August 28, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen –

Following my recent commentary on the NCAA and NAACP’s coordinated punishment of the universities within the states of South Carolina and Mississippi over what they view as “intolerance”.

ESPN’s Gene Wojciechowski decided to inject his northern view point into the argument with a diatribe of his own.

You don’t have to be a “master of the obvious” to guess which side of the discussion he took.

My favorite quote in his article….
“South Carolina suffers, they need to change….”

Let us not forget my fine Polish hyphenated American friend that “they” suffer because two out of control “organizations” don’t recognize popular elections or legitimate state government’s in this country.

We shouldn’t forget that these “two” organizations care more about who lines their respective pockets than they do about “people of color”.

We should remember that these two “non-profit organizations” preach education and tolerance but yet are the most ignorant and intolerant of almost anyone in the country.

But I have to ask…
Change for whom?

Because some Polish hyphenated American Yankee…. Said so?

EDITORS NOTE: Insert your favorite Polish joke here….

I wonder if ole Gene drives a Mercedes…..

If he does I guess we can assume that he is already over the Holocaust……

If Gene or any of the other minions of “Change” and “Tolerance” drives Japanese made automobiles..
Now we have a whole new set of issues.

Lest we forget….
These were the folks that brought us the attack on Pearl Harbor…
and the Bataan Death March….

They never had to apologize…

Do you drive one of those little Mitsubishi sports cars?
Those folks used to make a dandy little fighter plane too….
Ever heard of the “Zero” or the “Betty Bomber”?

Would you like to discuss Toyota and Nissan’s role in World War II?

See my point yet?

And to my hard core feminist readership I ask you…..

EDITORS NOTE: I know it was a surprise to me as well….
Presumably they read my column…
Just to have something to complain about at their Lesbian Anonymous meetings….

The Japanese never apologized for enslaving thousands of women and forcing them into prostitution.
killing many of them after their “term of service” was complete.

So, that’s O.K?

But anything to do with the confederate battle flag isn’t?

The fact that Mississippi’s Flag was approved by a state wide election and the South Carolina legislature moved the confederate battle flag to a war monument on the state grounds has nothing to do with the truth now does it?

These organizations perpetuate lies as truth….

That is what they do….

So let me add some truth to this equation and we will move off the subject…..

I have the solution to the problems perpetuated by the NAACP & the NCAA

EDITORS NOTE: Hard to believe, but true…

Drop the “hyphenated” American titles…
You are either an American or you are something else…
Take your pick…

The “Rebel” mascot is no more racist than the “Fighting Sioux” or Chief Illini or the Fighting Okra….”
And believe or not friends…
A damn shoe whether it’s a moccasin or an oxford doesn’t identify one as a racist either.
If that were true…..
Makes you wonder what the Klansmen and the Black Panthers are wearing this season doesn’t it.

But if “they” are really concerned about what somebody thinks about college mascots..
Do something about that stupid Geoduck mascot at Evergreen State…
It looks like a foam rubber turd with legs…

Instead of perpetuating a “Victim Mentality” why not promote self sufficiency?
I will tell you why they don’t because most of these idiots would be out of work…

EDITORS NOTE: Frankly every time I see Al Sharpton or Myles Brand on television I hear Linda Ronstadt singing “Poor Poor Pitiful Me”….
But they aren’t “Poor”, are they?

Stop flashing the victim card faster than a Las Vegas black jack dealer every time something doesn’t go to suit you….

You can’t have it both ways….

Lastly we need to secede from the NCAA…..

This goes for Polish hyphenated American Yankee sports writers at ESPN too…

If you think I have been too harsh or insensitive with any of my comments..
Let me answer those charges in the verbiage of our times.

Perhaps I will recalibrate my statement in the future….
But hopefully we can all use this as a teachable moment.

EDITORS NOTE: And some of you don’t think I am up to speed on today’s lingo.

Six more days until kickoff….
Your Week 1 College Football Picks will be out on Wednesday of next week…
So stay tuned…


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  1. Reverend Al on August 28, 2009 at 8:53 am

    I am morally outraged that you would try to take away my race card. That’s like playing poker without the Ace of Spades. Why, I will have you know that after careful consultation with The Most Right Reverend Jesse and the most educated Henry Gates, we find your website blasphemous and intend to boycott your site most hastily.

  2. Clip on August 28, 2009 at 10:08 am

    Well said, Mikey!

  3. MissBelle on September 1, 2009 at 1:56 pm

    Kudos on a fabulous article ! Finally, someone has the guts to tell the truth. Please don’t stop here.

    The Confederate flag is about history. Not hatred. Many folks could use a remedial history lesson.

    Congrats, MEB. You make me proud

  4. MEB on September 2, 2009 at 7:31 am

    Thank you so much Miss Belle, I greatly appreciate it.


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