Sunday Morning Motivation

August 24, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen –

In College Football there are many traditions associated with various teams.

But there are few things more motivating than the entrance of the Home Team Coming onto the Field in front of a capacity crowd.

At Clemson, the Tigers touch “Howards Rock” and run down the ramp onto the Field….It will make your Goose Bumps get Goose Bumps…

At THE Ohio State University, there is the Dotting of the “I” in Ohio by the Best Damn Band in the Land…I still get tears in my eyes seeing Woody out there….

In Norman Oklahoma the “Boomer Sooner” dashes onto the Field at 100 miles an hour…

At Florida State the staff and trainers beg Coach Bobby to come out to the field after convincing him that the “Indian on the Horse” isn’t there to scalp him.

There are many such traditions….

But this Sunday Morning…
I have for you a night game in Blacksburg Virginia…
Home to the Hokies….
Enter the Sandman……



 The rest of your College Football Update will be this afternoon….

Four More days until Kickoff…..


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2 Responses to Sunday Morning Motivation

  1. TheBamaPrincess on August 29, 2008 at 10:02 am

    When the Music City Bowl was first played, it was Bama vs. VT. THe night before there was a “Battle of the Bands” between the two schools’ marching bands down on Second Avenue near the riverfront here in Nashville. There was so much crimson/white and maroon/orange in the streets it looked like, well it clashed so bad I am at a loss for words. HOWEVER, the VT fans were sooooo nice and very classy. Even in the stands the next evening (when Bama stumbled and lost), the VT fans around us were gracious and considerate. So unlike some other teams that ORANGE in their school colors.

    Roll Tide,

    The BamaPrincess

  2. MEB on September 1, 2008 at 8:32 pm

    Bama Princess –

    YOU have been missed this week!

    Thank you for you wonderful comments!!!

    I really appreciate it!


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