines and they looked like they were the off-spring of a romance between the Navy Midshipmen Goat mascot and the Oregon State Beaver mascot.
I have never seen such crossed eyed buck toothed girls in my entire life.
I swear one of them even had chin whiskers.

Rob – Pensacola, Florida

A: The game you are referring to Rob….
Would be the Notre Dame – Southern California game.
If it makes you feel any better, you are not the only one that has had that type of reaction to seeing the Notre Dame Cheerleaders. Those girls could floss with a number two pencil.

Q: Mister Wizard…….
My Beloved Longhorns aren’t going to a Bowl Game this year….
And to be honest…
I wouldn’t care if they were going to the Turkey Testicle Bowl and playing a damn team from the Taxidermy Academy. I just wanted to see them play one more time….
Now I have to take my damn family to the movies and see some Harry Potter whatever….
How many of those Harry Potter movies are they going to make anyway?
Thanks for letting me vent…

Terry – Austin, Texas

A: To my knowledge Terry, there is yet one more planned installment to the Harry Potter “series”. It’s called “Harry Potter and the Magical Curse of the Nursing Home”


“Just so’s you know……
I still ain’t over the Iron Bowl: Not by a damn sight”

EDITORS NOTE: I feel you brother…


Friday December 10th

New Hampshire at Delaware
I like the motto of New Hampshire….
“Live Free or Die”
But I am going with the cold chickens in this one…

Saturday December 11th

Villanova at Appalachian State
Little known fact…..
“Villanova” spelled backwards is Latin for…..
“I like to smell my hands after I scratch my butt”
Which is disgusting…

Georgia Southern at Wofford
I cannot in good conscience pull for a school named after a pesky cough
Especially during cold and flu season…..
EAGLES 24-17

Alabama State at Texas Southern
I do love those Hornets from Alabama…..
But the Tigers have the “Motion of the Ocean Soul Marching Band”
And before you ask…
Yes that matters in this selection…

North Dakota State at Eastern Washington
The Bison have beaten the big boys this year and continued to roll….
While the Eagles have just gotten by….
Plus I really like Bison Burgers from Ted’s Montana Grill….
So there you have it..
BISONS 43-24

Army at Navy
There is no finer game in all of College Football…..
The sportsmanship….
The intensity….
The dedication and determination…
There is no controversy about somebody’s daddy getting the academy to “pay” for their son’s services; these sons will soon be paying for their service to their country.
It’s all on display….
Enjoy college football in its purest form…..

The Division II Semi-Final Games…..

Sheppard at Delta State
I know I shouldn’t pick against the Sheppard’s this close to Christmas….
But I’m an Okra Man…..
(In case you were wondering I prefer it fried)

Northwest Missouri at Minnesota Duluth
I know the James – Younger Boys didn’t fair too well on their last trip to Minnesota
I am going with an upset in this one….
MO’S WEST 33-28

In the coming weeks, we will have a variety of Bowl predictions to include…..
The National Championship Game

A very “special” Christmas message by Hootie Snitch….
And More….
So stay tuned…

Enjoy Your Games


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2 Responses to College Football Picks Week 15

  1. The BamaPrincess on December 11, 2010 at 11:38 pm

    Ho-H0 . . . never mind – not gonna chance it . . .

    Do you know where I can 2 Utes for my mom for Christmas??


    The Bamaprincess

  2. MHolley on December 15, 2010 at 5:29 am

    Ah, Little David Wilkins… I used to listen to him will I warmed up, back in my competitive Twister days… When I won the 1982 Twister World Championship, Featherweight Division, I had them play song number 2 of his self titled album, “Butter Beans”, as I entered the arena.

    Side note- I recently purchased an authentic, Little David Wilkins’ mood ring off of EBay for $26.34, plus S&H…

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