U$C and the NCAA

July 22, 2009

My friends I know that I have exhausted many of you by constantly discussing and rehashing the NCAA “Investigation” into Reggie Bush and the Southern California Trojans.

Some of you have suggested that I “just let it go….”
Others have asked, “Where’s the evidence?”

Let me respond to the first question…..
“Just let it go?”
That is exactly what is wrong with this country today…
We just let everything go….
Including the tyrannical rule of the NCAA…..
God forbid we show any backbone and actually resist a Dictatorship like the NCAA…

It occurred to me that perhaps providing you some evidence of the Reggie Bush and Southern California Trojans misdeeds is a good idea…

In the past I have provided you a number of instances and documentation on the subject.

But as the old saying goes….

A picture is worth a thousand words…
Or in Reggie Bush and the Trojans case it has been worth millions…..

Submitted for your enjoyment…..
The cover of the New Era promotional material….
Which as we all know by now was Reggie’s sports agent…
While Reggie was still at U$C….


And another…..


And before you ask…..
Yes, Reggie was paid handsomely for it….
While he was still at U$C….

And for my detractors and the defenders of U$C and the NCAA let me ask you a question.

If Reggie didn’t agree to this promotional material and there wasn’t evidence to support that he was signed with this sports agent and agency…..
Then why hasn’t either Reggie, U$C, or the NCAA sued New Era Sports for the licensed use of Reggie’s image or the image of U$C football or trademark use of their uniforms?

Makes you think, doesn’t it?


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