November 20, 2009

It’s a sad day…
It pains me to tell you…

The beloved University of Georgia’s mascot of two years UGA VII passed away suddenly this morning.
He was known as “Logan’s Best” and the 56 pound guy was only four years old.
I know Sonny Seiler and Miss Cecelia and their beautiful daughter Swann and the entire Bulldog nation
is devastated with his passing.

UGA VII will be buried with his predecessors in Sanford Stadium…..

There are no plans to replace him until next year……

If you think he was just a dog, you are wrong….
He wasn’t just a “dog”, he was “The Dog”….

I loved his face and seeing him in that jersey with the big red “G” on it….
He is the face of the University of Georgia and the heart and soul of their football team.

He represents the toughness and grit that has always symbolizes the state of Georgia in general
and the University in particular.
You all know I am not a Georgia Bulldog, but I love that dog….
Always have….

Maybe it’s because when I was growing up all I had was the love of a good dog

No matter what kind of day you had or who may have mistreated you…
they look at you with those eyes that pour forth love and devotion and you know the simplicity of love.

The simple act of wagging their tail…..
can make the trials and tribulations of a day disappear as you scratch their ears and pat their head.

I have poured forth my heart to many a four legged friend over the years….
usually as they chased a ball or a stick and they always listened intently
without offering any unsolicited advice or condemning me in any way.

I believe they are God’s gift to mankind….
A creature that symbolizes God’s love for us all…..

I don’t know why I went on a ramble here; I just know the Bulldog nation is hurting….
I am hurting with you….

I am not a smart man…
So I don’t know, as Disney Studios says that “All Dogs go to Heaven”

But I sure hope they do…


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3 Responses to BLACK FRIDAY

  1. Bulldog Jim on November 21, 2009 at 4:01 am

    BAMA Mike, Your words bring tears. I too, love all dogs and believe thay are “special gifts” to us. We have two that mean more to us than some family members. UGA VII was special and I loved to see him. In fact, I saw him last week-end. I believe they “go to heaven, and wait” for us. Your brother, Jim

  2. MEB on November 21, 2009 at 6:28 am

    I do believe you are right Jim, they are waiting on us….


  3. Hog Fan on November 21, 2009 at 9:55 pm

    Your tribute to UGA VII is awesome! Your words go right to the heart.
    Here’s to ALL the dogs in heaven!
    A loyal CFB Wizard fan, Susan

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