As Promised….

October 9, 2009

I am sure by now that most University of Georgia Bulldog Coaches, Players and Fans…
know what it feels like to be Jodie Foster in the “Accused”.

That was a “celebration” penalty?

It would appear that a new batch of Southeastern Conference Referees have decided to challenge the “infamous” Penn Wagers for the title of “Worse Ref in College Football”.

But have no fear my disgruntled Bulldogs…
You have a friend here..

As promised…
I present to you the Officiating Crew of Last Weeks fiasco between the Hedges and as a side note…
If you want to send any of them a nice card for Columbus Day or perhaps even a decorative cookie tin filled to the brim with a token of your esteem, please let me know and I will gladly forward you their home addresses.

Why you may ask?
Because I care…

The Officials of the now Infamous LSU Tiger – Georgia Bulldog Game…

These guys really put the “K” in Quality….

Referee: Marc “Which way did they go?” Curles
Umpire: Ronnie “Glass Eye” Jones
Linesman: W. Randall “No Clue” Kizer
Line Judge: Michael “Don’t call me” Shirley
Back Judge: Michael “I (Heart) Meth” Watson
Field Judge: Greg “Tootsie” Thomas
Side Judge: Jess “Doo-Doo” Dupuy
Scorer: Joe “I Hate Georgia” Sturniolo
Replay Official: Al “Alcoholic” Ford

Have a great weekend…


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