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September 14, 2010

Since the National Sports media decided that the Virginia Tech Hokies are the “ultimate” litmus test for who should be among the top ranked college football teams in the country and ultimately be considered for the National Title game.

It has been decided this week that the Dukes of James Madison University….
Will move ahead of the Boise State Bronco’s into the number “3” ranking of college football.

Based upon the National Sports media logic; or lack thereof this is only fitting…..

Since James Madison didn’t have to come from behind to win like Boise State did….
James Madison held Virginia Tech to less points than the Broncos did a week earlier…
The Dukes of James Madison defeated Virginia Tech by a much larger margin than the Boise State Broncos…
Based on all that we have heard for the past week, this makes sense right?

And in case you were wondering…
The Jacksonville State Gamecocks will round out the Top 10…..

More on the way…


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