College Football News – Friday Edition

May 1, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen –

As many of you may know….
There have been a lot of changes on the University of Tennessee campus since Lane Tiffin took over the Volunteer Football Program….

Running water…

In-door plumbing…



But prehaps the most striking change this year…
Will be the change to one (of the many) of the University of Tennessee’s Mascots.

That’s right, you heard it here first!
“Smokey” the blue tick hound….
Will be replaced with “something more recognizable” and with a “breed” more in tune with todays society.

Athletic Director Mike Hamilton and Coach Lane Tiffin are currently looking into the variety of options available.

In an effort to assist the University of Tennessee…
I have started my own on-line contest to assist them in their efforts.
Because I care….

The First entry comes from Gertrude Hobgoblin from Twisted Branch, Tennessee

“Hi my name is Gertrude Hobgoblin and I am 82 years old and I live in Twisted Branch Tennessee.
I think my poodle “Liberace” would make the perfect mascot for the Tennessee Vols!

Why just the other day we was a watching “Wheel of Fortune”
(Liberace just Loves Pat Sajak!)
There was this boy on there…
With a damn Florida Gator shirt on!

You know what Liberace done?
He hiked his leg and peed right on that television screen!

It shorted out my trailer and caused a small fire….
But it showed what he was a thinking about them damn Gators!

I think a poodle is the right dog for the Vols!

Plus if I win this contest I can get me some new teeth and a television set”


Our next entry this week comes from Chuck “Dumpy” Clark from Three Toe, Tennessee.

“My name is “Dumpy” Clark and I got the dog mascot for them Tennessee Volunteers!

His name is “Barney” and he may not look like much….
But you ought to here him a howl when them Vols score!
Granted he ain’t done it much in a year or so..
But he can do other tricks too!

You ought to see what he can do with your leg!
That boy loves him some leg!

Anyway, Vote for Barney and Go Vols!”

PS – They call me “Dumpy” cause I drive a dump truck….
not cause I had me a bathroom problem at that damn mexican joint near the by-pass.


Our last entry of the week comes to us….
All the way from Turkey Knuckle, Tennessee and Harold “Turnip” Stankle.

“Folks around here call me “Turnip” cause my head is a shaped like a Turnip…
But I ain’t a want’n to talk about that right now..

I got the dog them Volunteers are a looking for a mascot!

I call him “Peanut”…
This ole boy can flat get after it!

He does this little ole dance to Rocky Top that will make you fall off your bar stool!

I believe this dog is what Tennesse is all about!
I say we put ole Peanut in the game and see what he can do!
What do you say?

PS – I was a going to put a jersey on him….
But he bit the hell out of me when I was a trying to squeeze it over his head and then he run up that gum tree.

I got to go to the vet now and get a shot before a damn inclination sets in”


If nothing else….
I think we may have found our replacement for Hootie…

Feel free to Vote right here my loyal readers…
The University of Tennessee needs your help.

Have a great weekend….


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