Pre-Pre Season College Football Extravaganza

August 4, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen –

I apologize for the lengthy delay in getting back with you all… beloved fans.

But as you may already know….

Due to my rather phenomenal year of College Football Prognostication in 2009,
I embarked on the “CFB Wizard World Tour”, which I am in the process of wrapping up.
But before I describe my eventful night in Beijing after winning the coveted “Laughing Monkey Award”,
I want to clear up a few rumors that have been circulating the World Wide Web as well as answer some of your well thought out and long awaited questions.


Rumors and Questions……

Yes, I am taller and younger than Sammy Hagar but Sammy does have more hair than I do and is somewhat more popular outside college football circles than yours truly.
But we do have one thing in common: Neither of us like to drive 55.

No, I will not write anything about the “World Cup”, nor was I attending any of the World Cup events.
I would rather attend a “Guess that Cheese” contest in Goat Screw Gap Tennessee that have anything to do with soccer …..
And for what I hope is the last time let me make this perfectly clear…
Soccer isn’t a “real” sport, if it were a “real sport”…
Then explain why Frenchmen can play it? My point exactly…
Lastly, if my beloved university has a soccer team..
I am blissfully unaware so please don’t ask me anymore questions about it.

Yes, it’s true; I was recently featured on “Wheel of Fortune’s Celebrity Week”

And “Yes” I was kicked off the show for what the judges described as “shouting” an “inappropriate answer” to a puzzle, causing Vanna White to faint and hit her head on the lighted puzzle board as the studio audience rushed for the exits.

The Puzzle read…..


I won’t repeat my answer here, after all this is a family column…
However I will tell you the “correct” answer was “Go Tuck Yourself In”.
But in all fairness I thought the last two blank spaces were exclamation points.
And before you ask “No”, I will not be invited back….

No I was not at Gary Coleman’s Funeral however I do own a Coleman cooler.

No I’m not homophobic; I just don’t like Kenny Chesney.

For those of you that don’t believe you can’t mix business with pleasure then explain to me the Putt-Putt Golf industry. I think I made my point…

I give less than a damn about LeBron James and the entire NBA

No, the television program “Biggest Loser Couples” isn’t about Fat Phil Fulmer and Charlie Weis.

On the topic of television programs you need to be aware the current series “Cheaters” is not a history of the University of Southern California Trojans football program, sorry.

Yes my long awaited book will be out before you know it….

No I am not interested in Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears but I do care deeply and passionately about our boys and girls fighting in Afghanistan and around the world and you all should too.

Although I have Globe Trotted, with all due respect to Meadowlark Lemon, that doesn’t make me a Globe Trotter. See the difference?
Plus I can’t seem to master the ole confetti in the water bucket trick.

Yes, I did meet the Dalai Lama on my World Tour and “No” he is not a Notre Dame fan.
However he does have breath that is similar to the rear end of a Yak.

No, I did not meet with the Pope during my current tour; because I felt with my elevated status as a College Football Prognosticator it wouldn’t help my publishing deal to be seen with an older white guy dressed like a Klan member.

However I have heard the Pope is a huge fan of Notre Dame, for reasons I still can’t quite understand.

I did not have a Liver transplant although I still have flashbacks of “coach” Mike Shula and it causes me to break out in hives and shake uncontrollably.

Yes, in addition to the coveted “Laughing Monkey Award”, your favorite College Football Prognosticator collected a number of other prestigious awards this year.
(Please don’t applaud, your adulation embarrasses me…)

As you may have read I am now a multiple winner of the coveted “Collard Greens Award for Excellence in Southern Sports Journalism” presented by the wonderful people at the Demopolis Alabama Agriculture Extension Service. I won this award despite the best efforts of Delbert “Pickles” Callahan who attempted to claim I picked the winner of the National Championship game as well as the other bowls through the use of an Ouija board and numerous calls to the Physic Hotline.

“Sour Pickles” Callahan is a sore loser….That’s right I said it.

Your College Football Pre-Season Extravaganza will be out soon…..

And along with your Pre-Season Prognostications we will discuss such in-depth topics as…..

How will the Virginia Tech Hokies replace the loss of their Wangs this year?

EDITORS NOTE: Shame on you….
I was talking about Ed and his brother David Wang.

I will point out that the Florida State Seminoles will be taking the football field this year without a Bowden at the helm for the first time since the Spanish-American War.

We will talk about how the Big 12 isn’t….and how the Big Ten can’t add.

I will have a contest this year entitled “Who will say something stupid first:
Tommy Tuberville or Les Miles?”

EDITORS NOTE: I think it’s a tossup

There will be even more Mascot News…..

Along with the Oregon Ducks myriad of uniforms…
we will discuss their “new” Uber gay Mister Peanut – Duck hybrid mascot.
It’s a rainbow flag waving celebration.

We will expose the Maine Bear mascot as a very hairy female cheerleader in need of electrolysis.

And I will have the long awaited photographic evidence of the existence of the Presbyterian Blue Hose cheerleaders. Be warned, it will be shocking.

Speaking of Hose….

I will confirm that Michigan’s Coach Rod’s wife “Rita”…..
Was in fact the inspiration of the lesser known Dr. Seuss book; “Horton hires a Ho”

I will also break down the old adage of how “Two Ute’s at hand are better than hiding in the bushes”

EDITORS NOTE: Before you even ask…Yes, this is the Utah version of the story.

As you might expect we will have team news from around the country…..

Certainly we will take time to discuss the empty space located in the University of Southern California Trojans Trophy case, with the return of the Heisman Trophy, the National Championship Trophy, vacated wins and so on.

And for the record….

I am too good a person to gloat over the demise of the Southern California Trojans or say “I Told You So” to Fox Sports, ESPN, the Los Angeles Times, the Orange County Register, the NCAA, ABC Sports, Sports Illustrated, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, the PAC 10 Conference and College Football Illustrated.
Just because they ALL refused to mention the scandal of Reggie Bush and the Southern California Trojans and in most if not all cases DISMISSED the story entirely is no reason for me to gloat or say “I Told You So”. Certainly as the lone voice in the wilderness on this issue for a number of years and enduring the slings and arrows of readers and commentators alike, it would be easy for me to say “I Told You So”.

I don’t have to say “I Told YOU So” because I derive my satisfaction from providing you readers the facts on this issue and allow you to make up your own minds concerning the offences committed by Reggie Bush and the Southern California Trojans and the ensuing cover-up committed by Coach Pete Carroll, the University of Southern California, the PAC 10 Conference and the NCAA.

So you can see, I don’t have to say “I TOLD YOU SO” to make my point.

I am bigger than that.

We will detail the pressures of Coaching College Football and the effect some dumbass donors have on its programs like Vanderbilt which ultimately caused the great Coach Johnson to depart for less stormy shores.

This Season marks an extraordinary accomplishment….
As we will take time out to celebrate Jo Pa’s 100th year in college football

EDITORS NOTE: I just hope nobody breaks a hip

We will discuss “what’s his name” the new starting Florida Gator’s Quarterback who doesn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell of filling Tim Tebow’s socks, much less his shoes.

EDITORS NOTE: That poor kid, I can almost hear the boo birds warming up

Later we will try and determine “what the Hell was Nebraska thinking” when they joined the Big Ten, Eleven, Twelve conference.

I will go into depth of how the Texas Longhorns are stronger than ever: It’s True

We will have even better news for the Mighty Buckeyes of Columbus.

I will provide you readers 3-D glasses as we look at the Boise State hideous blue field of death

I will tell you I miss my adopted Clemson Tiger Family

We will discuss the stupidity that is the Colorado Buffaloe…
When they joined the PAC “what the hell ever” Conference.

EDITORS NOTE: Are you dumbasses close to the Pacific Ocean or are you just praying for an earthquake?

There will be a new section this season entitled…
“The More the things Change the more they stay the Same”
Starring Tennessee Coach Droolly and the Tennessee Volunteers!
In the first installment we will examine definitions at the University of Tennessee, as an example how “indefinitely suspended” actually means “two weeks” and much, much more.

There will be an open discussion concerning Notre Dames infatuation with Golden Gnomes

There will be an interactive section this year called…
“Say something nonsensical with Les Miles”

This Season we will also go “Big Pimp’n” with the former University of Georgia Athletic Director Damon Evans and discuss his crying jag with a Georgia Highway Patrolman, “How NOT to get out of a DUI”
and his penchant for women’s underwear and underage crack whores.

We will uncover how the NCAA “discovered” MapQuest and actually utilized it to find Reggie Bush’s Momma’s House (Five years later….)

EDITORS NOTE: Isn’t technology fascinating?

Your Favorite College Football Prognosticator will review Coach Pete Carroll (Formally of the University of Southern California Trojans) newest book, “Cheating for Dummies”

Hootie Snitch “The Biggest Tennessee Volunteer Fan on the Planet” will return to commentate on the state of college football and his Volunteers after his whirlwind romance and subsequent marriage to Thelma Stroderback, an east Tennessee “hand model” for a Baneberry Tennessee tractor supply and fertilizer store.

And how could we go through the college football season without a reference or two to your favorite Hall of Fame and Museum and gift shop?
That’s right….
I mean the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum (And Gift Shop)
Don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed

Before I depart….
Congratulations to the Mighty South Carolina Gamecocks on winning the College World Series.
And Another Championship for the Southeastern Conference.

One last thing….

If you ever find yourself in Beijing…
Don’t ever ask your hosts “Are we going to Wang Chung tonight?”
It means something entirely different in China…
And “No” I don’t want to talk about it.

There is more on the way, so stay tuned.

The CFB Wizard

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5 Responses to Pre-Pre Season College Football Extravaganza

  1. Lemuel in Ludowici on August 4, 2010 at 12:09 pm

    Durn, boy, it’s about time you got back on this here interweb thing. Down here in South Georgia we got a name for folks like you. Smart-Alecky is what we call it. But, I like your smart-alecky writin. You’re funny sometimes.


  2. Pierre in Paris on August 4, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    I am most, how you say in America……, appalled, at your comment about ze French and soccer. If you really know what you speak of, zen, you know zat ze French do not play ze soccer match either. We quit, do you not remember? But, ooooh-la-la, how we fight wiz each other!!!

  3. Kaye on August 5, 2010 at 1:18 pm

    Unbelievable read. My family got tired of my bursts of laughter

    Glad you’re back………………ROLL TIDE

  4. Icheer4Bama on August 16, 2010 at 1:27 pm

    I’d like to enter the “Who Will Say Something Stupid First…” contest, but my guess is neither Tuberville, nor Miles. My guess is Lame Kittin, but I think his momma calls him “Lane Kiffin”.

    Just a guess… 🙂

    So happy you’re back!

    Roll Tide Roll!

  5. Matt on August 18, 2010 at 9:32 pm

    Do you think its a bit much to sell shirts that say “I TOLD YOU SO”?

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