College Football Picks Week 7 (Part I)

October 9, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen –

I know what you are all saying….

Another week below 80%……

What has happened to Your Favorite College Football Prognosticator?


I am fine…..
Believe me….

Sure…Last week I was 38 and 12 (a pitiful…76%)

And I know that drops me a point to 79% overall at 240 and 63…..

But there is no need to be concerned.

I just need to tighten my chin strap a little more…..

Let’s get to it…

Enjoy Your Picks!



Thursday October 9th

Clemson at Wake Forest
I STILL Believe….

I STILL Believe that if Coach Tommy doesn’t win this damn game…
He will be gone sooner than he thinks…….

TIGERS 24-21


UAB at Houston
The “United Anti-Balloon Animal Protestors” are playing Houston?
I think the folks at PETA have taken this animal rights thing a bit too far…

They are BALLOON Animals People!
They aren’t REAL!



North Alabama at North Greenville
Before I pick this game, I need to make one “very Important” point.

There is NO “North” or “Northern” Alabama…
That term or terms simply DOES NOT Exist….
We have a “Up” State…and a “Upper” Alabama…

But a “Upper” Alabama University doesn’t sound right…
Hence the term “North Alabama University”…

I hope that cleared up any misunderstanding…

LIONS 38-31


Friday October 10th

Louisville at Memphis
When I pick the Cardinal’s to “win”….
They Lose…

When I pick them to “Lose”..
They Win….

But I just listened to Elvis sing “Burning Love”…

EDITORS NOTE: Thank you…thank you very much…

Your Saturday College Football Picks will be out Later in the Week….


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5 Responses to College Football Picks Week 7 (Part I)

  1. Bulldog Jim on October 10, 2008 at 3:40 pm

    BAMA Mike, Can you remember the “Tommy Lewis” incident? If so, please explain! BJ BEAT Vandy!!!

  2. MEB on October 10, 2008 at 9:50 pm

    Bulldog Jim –

    In Tommy’s Own Words….

    “I guess I’m just too full of ‘Bama.” Tommy Lewis, explaining why he charged, bareheaded, off the bench to tackle Rices’ Dick Moegle who was on his way to a 95 yard TD run in the 1954 Cotton Bowl.

    I really can’t fault a man for that…


  3. Lee on October 12, 2008 at 10:42 am

    Bulldog & Mike,

    Maybe “I’m just too full of ‘Bama”, but this is one of my favorite plays of all time and I completely understand Lewis’ emotion. Check out Maegle’s recount of the incident–hilarious the way Lewis tries to hide right after he comes off the bench and levels Maegle.


  4. Bulldog Jim on October 12, 2008 at 10:46 pm

    Thanks to Lee and BAMA Mike. I saw it when it happened and enjoyed seeing it again on “you tube.” One of my favorites also! Well, the “Bullies” were able to stop “Dores” and that is one that I am glad the Old CFB Wizard missed. I hope we beat the Vols! What do you think?? Your pal, BJ

  5. MEB on October 13, 2008 at 4:29 pm

    Thanks Lee…That was AWESOME!

    Should have listened to you and Bulldog Jim last week…

    I do Believe the Bulldogs have more than a chance against the Vowels!!


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